Our Complicated Harmony

Makenzie is dragged to a party in England by her rich best friend, Hailey. While she's there, she meets a certain British popstar of whom seems pretty interested in her. A few shots and an overnight stay later, and they wake up half nude in the same bed. Though they can't remember much of anything, he is convinced that they slept together. So what now? (Things may become graphic at certain points in the story.)


6. Out for Dinner

Later that day, Louis came home and we realized we had no plans for supper. Louis called Eleanor and we decided to go out.
I walked into the bedroom and opened the closet, taking out a cute blue dress and some wedges. I peeled off my clothes and put the dress and shoes on, going to the bathroom and opening my makeup bag. I took out black eyeliner, black mascara, and some smoky shadow to top it off. I applied it, then looked at myself in the mirror, adding blush and putting a cute, nude-colored pink gloss on my lips. I nodded in satisfaction and strutted to the livingroom. I had put my hair in a twist at the back, and wore long silver knotted necklaces with silver bangles.
I grabbed my purse. "You ready Harry?" I yelled.
"Yes!" he replied "Just a moment though!" I stood by the door waiting for him to appear, and when he did my jaw dropped. He was sporting a black blazer and a white scoop-neck tee and khaki chinos. He looked amazing.
"Whatcha think?" he asked, smirking at me coyly and waggling his eyebrows.
"I think you look smashing." I said in the worst English accent I could muster. He stuck his toungue out at me, and uttered a 'whatever'. I laughed and he held out his arm for me. I looped mine through it and walked out the door. "Aren't Louis and Eleanor coming?" I asked.
"They'll meet us later on." he said, "Louis is dressing and then going to pick Eleanor up. Just you and I right now." he flashed me a smile as he pulled open the passenger side door, then walking to the drivers side, once I had been seated and the door shut.
"You'll love this place." he said. "Promise."
Soon enough we had arrived at the restaurant and been seated. The waitress took our orders once Louis and Eleanor had shown, and we had ordered a bottle of wine.
"This is the good stuff." Louis said, holding up the wine bottle. He studied the label and then set it down.
"So you're Makenzie! I've heard so much about you!" Eleanor exclaimed. "You seem like a lovely girl, pleasure to meet you." she said, beaming her pretty teeth at me.
"Same to you!" I said.
"And I hear you and Harry are -- together... Now." she said. I glared at Louis, who was 'acting casual' and looking around.
"It's nothing really." I said to Eleanor, who glanced at Louis and then Harry. Harry's expression waivered slightly.
"Oh. Well that's just what Louis told me." she smiled, embarrassed before looking down at her lap. Just then, the door to the restaurant opened and Hailey and Niall rushed in.
"Makenzie!" Hailey squealed.
I stood and hugged her, "How did you know-"
"Harry invited us." she said, pulling out one of the two extra chairs and sitting next to me, Niall doing the same beside her.
"Hello Makenzie, looking great as usual." Niall said. I laughed and thanked him as we sat at the table.
"It was great seeing you guys!" I said to Niall and Hailey.
"You too hun!" Hailey said. "Text me!" she yelled as Niall pulled her toward his car playfully before planting his lips on hers at the passenger door. After pulling away he smiled and opened her door for her, before closing it and getting in the driver's side.
I got into Harry's car and shut the door. "He treats her like gold." I said simply. "I'm so happy for her Harry. She finally met a good guy who adores her. She hasn't had much luck in love the past few years." I looked over at Harry, who had a tortured, depressed look on his face. He was looking toward the ground. "What's wrong?" I asked.
"I just want to love you Makenzie. I want to. Why won't you just let me?" he looked up at me, and a tear slipped down his cheek. I wiped it with my thumb and grabbed my wrist. "I love you Makenzie." he said.
"Harry you can't-" I said and tried to pull away, making him tighten his grip.
"Makenzie, I love you!" he shouted, "Just let me love you!" I tried to pry his hand from my wrist but it didn't work.
"Harry! You're hurting me!" I yelled.
He released his grip and put his head on the steering wheel, letting out a small sob before starting the car and heading it toward the apartment.
The car ride was silent. When we got to the apartment it was silent. We slept in separate places again, me on the couch in the living room, him in his room. The next week was fairly quiet to. We hardly said a word to each other. Harry hung out at Zayn's place sometimes, but hardly went anywhere else. I decided to spend my time sightseeing around London and visiting Hailey. And on the weeks went. Silent and dreary. Living in a haze from one moment to the next.
One day I was planning on visiting Hailey at her parents London place. When I arrived, she and Niall were sitting on the floor of the large living room playing some kind of board game.
"Hey Kenzie." Hailey said and she an Niall looked up at me for a moment before returning to the game. "Hold on, we'll be done in a minute." she said. She made a move an Niall grimiced.
"You win." he grumbled.
"Ha-ha!" she said, kissing Niall sweetly before pulling away to look at me. "What's up?" She asked, her hazel eyes glinting with the reflection of the above light fixture.
"Oh the usual." I said casually.
"What's Harry been up to lately? I barely see him anymore." I sighed.
"I barely see him anymore Niall." I said.
"That's the problem then." he said "Whatever happened that night after the restaurant needs to be put aside. You mean so much to Harry, Makenzie. You're hurting him a lot when you ignore him."
Then Hailey spoke "And you like him too." she said. "Why not put your differences aside and let it happen?" she said.
"It's not that easy..." I whispered
"Like hell it isn't." she said "Now go back and talk to him. I know you miss him Makenzie. I can tell. I'm your best friend."
I nodded "Okay." I said, "Fine. I will."
"Soon." she said, placing her hand on my knee.
"Soon." I repeated.
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