Change My Mind (a One Direction Fanfic)

Melanie Turner is newly 18, and recently graduated from High School. When she moves to London to study music (and hopefully make it as a music artist) she decides to room with someone that will change her life forever.


8. Half Asleep

Melanie's POV


I woke up the next morning to sun light pouring in through my window. A moan released from the back of my throat in resent from waking up.  My sight was a bit blurry as I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and stretched out my long pale limbs.  They kicked around the scattered duvet at the end of the bed as finally gained the strength to pry myself out of the comfy confines of my mattress. 

My hair was in a sloppy bed-head bun as I made my way into the kitchen.  The baggy sleep shirt slouched over my shoulder-- the hem of the cloth resting high up on my thighs.  I groggily trudged over to the fridge, walking slightly zig-zag.  My bare feet padded on the cold tile as I opened the refrigerator. I  found nothing to my interest inside.  

Disappointed, I slowly walked over to the couch, still only half conscious.  I sat down, and my butt lurched down to meet the white pillows of the sofa..  I guess I mis-calculated how far away the couch was.  A puff of breath released from my lungs as I fell, quite literally, into the cushions.  My vision was slightly tinted white, and I felt like the world around me was spinning slowly.  Blinking a few times, I pressed the pads of my fingers to my eye lids, and focused my eyes on my surroundings.  

Sitting around me were five handsome smirking boys-- Niall sitting next to me, Harry on the other side of him, with Liam, Louis and Zayn sitting in chairs scattered about the living room.  

"Wh-what?" I moaned.  

"Good morning, love," Harry's husky voice spoke.  

I raised my knees to my chest and yawned, smiling tiredly.  "Good morning."  It then hit me that they had all been observing my lazy morning actions.. "Were, you guys watching me-- that whole time?" 

They all chuckled slightly, and one by one shyly nodded.  I hid my face with my hands in as I felt the heat rise into my cheeks.  

"Don't be embarrassed! It was really cute," Niall smirked. 

"It was adorable," Harry added happily. I snuck a peek between my fingers to meet his green gaze as a giggle escaped from my lips.  Harry smiled at my reaction, tousled curls flopping over his face.  

"You hungry?" Liam asked.

As if my stomach could hear Liam's question, it growled on cue.  Wide eyed, I held my stomach and shyly nodded.  

"All right then," Liam grinned. "What do you want?"

"Anything-- I'm not picky," I said.  

"Ok," he replied getting up. 

I gratefully smiled at him, and held my knees closer to my chest.  

"So, Melanie, what are some of your hobbies?" Zayn asked randomly.

"I love music.. And singing.  And playing ukulele and stuff," I sighed.  

"How cool! I didn't know that Mel," Harry exclaimed.  I nodded at him, confirming my statement.  

Just then Liam brought me some granola and coffee on a tray.  I took it from his large hands and sat it down across my lap.  I realized that what he had given me for breakfast was in their song Truly, Madly, Deeply. It was one of my favorite songs by them..  Smirking, I looked up at Liam's cute grin.  As I sipped the hot coffee I softly hummed the song.  Niall's ears perked up, and he looked down at me.

"You know our songs Mel?" he asked smiling.  

"Of course!" I grinned. "Truly, Madly, Deeply is my favorite." 

"That's so cool," Louis spoke.  

I knew Liam had caught on-- but I honestly didn't think he gave me this breakfast with any intentions.  

"Back in LA I listened to you guys all the time with my girlfriends," I admitted.  

"That's so funny! Bet you never dreamed you'd be rooming with them, huh?" Harry stated.

"Haha! Never in a million years! And to be honest-- I have both your albums," I gushed.

This made all of the boys laugh.. Harry was right though.  I never in my whole life thought that I'd be rooming with one of them. It was so weird! Back in LA, I had a 'crush' on Harry, and Archer liked Zayn.  As soon as I realized that I would be living with Harry, though,  I promised myself that I wouldn't fall in love with him-- and so far, I've kept that promise.  They all felt like brothers to me.  


(hey guys sorry this chapter is kinda short...  gotta do some hw and I'm sick and yea.... luv u all!!)









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