Save Me

Do you ever feel alone ? Like no one cares ? Like everyone's going to judge you ? Like all eyes are on you in a room ? Useless. No one needs you. That's how I feel at least until he came into my life .


5. It's Final

Adelaide's Pov.

I woke up in the middle of the night trying to remember if it was just a dream about what just happened. I then realized I wasn't at Niall's I was at Louis'. I tried falling asleep, but my mind was getting to the best of me. I knew then that I wouldn't be able to sleep so I decided to eat I was starving considering I haven't eaten since earlier, but I didn't want to really I just wanted to be in Niall's arms even though I couldn't bare to see him right now. As I was walking down the stairs I saw a light in the living room and there sat Louis and Liam. I decided to just go to the kitchen and head up before they saw me. As I was looking through the fridge someone came in and cleared his voice I turned around and there stood Liam. 

Liam : Hey love. Would you like me to make you some food?

Ad : Oh no it's fine. I'm not hungry anyway. I'll just be heading to the room. I said while walking towards the staircase until Liam grabbed my wrist pulling me to a stop and said "I know your not ok." My eyes immediately started to water tears threatening to spill out. He rubbed my back telling me that Niall had called him and told him that he had slept with someone and he didn't mean it, but Liam ended the call before he could continue just to check on me. It was nice having someone comfort you after you've been broken into tiny pieces by a loved one. I told Liam about my encounter and what I had seen and then Louis came in and pulled us in a huge hug and sent me to bed with a cup of tea. Mmm Louis makes the best tea ever. I sat in my bed thinking how I would forget about that blue eyed boy, but I knew I could never forget about my first love. I know I can't live with Niall and I defiantly don't want to talk about what had happened so I came up with a plan. I would move and start a new life leaving the boys is going to be painful, but telling them is going to be heart breaking. The lads are like the brothers I've never had. The next morning  Lou greeted me with a cup of tea and some toast meanwhile Liam was cooking eggs and potatoes. I knew I would have to tell them eventually, but I didn't know when. No timing would be good enough so I just blurted it out saying "immovingimsorrybuticanneverspeakorseenialleveragain" they looked at me like I was weird, but I didn't tell them properly I was speaking gibberish to them. 

Liam: Ad breathe and tell us again

Ad: I have to leave town

Louis: Why did ya rob a bank?

Ad: LOU I did not rob a bank! I can't walk around in the same town Niall's in and I refuse to talk to him.

Liam: But what about us?

Ad: I'm going to miss you guys so much I said while tears were running down my cheeks .

In all honesty I wanted to stay, but seeing Niall was to painful and I want to fulfill my dreams of becoming a singer like my mum. I knew where I was going I just didn't know how. 

Authors pov.

Hey guys ! I'm sorry I haven't updated, but I was thinking about other ideas for better movellas. Sorry again love you all !<3

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