Our Complicated Harmony

Makenzie is dragged to a party in England by her rich best friend, Hailey. While she's there, she meets a certain British popstar of whom seems pretty interested in her. A few shots and an overnight stay later, and they wake up half nude in the same bed. Though they can't remember much of anything, he is convinced that they slept together. So what now? (Things may become graphic at certain points in the story.)


11. Hiding


I was in shock. I didn't really know how to react to that... it explained a lot though. Always wanting to come to my house, her parents never showing up to school functions. It made a lot of sense actually.

James told us that when Makenzie was 10, her parents signed her over to her 18 year old sister and jetted off to who knows where they went. They changed their names and everything about themselves really. They did leave behind, however, large sums of money, and untraceable credit cards that they payed for so each of the girls would have some way to live. Her parents were loaded.

She lived with her sister until had herself legally emancipated at age 14. Her sister agreed that it was the best possible choice for them. Their parents still took care of them financially. They got basically whatever they wanted without any single word from their parents. So, Makenzie bought her own place and took the bus everywhere until she could drive.

James said she visited him frequently and he visited her at her new apartment in New York too. Her sister even did the interior for her as a Christmas gift. He said it was a very nice place, but she never wanted anyone in it but herself. She said the extravagance would change how people thought of her. She just wanted to be normal. I gave James my phone number, in case he needed to call me, and we left, each telling him thank you as we walked out.

None of this was registering right away. I was one of her best friends and she didn't even tell me! How could she hide it so well? How did I not see it? In how she got touchy with the subject of parents? In how she didn't have to ask her parents permission for things? She was emancipated!

She must've had to grow up really fast... all those times I was childish and selfish and she was eating alone and sleeping in an apartment all by herself. She had it hard. She had the real world. I didn't. I still haven't.

I dug my face into the shoulder of Niall's hoodie. The tears streamed steadily. He held me and  a taxi drove us back to the hotel. Harry was silently crying his eyes out too. I'm sure he was overwhelmed as I by what Makenzie was forced to go through. Every once in a while he would make a short gasp-like sound or take a shaky breath. He was suffering. He needed her to hold.

And to never let go of.

We got back to the hotel and Harry went straight to his room. We went to our room and started packing. The other boys would be there any minute, and we'd be off to New York. When we finished packing, Niall and I sat on my bed and he held me, a bawling, unstable mass, in his arms. He comforted me and was gentle with me. Offering tissues and such to me when I needed them. He sang something to me and I fell asleep in his arms. New York would have to wait until tomorrow.


I woke up in the morning,  I was reaching for the body beside me that i should've known wouldn't be there. I panicked, but realized I when I woke up it was all a dream. I was in New York living in my sisters home. I don't know why I didn't go home... I guess I just didn't want to have to be alone...

I still felt alone though. My sister usually worked from when I woke up to about right before supper every night. It wasn't all that worth it.

"Go home it is then." I said to myself. I grabbed whatever I had and put it in my large backpack. Not including the sweatshirt I had taken from Harry.

It was one of his favorites. Unwashed. It smelled like him... maybe that's why I dreamed of him at night... because once I remembered I had taken it, it never left my side. I hope he wasn't missing it to much.

I put it on my body and snuggled against it, thinking of his eyes... his green, green eyes and how they sparkled when he would look at me. His curly hair brown hair. His dimples when he smiled. The way our lips formed perfectly together when we kissed.

A tear rolled down my cheek. I had to stop doing this to myself. I called my sister and told her that I was going home and she asked me to feed her fish first. After I did, I left, headed for the airport. I was going back to San Francisco.


My apartment was not much different than Harry's in London. Two bedrooms and one bathroom with huge living room and kitchen set ups. They were furnished much differently though, his was a more modern, warm, and sleek setup while mine was more of a romantic, contemporary Victorian set up with twists of edginess. The only thing was, the other bedroom in my apartment wasn't used as a bedroom...

I transformed it into a small library, room enough for a little over 300 books which lined the walls in wooden cases that had glass doors. At  one side of the library was a gleaming white grand piano and at the other a setup of two chairs and a coffee table by a fireplace I had put in. It was my escape. I spent long hours in the room reading, drinking tea or coffee, and teaching myself to play the piano.

It just had it for show to begin with, but I couldn't stand the fact that it just sat there... so I had it tuned and taught myself to play it. I had gotten quite good too. I could sit for hours and play until my fingers ached now. It was my most prized possession.

My bedroom wasn't quite as big as the library, but still big. The closet was larger than Harry's. I had a large Victorian bed with gauzy drapes around it, and a cream-colored vanity and a dresser that matched. Everything in my bedroom was rich reds and creamy browns. The rest of the house was light greens and browns and whites and blues and yellows.

I had forgotten how much I loved this place... it was so mine. So uniquely designed by my sister. I loved it all around.

I went into the library and played piano until the doorbell rang. "COMING!" I yelled from the library. I sighed and stood up, walking to my front door. I looked through the peephole, seeing uncle James at the door. I unlocked the door and gathered uncle James in a big hug.

"I thought you'd be in New York!" He exclaimed. "I heard about the England incident and thought for sure you'd have gone to be close to your sister."

I laughed "Well I was, but I missed my place. Why don't you come in and have a cup of coffee with me? It's the perfect time for one! Almost 8pm!" I said. He laughed and came in, sitting on the sofa. I got the coffee going and talked to him while doing so.

"So what brings you here Uncle James?" I asked from the kitchen.

"Just wanted to see whether you were here or not. Some kids came to my House yesterday asking about you. I recognized one, Hailey, but the other two boys only looked vaguely familiar." When he said this I looked up and dropped the spoon I was using to stir with. "The boys had weird accents... one was British-English but I couldn't place the other... Scottish maybe? They seemed really worried about you. The curly brown haired one seemed on the brink of tears the whole time. Didn't talk a whole lot either. I told them you were probably in New York." he shrugged.

"Do you think they'll find me here?" I asked.

"Find you?" He laughed, "Are you hiding?" I looked at him for a minute and he finally answered. "No."

I exhaled and went back to the coffee. "Good," I said.

"They seem to care a lot about you Makenzie Elise. Why are you running from them?" He asked

"Its complicated," I said simply. "Really, really complicated."

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