Forever and Always

Kendall Infinity was a Senior in high school.She had a rough time her mom was in the hospital,had a horrible dad,horrible life.Then a day changed her life.


1. Worst than Worst

Kendall's P.O.V

*Kendall was singing Higher by The Saturday's*

I'm doing nothing;
Coz then at least I'm doing nothing wrong.
And I'm staying on my own,
And turn off my telephone,
But nothing's gained, nothing's won.

  SHUTUP! YOU CAN'T SING! yelled my Dad. NEVER. AND I CAN SING. exclaimed me

while I said "Never" my dad was walking up stairs to my bed room he opened the door went in and shut it real hard. He pulled my shirt and said "NEVER TALK BACK YOU UGLY STUPID GIRL!" I smelled his breath and can already tell he was drinking.He punched  me in the face,stomache,black,pretty much everywhere. "MOM!" I started to cry while my dad slammed me against the wall.My mom was sweet nice caring everything she was my only hope to live.Her Mom came to her bed room and saw what he was doing to me.He saw my mom then purposely threw me to the ground. Then I saw the knife in his pocket he then grabbed it. I quickly reached for the phone I started to crawl because the punching hurt me everything was worst than worst.I dialled 911.    

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