Change My Mind (a One Direction Fanfic)

Melanie Turner is newly 18, and recently graduated from High School. When she moves to London to study music (and hopefully make it as a music artist) she decides to room with someone that will change her life forever.


5. First Morning

Harry's POV


I walked out of Melanie's room and closed the door behind myself.  She was just how Ed described her! Cute, funny, and as far as I could tell, pretty smart.  I couldn't wait to get to know her more...

I suddenly felt kinda tired, so I went to my room and plopped down on the bed. I found myself thinking about Melanie... I had to admit-- she's pretty.  But something told me that she was even prettier on the inside, which is what really matters in the end.


A while later I woke up from my 'nap.' I rubbed my eyes and groaned, still quite tired... I glanced outside, and it was broad day light... Had I slept through the whole night? I heard a knock on the door. 

"Come in," I croaked. I saw Melanie's face poke in to my room from the other side of the door.  She was smiling, and her eyes were wide and filled with joy.  

"Good morning!" she said cheerfully. 



"..But, It only felt like I was asleep for a few minutes..." 

"Well, last night I came to ask you if you wanted to eat dinner or anything, but you were out cold," she explained. 

"Huh..." I replied, still rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.

"So, do you want any breakfast?" she asked, putting her hands on her hips.

"Yea, that would be lovely," I replied, still half asleep.

"Ok, cool. I can make pancakes with eggs and bacon, waffles, popovers--"

"Popovers, please," I interrupted. I haven't had popovers since I was little-- and they're super good.

"I was hoping you'd choose that," she said closing the door with a little wink and a smile.

She's was so cheeky! 


A few minutes later I could smell the aroma of freshly made popovers wafting in to my room. It smelled heavenly...  I quickly put on a clean shirt and a fresh pair of pants, fixing my hair so it looked decent. Once I was somewhat satisfied with my looks, I stepped out of my room, and saw a gorgeous breakfast waiting for me at the table.  My mouth watered at the sight... Popovers with all different types of spreads were laid out, along with chamomile tea and some 'Digestives' biscuits.  Melanie was nowhere to be seen, so I yelled out her name.

"I'll be right out!" I heard her say from her room.  

When she came out she was still in her pajamas, and her hair was still in a bed-head-bun... I suddenly felt awkward trying to look good for her earlier...  This was her flat now too, and she shouldn't have to impress anyone in her own home.

Never the less, she was smiling real big, and she plopped down in the chair opposite me.

"Melanie, this breakfast is brilliant!" I said cheerfully.

"Oh I'm glad! My brother taught me to cook.. He loves cooking," she replied.

"Yeah, I know.  He's always talking about cooking," I explained. 

She shrugged. "That's Joshie for ya," she said with chuckle. 

I decided to take a bite of my first popover in years.  My teeth sunk into the hot pillowy biscuit, and steam immediately seeped through the top.  It tasted like heaven.

"Melanie, this is so great!" I said with a full mouth.

"Thanks! It's Josh's secret recipe," she said proudly.  

She was really cute-- and she could cook.. and she was smart, and pretty, and funny.  And she wasn't perfect.


And I really liked her.   




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