Our Complicated Harmony

Makenzie is dragged to a party in England by her rich best friend, Hailey. While she's there, she meets a certain British popstar of whom seems pretty interested in her. A few shots and an overnight stay later, and they wake up half nude in the same bed. Though they can't remember much of anything, he is convinced that they slept together. So what now? (Things may become graphic at certain points in the story.)


1. The Morning After

I startled awake when my phone played my alarm (Some Nights, by fun.) at full blast. I felt movement around me, but thought nothing of it as I reached for my phone and hit dismiss. 
My head was pounding and everything felt unfamiliar. I stretched and hit something with my hand. As this happened I heard a muffled grunt. I turned, startled to see someone in bed with me. He had brown, messy hair, and his eyes were tightly closed. I screamed and jumped out of bed pulling a blanket around my half naked body. Whoever it was grunted again and said "Could you keep it down? I've got a splitting headache." the voice sounded familiar.
"Wait. No, that can't be right. You're-"
"Yeah, and who are you?" he asked.
" I'm Makenzie... Why are we both half nude laying in the same bed?"
"I'm not really sure..."
I tried really hard to remember, and then it hit me. I was in England, and had been at some party with my friend Hailey and her wealthy parents. I remember finding some familiar guy and talking to him. 
No wonder I found him familiar. He was a fucking pop star.
I had Harry Styles in bed with me...
This was just peachy. I usually didnt do things like this. I must have drank a little too much.
"Uhm... Did we...?"
"That's just what I was trying to figure out." he said "I can't remember a bloody thing."
I looked under the blanket at my body.
"It doesn't look like it... I still have my underwear and my bra. And you're still wearing underwear."
"That doesn't mean anything..." he said. I sighed, taking the blanket off and searching for my jeans. Harry's eyes raked themselves over my body.
"What are you doing?!" I snapped.
His eyes went to the floor, and I continued looking for my jeans. I finally found them, as well as my tank top, and my tee shirt. I pulled the tee over my head and  put on the jeans. "There." I said. "Now you can look at me. He looked at me and I sat on the bed with him.
"We did." he said. "I remember..."
"How-?" I asked, panic evident in my voice.
"Well, because, you are honestly the most beautiful girl I have ever met, and because if I was drunk as I was, I couldn't turn you down." I sighed again.
"That's lovely. I guess I can cross 'Sleep with an international pop star' off of my bucket list." He chuckled. "This really isn't funny." I glared at him. I turned toward the mirror. My cheeks were flushed, and my wavy dirty- blonde hair was everywhere. I pulled it into a messy side-bun and wiped my smudged black eyeliner away from my eyes. I looked at Harry in the reflection of the mirror and he was looking at me, smiling. "What?" I asked.
"Nothing." he said, giving me a cheeky grin, showing his dimples. I rolled my eyes.
"Get dressed. We're going for breakfast."
He got out of the bed and searched for his stone-washed jeans and purple v neck. I stared. He was, after all, very attractive. He glanced over and smirked. 
"Something you like?" he asked. I rolled my eyes.
"Lets go." I said
We sat at some restaurant and ordered. When the check came, I dug my wallet from my bag and opened it. I flushed in embarrassment when I saw only American dollars in it. I looked toward Harry who laughed. "I've got it." he said, pulling his wallet out and placing the foreign currency on the table. "So," he said, returning the wallet to his pocket, "What happens now?"
"Well, we hope and pray that I'm not pregnant, or we're both in trouble. Lots of trouble."
He frowned. "How soon can we know?" he asked.
"Probably a few weeks..." I said. "In the mean time I'm staying here in England for awhile... If I am, I'll have to stay... I can't raise a child on my own Harry..."
"I know Makenzie. What about your parents?"
"Don't worry about that." I said. "They're not inportant."
We left the restaurant and got in the car. He drove back to the place of the party.
I sat in the car and remembered what I could of the night before.
I stood against the wall, staring out at everything around me. A waiter walked by with a tray of small shot glasses containing a blue liquid. I stopped the suited man, taking one and downing it quickly, and putting the glass back down on the shiny tray. This party wasn't what I thought it'd be. Sweaty bodies filled the wooden floors. I searched the floor for the familiar face of my best friend, but instead I found a particularly attractive set of five familiar faces. Louis, Liam, Niall, Harry, and Zayn of the internationally famous pop boy band One Direction astood right in front of me, three of the five with their girlfriends, the other two just hanging out and talking. 
Their music wasn't my favorite by any means, but they were pretty damn hot. I walked over, and a set of green eyes looked my way. I smiled as I walked over.
"Hey, you guys are One Direction yeah? Nice to meet you, I'm Makenzie." 
Each of the guys waved and said 'hey' and my eyes turned toward Harry, who said "Hey, what's goin on?" I smiled at his accent.
"Not much," I replied to him, "hanging around. Can't find my friend."
"That's too bad. Want help finding them?"
" Nah. She's probably somewhere making out with a guy she found." he chuckled. "Wanna come drink with me?" I asked. Harry looked toward his friends, busily chatting amongst themselves and others.
"I guess I could have a drink." he said. I grabbed his hand and pulled him to the unmanned bar off to the side of the huge condo we were in. I pulled a bottle of Jack Daniel's out from inside of the counter's many shelves. I got out two shot glasses and filled each.
We took our first shots, and I soon had a hard time trying to remember.  I kept going. 
"So Makenzie, I trust you have a boyfriend back in America?"
"Actually no." I said, playing with my glass, not meeting his eyes. "I've never had one, really. I'm not exactly good enough for anyone back there"
"That's rubbish. You are the most down to earth girl I've met here." he said. "And what a beautiful smile. Amongst other things..." he said as he scanned my body. I flushed. "Care to have a dance?" he asked, and I nodded. He took my and and pulled me toward the floor, where a slow song was playing. He stared into my eyes with his darkening green ones. He pulled me closer, whispering, "I've never wanted anyone this much."
*end flashback*
I sobbed, looking out the passenger window. "What's the matter love?" Harry asked.
"Harry... If I'm pregnant, our lives are over. What would we do?" He frowned and looked at me.
"Things happen for a reason babe." he shrugged, laying a hand on my shoulder, looking at the road. "Don't fret."
"How can you be so calm? You've known me for less than 24 hours, and you're prepared to take this on?"
"I'm a lot less put together than you think." He admitted, pulling up to the complex where the party was. "Ready?" he asked.
"Yeah." I opened the door of the car and got out, walking toward the condominium.
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