Change My Mind (a One Direction Fanfic)

Melanie Turner is newly 18, and recently graduated from High School. When she moves to London to study music (and hopefully make it as a music artist) she decides to room with someone that will change her life forever.


9. Date?

Harry's POV


She had both of our albums-- so adorable!  Each hour I spent with her I felt myself fall for her more and more.

"Let's play 20 questions for Melanie!" Louis suggested.

"Yea!" We all agreed excitedly.  Mel was blushing and giggling.  She nodded, and we began to flood her with questions.

"Quickly! Favorite food?"


"Favorite colour?"


"Favorite store?"

"..I don't know to many to choose from."

"Favorite movie?"

"Moonrise Kingdom."

"Favorite boy in the band?"

"Agh, I can't choose! You're all so hot," Melanie laughed.

The boys and I started playfully flexing our muscles, and Melanie pretended to fan herself and swoon.  I think in that moment it dawned on her that she was still only in a large T shirt and her underwear...  She started blushing, and rushed into her room to change.  


Melanie's POV


I was rummaging through my drawers, about to put on some comfy clothes, when I received a text from an unknown number...  I picked up my phone, and read the message:

person: Hey, it's Austin x

I smiled and my thumbs rapidly texted back.

me: Heyyy whats up?

Austin: Nothin rlly.  Wanna go out 2 eat or somethin?

I felt my heart start pounding hard... I had been on a date before, but not recently.  I quickly texted back.

me: hold on one sec.. :)

Austin: k x

I immediately started going really nervous. I put on my sweats and a T shirt as the butterflies in my stomach erupted-- what was I going to say back to him?? I barely knew him... He was really nice, but I haven't gone on a date in so long...  

When I stumbled out of my room, all of the boys were staring at me.

"..You ok?" Niall asked.

"Yea, yea I'm fine," I breathily said. Looking into each one of the boys' eyes, I met with Harry's.  I trusted him the most.  I knew him better than the rest of them.  "Harry? Can, I borrow you for a moment?"


Harry's POV


"'Course love," I shakily replied.  My heart fluttered when she wanted to talk to me. I pushed myself up from the couch and followed her into her room.  As soon as I walked in, she shut the door firmly behind her and started pacing. 

"You ok, Mel?" I shoved my hands into my pockets.  

"Harry.. I have something really important to ask of you," she firmly stated, rubbing her hands together. My stomach lurched.

"Yea?" I replied, egging her on. 

A deep sigh released from her plush pink lips.  Her hands went up to her head, and she started lightly tugging at her hair.  Finally she made eye contact with me, and I could see fear in her eyes.

"Ok. So there's this guy that I met at the café the other day, and he just asked me if I wanted to go out with him and I'm really nervous and I don't know if I should say yes or now, and, I just... Oh god.." she finished her long sentence gasping for breath.  Sorrow filled my chest.. I knew she didn't have any interest in me.  

"O-oh," I looked down at the floor.  My heart felt like it had a massive hole in it. 

"You ok Harry?" she worriedly asked.  Her hand reached up, and I felt it gently rest on top of my shoulder.  My curls concealed my face slightly, and I flicked them to the side-- eyes meeting her brown ones.

"Yea, I'm fine.." I said with a half fake smile.  

Relief spilled over her face as she smiled and let out a deep breath. "Ok good."

She then leaned in for a hug and wrapped her arms around my torso.  Surprised, I hugged her back; my heart rate increasing.  I hoped she didn't notice..  When she released me from her grasp she was smiling real big and blushing a little bit.  I smiled back.

"Ok-- so this guy," I spoke awkwardly. "What's he like?" I sat myself down on her bed.

"Well.." she said trailing off. "He's really nice.. His name is Austin.  The thing is, I've only met him once." She sat down cross legged on the mangled duvet and looked at me intently. 

"I see.. Well.. I think you should g-go," I stuttered.  I didn't completely understand what I had said until it came out of my mouth. 

"Really?" her face started lighting up.

"Yea," I smiled forcefully.  She hugged me again and grabbed her phone.  She texted someone-- I'm guessing Austin-- and waited for a reply.  When her phone buzzed again, she started glowing, and I could see in her face that she just got butterflies. 

"He said ok!!" she shouted.  


Melanie's POV


Austin: Meet me at the café. I'll pick you up and take you xx

My stomach erupted into butterflies, and I started squealing in excitement. 

"He said ok!! Harry, thank you!" I shouted.  I wrapped my arms around his neck and gave him a huge hug.  He picked me up from the bed and twirled me around, just like Ed and Josh did.  When he put me down he was smiling widely -- he looked like an angel. 

"I've gotta get ready!" I realized, panicking slightly.  

As I ran into the bathroom I accidentally tripped and stumbled into the door, creating a large thudding noise. Harry's eyes grew big with worry. He hurriedly started over to me, but I protested and insisted I was fine.   I winced and shrugged off the pain.  I curled my hair, added some lip gloss, did some eye makeup and added some blush as fast as I could.

When I was finished, I was pretty proud of myself.  I looked somewhat decent! 

"You look fantastic," Harry commented while observing me.

"Thanks Haz," I replied.  I quickly said my goodbyes to the boys, and made my way out of the door..

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