My Dilemma

Hi, my name is Nastia. Me and my mom live in a small town in Russia. My dad left us when I was a baby, and my mom thought she would never ever find love again.....but then she met someone. Someone from the other side of the world. He came over to our country a couple of times and I really like him, and im really happy to see my mom have that glow in her eyes again. His name is Troy Tomlinson. Now we are moving to England. Troy told me he has a son a little older then me, i'm really excited i've always wanted a big brother.


2. The Plane Ride

After meeting Louis, we went to find our flight. 

  "Oh, there it is." i pointed to the right, "Flight 1078 Russia-England"

We boarded the plane and took our seats. Ooh first class i can get used to this. On the flight there i got to know Lois better and he is a really awesome guy! Funny, polite, random, anything i could ask for in a big brother.

   "Okay Nastia, I can see that you are pretty, so i need to ask you to do one thing" Louis said.

I was trying really hard not to laugh,"What is it Lou?"

      "So you know im in one direction and all and you are gonna meet all of the boys and...."

      "Just get to the point, will you?" i said, smile forming on my face.

       "Just promise me you wont fall in love and date any of them" he said with a serious face ( I think this is the first one i've seen on him)

      "Hahaha, okay whatever Lou, I promise" 

       "No! Im serious! Most of them are big players and will brake your heart and plus you wont get to see them that much since we are on tour most of our free time these days"

       "Okay, okay! I wont love any of them" i tried to say with a serious face but failed miserably.

 "Ladies and Gentelmen, we will be landing in London, Engalnd in 15 minutes. We will now ask you to fasten your seat belts and stay seated until the pilot turns off the seat belt sign. We hope you enjoyed your flight, and thank you for flying with us" the lady repeated it once more in a British accent.

        "Was that really necessery?" I laughed. Louis just shrugged and started to chuckle himself.

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