Forever and Always

18 year old, Kyli Darlington, gets abused by her foster dad. She runs away to her best friends Ashley's house. There she will find love, hate, fights, and things she never imagine. Along the way she meets a special person and has to make a decisions that may change her life forever.


14. The Takeaway

Niall's POV-

I raced down the stairs to see a strange man taking her away. I grabbed her hand trying to stop him, but he kicked me on my side. Kyli's hand slipped away from mine as I fell on the grass. The man threw her in the car. I heard her sreaming and crying my name. I tried to find the power to get up. I grabbed my side limping towards the moving car. I tried chasing it, but it was to fast for me. I sat in streets crying, blamming myself. Why did I let this happen? This is all my fault! I need to find a way to get her back. 

Kyli's POV-

"NO! Don't take me back there!" I yelled at him.

"Aww you little slut! Not wanting to help your family..." He began before I interupped him.

"You are not,nor ever will be my family!" I screamed.

"Be lucky you have us. Your actual family didn't want you remember," he stated.

"SCREW YOU!" I shouted. He stepped on his brakes,and slapped me across the face. "How did you find me...?" I mumbled at him rubbing my throbbing cheek.

"I saw you on t.v at that party your so called boyfriend almost killing his friend". Oh...My...Gosh I thought, I had no clue it was going to be broadcast on the news.

"You want to make my life hell don't you!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. the car still parked.

"That's what I'm what here for love," He said with a smirk.

"I HATE YOU, YOU FUCKING BASTARD!" I screamed praying someone could hear me. He slapped me many times before fianlly stopping when he saw a police officer drove by. I was hoping the officier would see me covered in bruises and blood, but he didn't. He made his safe getaway... I hate that man so much. His sorry arse deserves to be thrown in prison.

Ashley's POV-

I was ready to have a lunch date with Harry to talk to things out with him, but my phone rang. It was Niall. "Hey Niall what's up?" I asked very concered.

"Kyli's fostered dad showed up at my flat and took her away." He voice saddend.

"No! Not again, I hate that man. We gotta do something!" I said. But I didn't want to cancel my date with Harry... Kyli is my friend and we needed to take this jerk down. "Ok, so what's the plan?" I asked Niall.

Kyli's POV-

We got home and he dragged me inside the house. I ran up to my room crying. I pulled out my cell and texted Niall, 'Babe its me. I'm home and I'm ok,I love...' My foster dad yanked the phone out of my hand, luckily the message sent.He walked away. Man I hate this place. He really wants to make my life hell. That bastard hated everyone and everything that doesn't involve him. I lied on the bed trying to sleep, but I couldn't, I was so terrified that he might kill me or something. I wanted Niall, I needed to be in his arms. I heard someone crept into my room, the hard ,rough hand was on my shoulder.

"Wake up you lazy whore. I spilt my wine on the floor! Go clean it up now!" My foster dad demanded. I got up out of bed and grabbed a towel. I looked up at the door praying for someone to save me.

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