Change My Mind (a One Direction Fanfic)

Melanie Turner is newly 18, and recently graduated from High School. When she moves to London to study music (and hopefully make it as a music artist) she decides to room with someone that will change her life forever.


6. Soleil

Melanie's POV


After breakfast, I took all the plates and such into the kitchen and began washing them.  But as I started, Harry stopped me and insisted he do them.  

"Are you sure? I really don't mind," I questioned.

"You have done enough for one morning," he answered with a wink and a smile.

He was such a gentleman! I gave in, thanked him, and went into my bedroom.  When I closed the door I picked out what I was going to wear for the day; muscle-T, high waisted shorts, a floppy knit cardigan, and some doc martens (I planned on going out sometime later today.).   I put my brownish red hair in a messy bun, and did slight cat eyes.  I liked looking good-- even in my own home.  

When I came out of my bedroom, Harry was sitting on the couch watching 'psych.'  I peeked in the kitchen, and all of the dishes were cleaned and put away in their cabinets.  Smiling, I joined Harry on the couch.  

"Hey love," he murmured in his cute husky voice.


"Do you like this show?" he asked, pointing to the TV.

"Yea! I used to watch it in LA all the time," I said. 

"Oh, cool," he said awkwardly.

After watching for a while, I decided to go out to a cute little café that caught my eye on the way to my flat yesterday with Ed and Josh.  It was called "Soleil," which means "sun" in French.  

"I'll be back in an hour or so Harry," I explained.

"Ok love," he responded, glancing up at me to smile, and then looking back at the TV.  I grabbed my phone, purse, and keys, and walked out the door.  

I strolled down the cobblestone streets of London, and after a few minutes, found Soleil.  It had a cute glass door with red wood around it, with large windows so you can look out to the streets.  I opened the door, and a little jingling bell alerted the café I had stepped in.  Closing the door, I sat down at an empty table and looked at the menu.  I wasn't really that hungry... Since I just had breakfast.  I was really more interested in the café itself.  

I started playing on my phone, and about five minutes after, I heard a voice ask "Can I take your order?"

I looked up from my game, and saw the cutest guy ever.  He had brownish blonde hair that fell to the side, sparkling blue-gray eyes, and a priceless smile. I stole a glance at his name tag that said "Austin," and smiled up at him. 

"Can I just have an arnold palmer?" I asked politely.

"Certainly," he said, scribbling it down on his notepad.  "That's all?" 

"Um, yes for now please," I replied, smiling.

"Alright then, I'll be back in a flash," he said, his smile glittering as he gave me a wink and walked away. 

He was so... dreamy.  My phone buzzed in my pocket, and my thoughts about Austin were interrupted. I looked at my phone, and it was a text from Harry.

Harry:  U comin home soon? the boys are over and wanna meet ya ;) H x 

Me: Ya just getting a quick nibble to eat! c u soon  M

Right after I shoved my phone in my pocket, Austin was back with my drink in hand.

"Here you are, love," he said, placing down my drink.

"Thanks," I said smiling.

"No problem. You, don't want anything to eat?" he questioned.

"Oh, no I'm ok.  I just moved here, so I wanted to check this adorable place out," I said, sipping my drink.  

"Oh, ok," he said, nodding to my drink, "this ones on me." 

He winked, and walked away before I could protest.  Blushing like crazy, I finished my drink.  When I reached the bottom of the glass, I was surprised to see a little slip of paper stuck to the bottom.  Curious, I took it off to see what was written on the note. It had his number on it, with the words "call me xx" underneath.  Smiling, I put the paper in a special compartment in my purse, and walked out; leaving another slip of paper on the bottom of the glass, reading "K x."  

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