Forever and Always

Kendall Infinity was a Senior in high school.She had a rough time her mom was in the hospital,had a horrible dad,horrible life.Then a day changed her life.


7. Morning...

Harry's P.O.V

I was woken up by a sound of a door. I must've crashed. Oh what happened to Kendall was she alright?

"MATE!" Louis exclaimed.

"WHAT?" I said.

" We have to go Niall's been taken cared of and ready to go." Louis said.

"Wait I have to say bye to Kendall" I said.

"WHO'S KENDALL IS SHE YOUR NEW GIRLFRIEND?" Louis said with a smirk.

"NO! she's just that lovely lady I ran into the other day and got hit by a car." I said

"WELL..... oh okay I'll just leave you to it and stay for this special lady." Louis said

"Okay love boo bear."


Before I knew it Louis had surried off with the lads and I'm here to make sure Kendall is okay because

I think I have feelings for her.

Sorry it was short. -Cleo

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