a Twisted Battle

An 18 year old girl Natalie Lockheart and her 7year old sister Liz lockheart are devastated to know that they will be moving to London when and unexpecting phone call comes to say a war has started near where they live, there father leaves with the hope that he will return, now Natalie has to survive the loss of her father and the love she is gaining for someone.
(OneDirection movella)


2. He's off to war

Natalies P.O.V


All i remember was screaming, crying, trying to forget what was happing. i watched as he drove off leaving us stranded in the middle off nowhere, my heart was pounding i couldn't believe this was happening......

I walked inside my room thinking if he will ever return. i didnt get along with my mum, she would be to busy with Liz, i remembered him, how we talked for hours, i started to cry.

I walked in the kitchen my mum was trying to calm Liz, but i could tell she had been crying to. I looked at her with disgrace. she looked at me with sad eyes.

'please could you handle Liz for me' she asked. i took Liz from her, i eventually got Liz to stop crying, i carried her up to her room and rested her on her bed.

i kissed her on her forehead and said goodnight. Mum was talking on the phone, i waked over to the fridge and grabbed some ice cream. after about 10mins mum came in with a stern look on her face.

'what is it' i asked in a rude way,

'dont take that tone with me, i need to tell you before i tell Liz' she explains,

'what need more family members to fight to the death' i said glaring at her. 'NATALIE, dont say that im going through enough i dont need this right now she sat down besides me, tears falling from her eyes, i sighed and looked at her.

'i know you are just getting used to this place, but its not safe......the war is closer than the army thought' she tried to explain, without makeing me angry i didnt work i looked up at her with the worst death stare, 'your saying we have to move countries Aren't you' i was yelling at her now.

'im sorry but its the right thing to do, for you and Liz' i looked up the stairs i knew there was no point in arguing i sighed.

'so where are we moving too' i asked trying not to sound so angry, 'London, its furthest enough not to be in conflick with the war, but not to far to miss home' she had an expression on her face like she was waiting for me to yell, i didnt instead i gave her a hug

'everything will be, i will pack liz's clothes in the morning' i looked at her i could she was holding back tears, she missed him, we all did.  

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