Forever and Always

Kendall Infinity was a Senior in high school.She had a rough time her mom was in the hospital,had a horrible dad,horrible life.Then a day changed her life.


9. Moving Out.

Kendall's P.O.V


I finally came to my new condo I bought a few week ago.

My mother came in and sat down on one of the chair's next to counter.


 "Honey when did you buy this?" she asked.

"Well I saved up money to buy us a house ,but it wasn't enough so I just bought this." I said

"Kendall,that's wonderful I won't be staying here for long." she said

"What Why?"

"I will be going to your grandma's house so she can take care of me and so that you can go to college without disturbance."

"Mom your not disturbance" I was in pure shock.

"I didn't mean it like that ken,I just want you to finish college."

"Alright so when do you leave?" My grandma lives in America .

"I leave right about next week." 

"Oh okay." 


'beep beep' I get my phone from my pocket I see Harry's face then press the green button to answer.


"Kendall hey"

"You didn't text me when you got home"

"Oh yeah sorry" 

"What's wrong?" harry said I didn't want to tell him that my mom's going to America.

"Just tired." I lied

"Oh alright do you wanna get coffee tomorrow?"


"Okay I'll pick you up at 8 then"


I pressed the red button.


Harry's P.O.V

"Okay" she said

"Oh I lov------" I tried to say but she just hanged up.

What's wrong with her? There's something wrong.I don't like it. She seemd so down when she was talking to me. I'll just have to find out tomorrow ,but I don't want to push her to much I want her to open up to me I want her to trust me for who I am not tabloids.I feel like I've known her forever since her mum was in the hospital.I wonder what happened to her mum.....


-Cleo hey guys! I update whoop whoop! 

Shuck's Harrry was gonna say something ;)

so I wonder if he will win her trust? :O we will just have to see next chapter!

Thank you so much for being paitent for me to update. 








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