Save Me

Do you ever feel alone ? Like no one cares ? Like everyone's going to judge you ? Like all eyes are on you in a room ? Useless. No one needs you. That's how I feel at least until he came into my life .


4. I'm Broken.

Adelaide's Pov.

I woke up next to Niall his arms around my waist and his mouth slightly open. He was mumbling in his sleep something I couldn't understand. It wasn't light outside so I checked his phone and saw it was 3 in the morning so I decided to make some tea and then go back to sleep. When I was making tea I saw the guitar in the corner and started strumming singing a song my mum taught me when I was little. On the last verse I heard Niall screaming so I ran and tried waking him up, but he wouldn't wake up and kept screaming "Leave her alone ! Don't touch her! "I was scared out of my mind and decided to shake him he must be a deep sleeper because he still wouldn't wake up. So I went to get my tea and when I walked into the room Niall was up his face in his hands and his shoulders shaking. I sat next to him and started rubbing his back which caused him to cry more then he hugged me and whispered "I thought he took you. It just seemed so real. I promise he won't find you and he'll never hurt you again I promise. Ad I think I'm falling in love with you." With the last sentence he managed spitting out I blushed hoping he wouldn't see and forced him into a hug. We both let go and we stared into each others eyes his blue eyes gone with tears streaming down his cheek I wiped them with my thumb and he soon leaned in and grabbed my face with his hands and kissed me. He was my first kiss. The fireworks were streaming around us. I've never been so in love with someone I felt safe for once and I knew he would never judge me. After our kiss Niall explained his dream engulfing me in a hug nuzzling his head into the crook of my neck while rubbing little circles in my back. We soon fell asleep again with his arms around me and our faces close together with our legs in tangles and our breathing becoming calm and soft. I fell asleep with a smile on my face because Niall had asked me to be his girlfriend and with that I knew Niall would never hurt me and he'd always be there when I needed someone. 

Niall's Pov.

I woke up before Ad and decided to pick up some Macdonalds (Mcdonalds) for breakfast leaving a note that said "I'll be back. Picking up breakfast love . -Niall Xx" I was hoping she would wake up when I got home so she wouldn't have to wait without anything to do. Once I walked in I ordered and sat down waiting for my name to be called when some girl with brown hair and hazel eyes walked up to me and sat down. We started talking and she told me about herself her name was Ebony she's 18 and goes to college. Once my name was called Ebony and I switched numbers and she asked 

Ebony : Want to go clubbing tonight ?

Niall: Sure can I bring my girlfriend Adelaide?

Ebony : Sure ! Heres my number call me bye !

Niall: Ok bye I'll see you tonight then I said and walked out and into my car. Once I got home Adelaide was awake and watching the news she claimed she didn't know how to change the channel and we sat and ate. I told her about the club and I told her that I was going to invite the boys and their girlfriends so she wouldn't feel uncomfortable. After breakfast I called the boys and asked if they wanted to go and they agreed and said they were bringing the girls. *skip to after dinner* After dinner Liam told me that Kacey (his girlfriend) and Eleanor were going to do Adelaide's hair and makeup. I told Ad and she agreed. Once the girls were here the lads and I started getting ready along with the girls.

Adelaide's Pov.

When a brown haired girl with blonde highlights and brown eyes walked in along with another brown haired girl they quickly introduced themselves saying I would meet Perrie and Taylor later at the club. Eleanor started doing my hair while Kacey started doing my makeup Eleanor curled my hair and Kacey gave me a brown smokey eye we all got along really well I think we are going to have a long lasting friendship. They told me how they both got hate for being in a relationship with Louis and Liam, but didn't let it get to their heads. Once I changed into my pink dress that stopped above my knees we walked downstairs and the boys stood there staring I didn't know what to do. Thought were running through my head do I have food in my teeth? Do I look alright? Do I have something on my face? I quickly snapped out of my thoughts when Niall complemented all of us and we replied with a thanks. We all headed to the car I was nervous because I've never been clubbing. I've never drank nor danced. Once we arrived Niall took me to the bar to get us a couple of pints. Then we saw Harry and a girl buying some shots and they started heading toward us and the girl introduced herself saying her name is Taylor. We drank and drank I soon felt dizzy, but could still stand. I was dancing with Perrie and Eleanor because Kacey and Liam went home because Liam wasn't feeling good. I looked over to Harry and Taylor they were laughing then Harry got up to use the bathroom so I went to talk to Taylor. 

Ad: Hey ! Have you seen Niall?

Taylor : No I haven't do you want to go look for him ?

Ad: Yeah wait I see his head over there.

Being as short as I am I only saw his hair, but as tall as Taylor was she told me she saw a girl with Niall. We decided not to worry about it so she drove me home after we said bye to everyone. I told Taylor she could stay the night since it was already late and I knew Niall wouldn't mind. We got changed into our pjs and watched movies waiting for Niall to come home. It was almost 3 when I heard something knock so I went to check and it was Taylor trying to walk back from the bathroom so I went back into our room that Taylor and I were sleeping in and sat down thinking if I should call him or not. I stayed awake until 10 wondering when he was coming home. I finally fell asleep and woke up to a note from Taylor on the counter saying "Hey I went home thank you for everything. Text me ! Call me if you need anything! Love Tay xo" I sighed and went to call her. She told me Harry told her that Niall stayed at a friends last night so I could relax about not finding him. I hung up and took a shower when I got out Niall was there eating. Not a surprise at all. We ate and he told me that his phone died so he couldn't call me and we dropped the subject. He soon went to take a shower and left his phone on the table and said I could play on his apps. As I was playing Temple Run trying to beat his score someone texted him about five times. So I decided to check his messages, not like a stalker I trusted him, but I wanted his phone to shut up. He had 5 messages total saying "Hey baby", "Last night was fun lets do it again?", "Call me soon", "Forget that girlfriend and come over", and "I need you. Reply asap.". I immediately sat there unable to speak and tears threatening to come out. I trusted him. He said he wouldn't hurt me, but he did. I stood up and went into our room and packed a bag calling all the boys none of them picked up besides Louis. I told him to pick me up and he kept asking me why I was crying, but the only words coming out were "hurry" and "I need you to pick me up now". My sobs becoming louder until I heard the water shut off, but Niall continued singing. I walked out of the flat leaving Niall's phone on the couch and the messages were now open waiting to be read by my betrayer, my love, the one I trusted, and worst the one who saved me. I walked out into the cold rainy weather not caring that I was just wearing shorts and a tank top  with my hair still wet I waited on the curb for Louis. When he pulled up I was relieved and he noticed I was still crying and started rubbing my back telling me that we would talk later. It was freezing, but it was better than staying and facing the one person I put all my trust in. I didn't know if I would be able to face Niall again, but I knew I could't right now. 

A/N :

Hii so I'm tired. Lol um Kiss You comes out today whoop whoop! I'll be updating later :D Hope you enjoyed love you all BYYYYEEEEEE<3

-Caitlyn Xx

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