My Judgments Clouded; like tonight's sky

Before Niall auditioned for the X-Factor Lily was the only thing on his mind. (Yes I'm using my name) but after Niall made it through auditions he got busier and busier. Lily and they were best mates. her family were moving to America. It was so sudden. Soon the boys were done with the x-factor and were headed to america. It's been almost two years since they've seen eachother and niall is determined to find her. Will Niall find the potential love of his life or will he fail and have to move on?


2. What If

If any of you have a kik leave it in the comments so I can notify you when I've updated! Thanks for the awesome feedback. Sorry, this chapter is short. I promise it'll get better. I have a 4 day weekend so maybe then? I hate that the chapters are so short.
Do lily and Taylor see Niall? Or do they let the chance slip out of their hands? Keep reading!
-much love, Lily(:

~Niall's POV~

2 years. It's a long time you know. It may not seem like it but 2 years without seeing the only person you've ever wanted to be with, yeah it's a long time. No contact. I haven't spoken to her once since she left. It's hard, really hard. I don't even know where she moved to in America. "50 fucking god damn states.." I mumbled looking at a map. "Yep, we'll find her though. I promise. She's out there, the time will come." Harry said reassuringly. "Besides, we've already hit about 20 states."
"Yeah, but what if she doesn't know this is what became of me. What is she doesn't know I'm Niall Horan from One Direction."
"But what if she does, what if she sees you on interviews and says to her friends 'I know him, he's my best friend. I'm so proud of him.'? What if she looks at pictures of you and thinks 'damn, I was lucky.'? What if she's got front row tickets, backstage pass, all that for when our concert hits her state. What if she's gone out of her way just to get a glimpse of a boy that she hasn't spoken to in 2 years?" That Harry. He's always got some deep thought about something.
"Yeah, what if...." I whispered. "What if...."

Thank you guys for reading!
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