a Twisted Battle

An 18 year old girl Natalie Lockheart and her 7year old sister Liz lockheart are devastated to know that they will be moving to London when and unexpecting phone call comes to say a war has started near where they live, there father leaves with the hope that he will return, now Natalie has to survive the loss of her father and the love she is gaining for someone.
(OneDirection movella)


8. Bad News prt. 1

The following morning i wake up feeling relaxed and cheerful, only to realise what happend last night. i kissed him, i kissed Liam, i couldn't help but smile, was i falling for him NO, i need to stay strong for Liz's sake.

i jump out of bed to take a shower, i walk out to see Liz she was smiling at me 'what are you smiling at' i giggled 'well if you have to know, YOU KISSED LIAM' she shouted 'shhh, mum will hear' i whispered 'oh sorry' she looked down.                                                                                                                                'hey how about you go get dressed and we go out for some ice cream' she looked up 'yes' she ran off to her room.

i was waiting down stairs, when mum walked in the door 'hey' she walked over to me, i hadn't talked to her in  days. 'what are you doing' she asked 'im waiting for Liz' i didnt even look at her but i knew she was frowning  'where are you two going' i looked up to see her almost tearing up 'whats wrong now' i sighed        'nothing you girls just have fun' i stared at her while she left the roommy thoughts where interupted be Liz 'are we going yet' she moaned 'uhm y..yes yeah lets go'i held Liz's hand and we left.

i wonder what that was about yeah mum cried but not outta the bloom and deffintaly not infront of me or anyone really. as we got to the ice cream shop we walked in to see Niall and Zayn arguing.  'hey whats going on here' i put my arms inbetween them 'well Niall thinks that he can have the last donut' Zayn screams 'its my donut and im hungry' Niall shouts back. i stood there untill i burst out with laughter 'what is so funny' Niall and Zayn glared at me, i couldn't answer it was so funny, i finally found my voice, 'oh uhm nothing' i bite my bottom lip to stop myself from laughing 'oh really' Zayn grabs my arm 'tell us' i looked over at Niall who had 'please tell me' look in his eye 'well ok, i was laughing at the fact you two are aguruing over a donut when the donut king is just across the street' i pointed towards a large buliding which had a sign sayning *Donut King* i looked back them they where now blushing.

'well we didnt want to go over there' Zayn hesitated and Liz bursted out laughing, now there faces where full of embarassment, i giggeld to how cute they looked.

After about 2 hours (coz the rest of the evening wasnt interesting) we got home and i had seen mum crying at the kitchen table i told Liz to go to her room..

'mum whats wrong' i sat on the chair besides her 'well darling this is going to be hard for me to say but uhm' she bursted with another load of tears i pulled my arm around her she finally found her voice 'Liz has a diferent father to you' she bursted out, 'mum i know you told me this when she was born' she looked up at me confused 'i..i..i did' she had stopped crying. 'yes right after she was born you told me that Liz had a different father' i pulled my arm off her she bursted out crying again, this is why i had to take care of Liz coz mum was so paranoid but there was something up this time.

'he is back her father he got out of prison' she slapped her mouth with her hand tears falling from her eyes.

'wait what' i didnt know what she was talking about prison what prison...

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