My Dilemma

Hi, my name is Nastia. Me and my mom live in a small town in Russia. My dad left us when I was a baby, and my mom thought she would never ever find love again.....but then she met someone. Someone from the other side of the world. He came over to our country a couple of times and I really like him, and im really happy to see my mom have that glow in her eyes again. His name is Troy Tomlinson. Now we are moving to England. Troy told me he has a son a little older then me, i'm really excited i've always wanted a big brother.


1. Goodbye Russia :( Hello England :)

I really hate moving! I hate saying goodbye to people i love. I'm really going to miss everyone, but I know this is for the best. I never thought I would see my mom fall in love again, I love the way her eyes sparkle even when she hears his name.. 

Sorry, i guess i should have introduced myself first. My name is Nastia, its short for Anastasiya. I am 17 years old. I live in a small town of Russia. Wait scratch that. Lived in a small town of Russia, now me and my mom are moving to England. Pretty cool huh? Well its not so cool when you lived your whole life in a town, found best friends, fallen in love, thought you had a future for yourself, found who you really were.....Ugh i'm being selfish about it again! I just cant bare to leave the ones i love.

  "It will get better with time" My mom said softly as she walked into my room. I guess she could tell what i was thinking about, well i know she could...i always make faces along with what i think..haha weirdo right?

  "I know mom, and im fine with it! I really am! Im happy to see you have someone else you love in your life. Its just that i dont know how im going to live without my friends..." i sighed. Breathe Nastia, you are NOT crying again.

   "Honey", My mom said as she hugged me tightly, "Im sorry, but i promise you will love it over there. Louis seems like a nice guy. I've heard he's in a band. He will introduce you to new people. You will make new friends."

  "But mom!" I was a little irritated,"What about my old friends? My childhood friends? The people who I can proudly call family?" I asked tears whelming up in my eyes.

   "You can Skype" my mom said hoping to cheer me up, "Are you done packing? we have to leave soon." she asked. Im kind of gald she changed the subject.

    "Yea, Im done. Im ready to leave whenever you are." I smiled trying to look happy.

     "Alright take your bags down to the car..and Nastia...someones here to see you" with that she left me alone in my room. Someones here to see me? 

I walked down to car and put everything in the trunk sighing.

        "BOO!" someone yelled behind me.

       "AHHH" I screamed in horror and turned around.

Oh my god! i cant believe my eyes! 

        "Lena!!! You came!!!! I thought you were going out of town!" i screamed jumping up and down like a little kid.

       "Leave? Without saying bye to you???" She smiled.

i hugged her with all my might. I wish i could freeze this moment. I really do. I wish it could be just any other day, me and Lena hanging out.

       "Girls i hate to brake this up but if we want to make it to our flight on time we have to leave now" Said Mr.Tomlinson

 I wiped the tears from my cheeks and we said our final goodbyes...

 The car ride was short. I kinda wished it was longer so i could look at my beautiful country for a little longer. I got out of the car and took my bags, just as a a guy with icy blue eyes and shaggy brown hair greeted us. Hmmm he reminds me of someone.....

    "Hey Nastia!" my mom said a little too cheerfully " Meet your step-brother, Louis"

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