Forever and Always

Kendall Infinity was a Senior in high school.She had a rough time her mom was in the hospital,had a horrible dad,horrible life.Then a day changed her life.


4. Next day

Kendall's P.O.V

"Good Mornin Mom!" I said "Good Morning my beautiful daughter!" my mom said smiling. "Are you hungry?" I said. "No,the nurse came while you were sleeping and brought me breakfast I ate a little bit so you can have some too"my mom said while she was opening the tray on top of her bed. "Thank's Mom" I said. I saw 2 hashbrown left and ate them. "Mom I'm going to stop by th house to grab the thing's we need okaay?" I said "Okay but drive safely darling" said my mom.I nodded and hugged her before I was going to leave.I left the room to go to the parking lot where my car was parked.As I got to the office there was a lot of paparazzi outside ,but I don't know they were here though.As I was saying I found my car it was a white Rang Rover I got in put my bag on the other seat and put key's in the ignition.I drove to my house it was a 20 min drive.

Harry's P.O.V

I didn't sleep well last night it was hard to think about Nialler and the girl I saw last night.Even the boys didn't sleep at all.There was 2 security guards outside the door to protect us from paparazzi if they ever come in.

"Morning boys!" I said. "Morning Harry!" said the boys. "Anyone hungry? I can stop by at Nandos to buy breakfast" I said. "Yes Please!"said all of them."I'll come with you!"said Zayn "Okaay Zayn,boys will be back in 20 min"I said.

We left the room Paul of course was here to help us get through paparazzi he walked with us till' we got to the car.As we came outside paparazzi was everwhere I put my Ray Bans on so did Zayn.Luckily Paul was here we finally got to the car and went in my Range Rover.I opened my window and said "Thanks Big Guy!" "Hey it's my job no problemo I better head out now"Paul said leaving us to go back inside.We drove to Nandos.

Kendall's P.O.V

I parked my car on the driveway opened the front door and went in.I closed the door in back of me then went to my bedroom to get the things I needed. I grabbed my Victoria Secret Tote bag and put stuff in there.I decide to change because of what happened yesterday.I changed into a gray sweater that was flowy from brandy  melville to be cozy I added a cream infinity scarf around my neck,Denim Jeans from American Eagle, and lastly my pair of gray uggs.I went to my mom's room to get her stuff I put in a bag.Then I looked my face "aaaahhhhhhaahhahahahaha"I screamed I looked pale so I put liquid liner and babylips oh I looked gorgeous and I forgot about my hair I was tooo lazy so ehhhh put it in a bun.I got the bags and went downstairs to my car after headed back.

Harry's P.O.V

We finally came to Nandos!

"Hazza lets go to drive thru instead yeah?" insisted Zayn. "Alright"I said. I drove to drive thru and ordered food after Zayn payed instead then we got the food and went back.

Author- Sorry it was short :( I didn't have enough time so I'll update soon please understand I go back to school Monday.

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