The unknown

When the famous band 1D lands in London after their tour Eli nor one band member will know how they love for each other will unfold


1. "seriously"

"morning mum"

"morning Eli "

I entered the kitchen mum was busy readying the morning newspaper ."Eli don't forget your friend Louise requested for you to pick her up from the airport at 10:00 it's 9:00 it takes 20 minutes I suggest you get changed"said mum in a stern voice.I ran upstairs jumped into the shower yet  it was so nice and warm as the soothing drops off water ran off my bare body,not realising what the time was I jumped out of the shower made a risky naked run to my bedroom I checked my phone 9:30 "shit".I put my white skinny jeans and my navy knitted jumper on ,tied my brown wavy hair in a ponytail tried to squeeze out my half finished tube of Laura Merciers tinted moisturizer and two strokes of mayabelline thousand eyelashes mascara."Eli I warned you about the time hurry up and leave already"yelled mum.As I ran down the stairs to the front door struggling to put on my size 7 black combat boots I yelled back "yeah I'm going".

I arrived at the airport ran to the ticket booth shoved my $2.20 in the machine received my white machine glossy coated ticket and entered the arrivals area, there sat Mel my best friend green eyed with pale skin and blonde straight long soft hair.Me and her both agreed to greet Louise from her two month holiday and seem as i could drive Mel arranged for her mum to drop her and for me to take her home seem as i already have my license.As i walked towards Mel who was to busy slamming the keys on her blackberry curve she looked up "hey","hey loser" i replied we giggled and sat back down.
"She's arrived, hopefully security will be quick when she exists the gates".There was Louise rolling her fake loui vuitton as we all embraced each other with hugs and constant chatting , we stood in the security line ,as Louise's suitcase rolled through screening she was pulled aside me and Mel stood there worried and curious until we got the hand gesture to follow her as she followed behind the security officer i turned and looked at Mel and "seriously?",

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