a Twisted Battle

An 18 year old girl Natalie Lockheart and her 7year old sister Liz lockheart are devastated to know that they will be moving to London when and unexpecting phone call comes to say a war has started near where they live, there father leaves with the hope that he will return, now Natalie has to survive the loss of her father and the love she is gaining for someone.
(OneDirection movella)


4. The plane

Where off to the plane, in the taxi i saw Liz shaking. 'are you ok' i asked worridly 'im scared to go on  a plane, what if it crashes' Liz was now scared more than ever, i held her close and whispered 'you'll be ok im right here and im not leaving'. she looks at me and smiles still shaken.

we where getting our plane tickets when some boys knocked me and Liz over i qulickly catched Liz and she landed on me, a young man with blond hair and blue eyes helped us up.

'sorry about that' he says itching his head there where four other boys standing behind him,

'well you should be' i said firmly pulling Liz away. we where on the plane Liz was sitting next to mei sat near the window so she would feel safer, i patted her head and gave her my ipod shuffle so she could listen to music.

around half the flight Liz started kicking the chair in front of her, i didnt realise until a young man turned around and asked her to stop, since Liz had her earphones in she couldnt hear. i looked at him finally i knew who he was 'hey you where one of the boys that had knocked us over, werent you' i said trying not to yell, 'oh sorry about that we didndt mean to' he apologises, despite that he knocked my 7 year old sister over, he was quite charming, he had a British accent. and had brownish hair he was wearing suspenders, i snapped out of it, 'well since you did knock my sis over im not gonna do anything about it, if shes kicking her chair than you will just have to deal with it' i announced, he sat there looking annoyed after awhile he agreed. 'im Louis, Louis Tomlinson' 'im Natalie, Natale Lockheart' i giggled and i saw a small smirk on his face. i was looking out the window thinking where my dad might be, i was dozing off just when the plane bumps up and down, i looked straight at Liz which was now almost tearing up, i held her close the plane kept bouncing at this point Liz was pretty much screaming, anlong with some other kids, louis looks around at us with a worried look on his face, 'im scared, please dont dont let us crash' she cried out 'hey, hey look where not gonna crash, im here will be alright' i looked into her eyes she was crying so much, she turns to me and whispers 'could you sing to me, she asked trying to wipe away some tears. i nod i sing to her gently comforting her, just like dad used to, a tear trickles down my cheek, the plane finally stops bouncing, i look up at Liz and see she has stopped crying.

'are you two alright' louis asked with a concerned expression, 'yeah we are now' i answer wiping away my tear. After the plane lands, mum says dad had bought us a house over here, it sounded weird knowing that dad was looking after us even though he wasnt here. 'im going to the bathroomyou two stay here' i knew she was lying, yeah she was going to the bathroom but she goes there to cry it lasts about 10-15mins so i decided to read a magazine, when i looked up at Liz she had a cheeky smile, the smile that she has when she about to do something, i look at her trying to figure out what she up to and then it happens she leaps off her chair and starts running, i  flicked my magazine and ran after her as fast as i could, i run around a corner and bumbed into something, i get up and start chasing my sister regardless of who of i just bumbed into.

i finally catch my sister and drag her back to where we where sitting, my face turned upside down when i saw them, standing there laughing i hated how people showed off to how perfect there life was, i saw louis that i had met on the plane he seem nice but i didnt want to talk to him.

i walked and sat down hoping that the guys wouldn't come over, they started to walk away, when my sister just had to, she jumps up and yells 'hey you meanies pushed me over' i looked at my sisters, my face was shocked i couldnt believe she did that, the boys turned and come over i nudged Liz i still couldnt believe she yelled that out to them, 'hey Natalie, right' i stared at louis, 'im surprised that you actually remembered' i snickered 'uhm sorry we really didnt mean to knock you over' louis tried to explain 'look i dont care that you knocked me over but my 7 year old sister i cant even begin to say how much you owe me' i yelled still looking at my magazine 'could we just start over' i looked to see who said it, it was that irish boy who had helped us up. i sighed then looked at my sister and she the "please" look in her eye, 'ok fine' i agreed grumpily 'well im Niall' the blond boy said 'im Harry' i looked over to see a flock of black curly hair, 'im Zayn' who seemed to be the most serious, 'and im Liam' i saw a cheerful handsome man standing next to louis 'yeah ok....im Natalie and this is my sister Liz' i looked at her she just sat there smiling, shes so perfect i thought, smiling back at her.

Thank god mum came back i stood up excitedly and grabbed Liz by the hand and her stuff with other, the boys said goodbye and i just kept on walikng, i knew it was rude but i didnt care i had other things on my mind.


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