Forever and Always

18 year old, Kyli Darlington, gets abused by her foster dad. She runs away to her best friends Ashley's house. There she will find love, hate, fights, and things she never imagine. Along the way she meets a special person and has to make a decisions that may change her life forever.


15. Niall to the Rescue

Kyli's POV-

I swear with how much wine was on the floor I thought he poured five bottles just wanting me to clean it up. I heard a loud bang on the door. "What was that?" My foster dad yelled at me. I just stared at him cluelessly. "Well go open the door you useless bitch!" Before I could open the door a man kicked it open. Soon 5 police men all swatted in the house. Two pinned my foster father down pointing a gun to his head, and handcuffed him. The other three grabbed me and the other kids out for safey. The men looked at us with depair, looking at our bruises and blood.

"Who does this to innocent children?" One of the officers said. He continued,"Don't worry kids you will never have to worry about him again." I felt relief. Thanking God for finally putting this man in his place. I turned to see Niall coming up. I jumped up and ran to his arms,crying.

"How did you find me?" I asked so thrilled to see his face again.

"I called the police, I needed to save you." He said smiling, kissing me on my forehead. "Come back to my flat... You can stay with me. We walked inside his flat. I layed resting in his bed. "Go to sleep babe. You need rest, you have school tomorrow," Niall said in calmly voice. He held me colser to him, I was so happy to be out of that place and with Niall saving my life.

Niall's POV-

Kyli was tossing and turning vigorously. She woke up shaking, her forehead sweating. I can tell she had nightmare. "Shhh... Calm down," I told her doing my best to calm her down.

She was crying,"I can' stop thinking about him."

"It's ok, he's gone and you will never have to worry about him again." I assured her wiping her tears. She smiled closing her eyes. I wapped my arms around her holding her tightly to me. Without Harry and Ashley I probably wouldn't have never had a shot at true love. We've been through alot together. I'm just glad that evil bastard is gone. He will neve lay a finger on my princess again. Kyli didn't deserve the life she lived, but she safe with me now. I looked down at her,"My sweet princess." I hummed falling asleep, holding on to Kyli.  



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