The unknown

When the famous band 1D lands in London after their tour Eli nor one band member will know how they love for each other will unfold


2. "hahahaha"

There they were a swarm of crazy screaming fans crying and exasperating, Mel leaned close to me"omg thats one direction"  i was too worried about where the security guard was taking us,but i quickly got a glance of a dark haired boy with agile light brown eyes Zayn he looked over i could see his eyes tracing my every move until i passed a white wall blocking us both.I have heard of one direction and may have one or two songs on my iPod but i wasn't a massive fan or anything.The security guard made us wait 30 minutes in the corridor of the immigration office while he inspected some European boy's suitcase."Louise what is going on? "i asked worriedly ,"i accidentally forgot to tick for fruits and other food items oops"replied Louise "anyway did you see one direction my cousin would be so stoked if she knew they were here"said Louise excitedly "really?Louise aren't you worried about the consequences?"Louise turned head purposely ignoring me.As we made our way towards the grim grey door officer Stanley that was the name presented on his name badge opened the door with his brawny hand ,there they were 5 boys all turned around and smiled niall seemed to be fighting with the officer"do you really think i would risk dangerous items and ruin my reputation as a band member?"asked niall irritatedly "sir this is our procedure at the airport please bare with us"replied the skinny build security guard.As Louise went to a room me and Mel sat there on a frail red couch."Hi girls" grinned Harry ,"hey boys"replied Mel cheekily"omg should we take a picture of them and post it on facebok?", "LOL"i replied .20 minutes has passed no sign of Louise and Zayn seemed to be looking every time i glanced up but i shrugged it off,"okay i have to go toilet"whispered Mel "what no , don't leave me here "i replied apprehensively ,"oh Eli"replied Mel rolling her eyes as she existed the door.I quickly raped the keys on my phone looking as if i was busy.I could hear giggling and what sounded like pushing all of a sudden I noticed in the corner of my eye a beige colour pants sitting next to me i looked up there it was the agile brown eyes "hey i hope you don't mind but not to sound cocky or anything do you know who i am?"Zayn asked hesitantly "yeah your from one direction right?"i replied "hahaha yep.this is harry","hi"replied harry "this is Niall, Louis and Liam","hi"said all three boys"what's your name?" asked harry ,"oh its Eli"i replied facing all five boys and feeling be little as i was the only one sitting while all five boys stood up surrounding me ."well we're having a party tonight at coccon club at 10:00 whilst also shooting for our new song video for like an hour but we'll still be partying after we shoot the end of our video."Would you like to come?"asked Zayn"umm not sure if i would be able to make it"i replied knowing it was a complete lie."well I'll give you my nu...actually can i have your number just incase you don't ever get back to me"winked Zayn "its 0428478736"i smiled back.As Zayn entered my number on his Iphone 4 harry asked "you can also bring your friends","i will"i replied and chuckled.SLAM SLAM it was Louise and mel entering at the same time mel asked Louise "ready?" me and mel both replied at the same time "ready".As we made our way back to the grim grey door the boys all waved and said bye as i was about to exist i took one quick glance at Zayn he kept looking at me "so i will see you tonight?"Zayn asked with a cheeky smile i replied with"hahaha".

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