Forever and Always

18 year old, Kyli Darlington, gets abused by her foster dad. She runs away to her best friends Ashley's house. There she will find love, hate, fights, and things she never imagine. Along the way she meets a special person and has to make a decisions that may change her life forever.


4. Getting Ready

Kyli's POV-

"Oh my gosh I can't wait for this double date! You don't know how long I have been waiting for this day." Ashley spoke joyfully, while looking in her closet for dresses. I paced back and forth, biting my bottom lip, feeling my palms all sweaty. I was so nervous about this date. " What do you wanna wear?" Ashley's voice echoed from her bathroom. She knew I was bit shaky since it is my first time on a date.

"I don't know whatever looks cute." I relpied my voice cracking. Ashley came out with a coral flowy dress, her hair straightened, and a cute silver necklace to top is off. She was so pretty. I have always been jealous of her. She is so confident with guys, fun, smart, and outgoing. And me... all awkward and silent.

"What do you think?" Ashley asked twirling around.

"Its...its adorable, I uttered. Thinking why can't I be that pretty, I looked down.

"Come on I have this dress for you" Ashley giggled. She handed me a white sleeveless mini dress with an open cross bow on the back. I slipped it on letting my dirty blonde curls flow down naturally. I walked out nervously asking, "Do I look ok?"

"My baby girl is a grown up" Ashley said sarcastically. I rolled my eyes. She helped me put on make up and fixed my hair.

"There you look smoking," she commented

"Shut up" nudging her. I blushed, and couldn't help from smiling. I feel so diffrent... like a new person. I was so lucky to have a friend like Ashley, who cares for me.

"Come on lets go were gonna be late," Ashley delclared grabbing her black sweater walking out her room. I grabbed a white one until I stumbled upon a picture back to when we were in 9th grade hanging in closet door. It was a picture of Ashley and I and this other girl. She looks so familar but I couldn't put my finger on it. As I was trying to remember Ashley hollered my name and I rushed out the door. 


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