Save Me

Do you ever feel alone ? Like no one cares ? Like everyone's going to judge you ? Like all eyes are on you in a room ? Useless. No one needs you. That's how I feel at least until he came into my life .


3. You Don't Understand

Adelaide's Pov.

Once we got up from the couch Niall told me how he was going to get takeout from Nando's dang that boy can eat. I heard a knock on the door, but refused to open it thinking it was Jared so I ran to Niall's bedroom and his under the bed. I heard the front door swing open and someone was screaming "Anyone home?! Niall I know your here it's Liam I just wanted to tell you that Harry feels bad about what happened please just tell me where you are buddy!" he walked into the bathroom and he was so close to the bedroom I knew he was going to try and hurt me and I started to sob quietly my body trembled underneath the bed thats when I heard Niall come home and tell Liam to leave and he'll be over there later. Once that guy named Liam left Niall came in and asked where I was and helped me out from under the bed. 

Niall: Why are you hiding? What's wrong Ad?! Did something happen?

Adelaide: He's coming I know he is ! He's going to find me and hurt me! And you can't stop him no one can ! I don't want to go back with that monster. Niall I can't stay here ! He's going to find me! And he's going to hurt you! You should've left me there to die . I just made it worse by staying here. He'll come and hurt us both. I have to go now ! I said while the tears streaming down my face. 

Niall:Shh Ad he's not going to hurt you. He said while lifting my head up looking straight into my eyes. I won't let him hurt you again. 

I pulled him in for a hug and cried in his shoulder then he announced that he had the food so we ate and we talked about last night and why he was in the park. He told me about the fight and told me I should meet the boys and meet their girlfriends. I asked if he had a girlfriend and he told me he didn't have one because he didn't want the fans to hurt  her and make her feel uncomfortable with the things they would say to her. He then asked if I wanted to move in and I agreed, but told him I'd do the grocery shopping and the cooking he agreed and told me he would clean because he he likes to clean which I thought was funny. We were getting ready to go out when I remembered I didn't have clothes or anything so he lent me some sweats and one of his shirts and took me shopping. He bought me tons of outfits and I thanked him and told him I'd get a job to repay him, but he refused and told me being around him was enough. Once we got home we got ready and left to meet the boys and their girlfriends. 

Niall's Pov.

We got to Harry's flat and I noticed Taylor was there. I was afraid what he was going to say, but I introduced everyone to Adelaide and they were being really nice to her so I thought it'd be a good idea if Harry and I went to pick up the food and leave everyone at home. Once we got into the car Harry started apologizing for how he was yelling and how he didn't mean to scare me like that. I took his apology and we started talking about Adelaide how we met and how she'd be living with me. He asked what she was doing at the park and I told him he'd have to wait because it wasn't my story to tell. Once we drove home I heard a scream and I ran inside and found them playing twister complaining how Zayn's butt was in Adelaide's face and Adelaide was laughing so hard she was out of the game. We started eating and decided to have a movie night and then we went home. Adelaide was telling me how she was going to sleep on the couch, but I refused and told her to sleep in my room and then I went to take a shower. When I got out of the shower I found Adelaide on the couch. Man was she stubborn. I picked her up bridal style and carried her to my room. I laid her on the bed, but she wouldn't let go of the hem of my shirt and asked me to sleep with her until she fell asleep. I agreed and laid with her, but soon fell asleep and cuddled with her. I knew from that point I'd protect her and would keep her safe from that jerk of a stepdad she had. I knew he wasn't going to take her from me if he did I would find her. I knew from then on she was mine and I was hers and nothing was going to break us apart. At least I thought. 

Author's Pov.

Hey :D I read your comments and I know who's going  to be the girlfriend of who. I'm not going to tell you yet because it's a surprise ! But if your reading this thank you it means a lot ! Love you guys ! Oh I'll update lateerrrrr :D Byee

- Caitlyn Xx

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