Forever and Always

Kendall Infinity was a Senior in high school.She had a rough time her mom was in the hospital,had a horrible dad,horrible life.Then a day changed her life.


3. Hospital

Kendall's P.O.V

I went to the lunch room where they provide food for guests as I walked I saw this blonde haired guy being rushed to the emergancy room.He looked kinda familiar to me.Anyways I entered the Lunch room and got FOOD yum :) Then I went to pick some Panda Express meals.

Cashier asked "What would you like to order mam?"

I said "Orange Chicken,Mandarine Chicken with extra sauce please,fried rice and a drink."

"Okay that will be $10.00"said the cashier.

I gave her my money and went back to my mom's room.

Harry's P.O.V 

We finally came to the hospital we rushed to find Niall I asked and went to the front desk

"Where is the patient that just came in?" " In the emergancy room Level 4 room 609" the lady said.  "Thanks" I said.

I ran to the elevator as I possibly can the lad's were already there Liam and Zayn.Accept Louis and I drove here.We made it to our destination I ran all the way to find the room.

Kendall P.O.V 

I finally was was on Level 4 to go to my mom's room until I saw 2 guys running in to me especially  one of them knocking my food over and my drink spilled over my enitre blouse.

Harry's P.O.V

Louis and I ran and knocked over a girl's food.I came over to help her and I said "sorry" she said "It's alright I'm fine." I told Louis to catch up. The girl I bumped into was so beautiful she blue eyes and brunette hair.She was wearing a black muscle T with coduroy pants also wearing matte black doc martens combat boots. I cleaned her blouse because it was covered in soda.

I asked her while I cleaned her blouse "Is there anway I can buy you another lunch?'

She said "Yah maybe tomorrow or later just stop buy level 4 room 555"

I said "Great! I'll stop by whenever I can anyways my friend is in the emergancy room I'm really sorry!"

Kendall's P.O.V 

Omg the guy knocking my food was kinda cute he had green eyes curly hair swooped to the side.He was wearing a blue plaid shirt,black pants,and white converse high tops. He walked away aftersaying"Great! I'll stop by whenever I can anyway my friend is in the emergancy room I'm really sorry!" Anyways I went to my mom's room finding her waking up!

"Mom!"I said with joy

she said " Kendall Honey, where is your dad?

I said "He's in prison now and never EVER coming back."

"Oh thank god he's such an idiot! I hate him for what he did for us"she said

"I know let me call doc to tell him you're awake"I said

I ran to find the doc he was next door I yelled and said "She's awake!" he came running to my mom's room to check up on her.

Doc said "How are you feeling?" my mom said "better" Doc said "That's Good you will stay here for the next couple of days to have rest.Also your daughter has something impotant to say to you,I'll leave you two alone" REALLY?!?! he had the nerve to say that now then he walked away wow.

"Kendall? what's that importance I need to know?"my mom asked

"Well.......Mom you're have another baby!" I said

she was surprised and happy it was getting late so I slept on a couch that was next to my mother's bed. GOOD NIGHT MOM :) GOOD NIGHT HONEY (; we both fell asleep

 Author -Hey guys thank you so much for your support! I'll update soon but not everyday! I really hope you guys enjoy my fan fic Love Y'all -Cleo :)









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