Save Me

Do you ever feel alone ? Like no one cares ? Like everyone's going to judge you ? Like all eyes are on you in a room ? Useless. No one needs you. That's how I feel at least until he came into my life .


1. He doesn't care

       Adelaide's Pov.

Do you ever feel alone ? Scared to go home ? That's how I feel. When I was seven my mum died and I was left with my abusive stepdad. My parents divorced when I was 4 and I haven't seen my dad since. Today was December 10th and as usual all the people in my sophomore class were picking on me telling me how my mum didn't like me so she killed herself I should be used to it by now since this has been happening for my whole life when I get home it just gets worse. When I was walking home with my friend Maisie the tall, light brown, hazel eyed girl we stopped at a gas station and walked to the park to sit on the benches and eat. 

Maisie: So what happened today ?

Adelaide: The usual. So what happened with your mom yesterday ?

Maisie: Oh she got mad you know supposedly I called my Steve a jerk and she slapped me.

Adelaide: Why would you call Steve a jerk (Steve's Maisie's stepdad) I mean last time he slapped you.

Maisie: She just hates me ya know? Anything new with you?

Adelaide: Nope . You already know how Jared (my stepdad) locks me in my room like Repunzel.

Maisie: Yeah . Sorry for asking. We should go home before we both get in trouble. See you tomorrow? 

Adelaide: Yeah see you tomorrow 

I say while giving her a half smile and a hug, but inside my head I knew I wouldn't see her tomorrow because tonight would be the last night Jared would touch me and the last day the kids would tease me also the last night Maisie the girl I've known for five years, the one who held me hand during scary movies, and the girl I loved my whole dumb life this was the last night she'd see me. Tonight would be the last night I would be alive and I could be with my mum in a better world. Once I got home I noticed Jared wasn't home so I decided to rest before he'd come. I was drinking Pepsi on the couch when Jared yelled at me and knocked the soda out of my hand and slapped me causing me to fall to the floor. It was painful, but I was used to it. He pulled me up by my hair and dragged me to the bedroom I automatically knew what he was doing . He started kissing my neck and I started whimpering his breathe smelt like alcohol and I knew he was drunk, but he never tried raping me . He started unbuttoning my jeans and I tried slapping his hands away, but he grew more aggressive and told me to shut up while pulling down my jeans. The whole time I was crying, my hands were trembling, and I started to scream. He then walked out of the room and then I heard the front door slam. He took the one thing I had left . My virginity, my innocence, and the only thing left in my mind was my trip to suicide. I was left in his room on the bed my legs unable to move, my voice not able to scream, my eyes not able to cry tears I was left looking at the dark ceiling with no light. I fought to get up. With my legs trembling it was so hard, but once I was up I ran outside trying to make it to anywhere possible I just want to be out of here already ! I was on my way to go to the park when I passed a neighborhood and then houses, but one house on the corner someone was up and I stopped in front of it wondering why they were up when it was 3 am. I was crossing the street and almost to the park once I arrived I sat on the bench planning my death. The possibilities were endless I could jump off a bridge, drown in a lake or river, or simply get hit by a car. Thats when I remembered I had brought a knife I could stab myself maybe I thought back to the memories when I was happy and when Jared didn't hurt me and when I still had my innocence. "I'm coming mom" I said out loud for everyone to hear, but no one was here. I was prepared to die. My poor best friend more like my sister Maisie would be left on this planet with her abusive mum and her dumb stepdad. I wish I could stay, but I have nothing to live for I'm useless everyone hates me. As I put the knife to my wrist I started making designs just thinking about not being here anymore and then I put the knife close to my chest ready to stab myself, but was interrupted when someone screamed "STOP don't hurt yourself' then everything went black.

Niall's Pov.

The lads and I were watching tv when Louis brought up how people were saying Taylor called me "a fat pig" and how they hated "Haylor" and Harry got mad and started screaming at us and accused me for this drama and my eyes started to water and Zayn was trying to comfort me and Lou and Liam were holding Harry because he was trying to hit me so I ran out when Zayn grabbed my wrist telling me to stay, but I couldn't take when the lads were screaming it made me scared. When I ran out I went to the park and started crying then I heard a girl say "I'm coming mum" and then I walked over by her and sat in a bush waiting to see what she was doing yeah that does sound a bit stalkerish, but she sounded scared and uneasy. She pulled something out and started moving it and I soon realized it was a knife. She held the knife to her chest and thats when I had the courage to tell her to stop. Once I yelled that she turned around, the knife fell, and she fainted at least I hope. I brought her to my flat and laid her on my bed hoping the lads would stay at Harry's and wouldn't come here I didn't want them to get the wrong idea. Once I walked out of my room I went to the kitchen to eat then watched some Derby football (soccer) games on tv and fell asleep on the couch thinking of everything that went on tonight. 


Author's Pov.

Hey guys (: It's Caitlyn . I deleted my last movella because it got a bit boring. So I hope you enjoy this one haha :D leave comments if you want to be in this movella the boys need girlfriends (: all except Louis(: so leave a comment or kik me @ caitly_cat 

Enjoy Xx

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