Forever and Always

18 year old, Kyli Darlington, gets abused by her foster dad. She runs away to her best friends Ashley's house. There she will find love, hate, fights, and things she never imagine. Along the way she meets a special person and has to make a decisions that may change her life forever.


3. Bakery

Kyli's Pov-

The next morning Ashley woke me up.  As I was getting dressed I felt the soreness all over my aching body, my bruises throbbing. It looked more horrendous than I expected,but I tired to forget about it and keep a smile on my face

"Are you hungry?" Ashley asked

"Yes starving," I replied considering I haven't ate for like 3 days beacause of that arse hole who doesn't give a damn about anyone but himself. We hopped in her car and headed straight for the bakery. Great... I hate the bakery... Not only does the bread suck,but everytime we go Ashley and Harry (Ashley's boyfriend) would flirt and of course I end up as a third wheel.

" Do we have to eat the bakery," I whined

"Yes! It's the best bakery in London" Ashley said with enthusiasm.

"You only love it there because your boyfriend works there" I said with an attitude

"No Kyli, I really like the bread" Ashley said with her sarcastic smile. 

"Don't make me smack you" I responeded jokingly. She rolled her eyes ,and we got out of her car walking inside the shop.

Harry's POV-

As I was kneading the dough I looked up to see two lovley girls walk in. It was my girlfriend Ashley and her best friend Kyli.

"Hey, love" Ashley said with a gleaming smile on her face.

"Hello beautiful," leaning over in for a kiss until Kyli interruped,

"Can I coffee please?" 

" Sure thing coming right up," I sighed. As i was preparing the coffee I heard the two girls whispered,

"That was rude. You didn't need to be a bitch."

"Well sorry, but everytime we come I end up as the third wheel and I'm sick of it." Kyli groaned

"You know what you need... a boyfriend!" Ashley squealed. I looked down at the coffee when a light bulb popped in my head.

"I have an idea," I whipsered

Kyli's POV-

Harry called us over to discuss something, he faced me and said," I have this friend I would like you to meet. His name is Niall Horan. He has blonde hair, blue eyes, has a irish accent, very sweet, and funny. I think you two would be perfect together."

I blushed my cheeks turning cherry red. "Well that would be nice but..."

"Aww isn"t he the sweetest guy ever." Ashley interrupted not letting me back away from this opportunity. They both stared at each other and kissed right in front of me.

"Excuse me while I go barf and claw my eyes out." I said with disgust and a hint of jealously.

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