Save Me

Do you ever feel alone ? Like no one cares ? Like everyone's going to judge you ? Like all eyes are on you in a room ? Useless. No one needs you. That's how I feel at least until he came into my life .


2. The Awaken

Adelaide's Pov.

I woke up in a bed. You may think it's normal to be in a bed, but I wasn't allowed to sleep on one. Since my mum died Jared went crazy and made me sleep in the attic on the cold floor. Waking up in this room was strange it was warm and the walls were either blue or green I couldn't tell because the blinds were shut. I decided to look around more there were white carpets and lots of pictures dang these lads are cute I must say. I was starting  to wonder why I was still alive until the images replayed from last night how someone screamed and I blacked out. I decided to see who my "kidnapper" people would say, but clearly I'm not normal. I started wandering around the flat (apartment) and found a guy on the couch snoring not to loud, but not to quiet I stared at him he looked so cute. His hair was ruffled with blonde and brown in it he was wearing sweats and no shirt. OH my gosh ! HE WAS SHIRTLESS ! Quit it Ad stop looking at him. I decided to let him sleep and make pancakes because I was starving and I wanted to thank him even though I wish I could've been dead. Maybe once I leave I can hang myself or something I don't know. I just don't want to be here on this planet. Once I was done making pancakes he awoke. We just stood there standing looking into those blue eyes I didn't know wether to thank him or be creeped out.

Niall: Morning . He said while stretching

Adelaide: Uh hi um I made pancakes if you want any . I said awkwardly scratching the back of my neck.

Niall: Oh okay thanks . 

In my mind I was thinking could this get any weirder. We just sat down eating in silence making eye contact every now and then until he spoke again.

Niall: Why ? he said with a mixture of sadness and curiousness in his face.

Adelaide: Why what ? What are you talking about ?

Niall: Why were you trying to kill yourself ? Your beautiful and deserve to live . I just want to know.

Adelaide: I can't tell you why. But thanks for everything you've done. I'll be leaving now. I said while getting my coat and walking towards the door.

Niall: No wait ! Don't leave please just explain to me why you'd want to leave this planet. He said while grabbing my wrist.

Adelaide: OW (your giving me a heart attack lol no) Stop your hurting me let go ! I said while yanking my wrist back.

Niall: Please just come and drink some tea and we'll talk . Ok?

Adelaide: Are we going to dress up too ? Fine, but you have to drive me to Starbucks after. I said while walking into the house and sitting on the couch

Niall: Yep we sure are ! In tutus and everything. I said with sarcasm in my voice. I'll be making the tea love I added while walking to the kitchen.

Adelaide: Yay! I said while clapping may as well brighten the mood. Hey you ok in there ? Do you need help ? I shouted from the living room. Then he soon came back with the teas and sat down next to me and cleared his throat.

Niall: I don't think I've caught your name. What is it love?

Adelaide: Its umm its Adelaide I said whilst tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.

Niall: I like that name it's beautiful like you. It suits you. Ya know?

Adelaide: Thanks I said then I felt the heat rise to my cheeks darn how can he make me blush so easily. I soon snapped out of my train of thought and asked "Whats your name?"

Niall: It's Niall . So tell me about yourself Ad. I mean is it alright if I call you that?

Adelaide: Yeah that's fine. Well I'm 18 I live in Bristol and I'm guessing you do also. I live with my stepdad Jared a pain in the arse. I have a best friend named Maisie, I don't have friends, and I get bullied everyday. That's about it. And you ?

Niall: Well I'm 19 I'm from Mullingar. I'm in a band named One Direction and was on The X Factor, I'm naturally a brunette, I have a brother named Greg, and I love to eat. Why do you just live with the arse?

Adelaide: Umm. I said while my eyes started to water, but I continued my story. I , I mean my mum died when I was seven and my parents divorced when I was four and I haven't heard from my dad since. My stepdad abuses me when I get home from school and makes me sleep in the attic. Last night I was trying to get away from this and be with my mum. You see last night Jared raped me. Now all the tears were coming out and Niall was rubbing my back and whispering soothing things in my ear and telling me how every things going to be alright when I knew they weren't. I knew Jared was coming after me. I don't know when, but I know he will. I just know.

Author's Pov.

Hey der lol ! I don't know (: but I was going to just tell you if you commented then I need your description like hair color and etc. if not then I can just use your names. I most likely remember your names if you kik me @ caitly_cat . I was just going to tell you that, but I wanted to update you a tad(: So yeah that's it ! I'll update tomorrow hopefully ! I hoped you enjoyed that chapter and honestly I didn't think people would read this ! but yeah so I'm going to go now haha ! Bye

-Caitlyn Xx

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