Our Complicated Harmony

Makenzie is dragged to a party in England by her rich best friend, Hailey. While she's there, she meets a certain British popstar of whom seems pretty interested in her. A few shots and an overnight stay later, and they wake up half nude in the same bed. Though they can't remember much of anything, he is convinced that they slept together. So what now? (Things may become graphic at certain points in the story.)


9. Post-Traumatic Iris


I poured yet another cup of black coffee. My sixth.

It was 10 am and I had been awake since 6 when I received a panicked, pleading call from Hailey. I was staying with my sister, Iris, for the time being.

Iris is my older sister. She was 26, and we lost touch a few years before when she had a falling out with her boyfriend. She moved from our hometown of San Francisco to New York, New York to break into the interior design business and start over.

Iris was not your average peppy, young, New York interior designer though. She had Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder like none I had ever seen before.

She had friends in San Francisco design school that made some bad decisions during their time. There were lots of drugs and alcohol involved. A few of those friends were very angry drunks.

There was one gay man in particular who had found a hatchet when they were having the usual weekend party time.

Iris and her friend Amber watched 11 of their friends being brutally murdered while they hid under the table. The man then proceeded to use a bloody scarf to hang himself from the ceiling fan. She hadn't been the same since.

Amber commit suicide soon after, and her boyfriend left, so Iris had no one left but me. She needed a new start, and found it in New York.

For the most part. The PTSD would always stay with her. While I was on the phone with Hailey she had an episode in her sleep. It was the scariest thing I'd witnessed in my life. She screamed until I woke her, and then she cried for hours. I held her and cried too. I felt terrible for neglecting to see her sooner. I made coffee and pancakes and she nibbled while I told her of recent happenings in my life. She left for work and I tidied the chic, well furnished apartment for a while before becoming bored. Iris had really made a name for herself in New York, and had many nice things to show for it.

I mean, a million-dollar apartment in the city not far from Central Park was never bad, and I could get used to it. She certainly had, as had her neighbors.

Not a single one complained of her screaming that morning.

A cool breeze came through the curtains in the living room, and I thought of London. I still somehow found myself wishing for Harry's arms and a cup of warm, sugary tea compliments of Louis instead of the hot, bitter coffee I had  already finished so much of, but before my wishing could make me call Hailey and beg them to come get me, I stopped thinking at all, and just breathed.

I laid down in my bed in the guest bedroom. How desperate I was just to feel Harry's body weighing down the other side of the bed, and let his slow breathing and slight snoring fill my ears but, of course, I heard none of this. Just the short, gasp-like breaths that resulted from my starting to cry. I cried myself to sleep, where I dreamed of London, with Harry, Hailey, and the four other boys that I missed so much. I wanted them back with such desperation. Especially Harry. I could always call Hailey.

But if I did I'd never be able to live with myself.


I spent the morning packing, as Harry had booked a jet to take us into LA, California the same afternoon. The people at the boys label (Simon) weren't too happy about the break they would be taking, but Harry assured them that we would try to be quick about it and they approved the trip. Niall continually assured me we would get her back, but I still worried about her.

I called her around 3:00 pm before we got on the jet, but she didn't answer.

It was extremely easy to get worried about Makenzie. She was like a sister to me. I wrung my hands nervously and Niall noticed instantly.

He put his mouth to my ear and whispered reassuring words into it. I sighed.

We sat side by side in the jet, trying to sort of distance ourselves from the others . We took off and I soon dozed, my head laying on his chest. I had visions of Makenzie somewhere dark and could soon feel tears on my cheeks, to which I felt the arm around me get subtly tighter. I woke up and Niall stared down at me, a particularly worried look occupying his face. I put my lips to his ear.

"I love you so much." I said for the first time. He smiled from ear to ear, "I love you always." He said simply.


The whole rest of the jet ride, Louis poured tea  from a thermos on Harry, screaming at him "DON'T YOU START THINKING LIKE THAT!" In regards to Harry talking about this mission being 'hopeless'. You could really blame either for the mishap, but the tea was hot, and Harry was burnt. Niall continually threw pieces of a styrofoam cup at the back of Zayn's head and Liam was busily shaking his head and trying to stay out of the way of all of it.

So one could say that things were staying pretty normal. Well, besides Harry and I that is . We were still in a type of despairing mood, though it had brightened just a little bit since we had decided to go find Makenzie. Louis was upset as well, but that was only because Harry wasn’t in the mood for his usual antics. He had tried multiple times to make Harry trade pants with him, to no avail. He said his own pants were to confining. The reason he thought Harry’s would be better was beyond me, although I’m almost certain that it was an attempt to cheer his friend.


When we finally landed in LA, there was a lot of commotion. How the paparazzi happened to just know we’d be there was beyond my knowledge. The boys were not surprised in the least though. We just walked through hordes of fans and the boys signed some things and girls gave me dirty looks the whole way through, to which Niall held my hand and reassured me that they didn’t mean it and it wasn’t a big deal.

I wasn’t very worried at all anyway.

We got a limo ride to the hotel in LA we would be staying  at, but had to take a very scenic route to get there because of some persistent fans we just couldn’t lose.

In the end though, it all meant that we were that much closer to finding my best friend, and I for one, was okay with that.

San Francisco here we come.

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