a Twisted Battle

An 18 year old girl Natalie Lockheart and her 7year old sister Liz lockheart are devastated to know that they will be moving to London when and unexpecting phone call comes to say a war has started near where they live, there father leaves with the hope that he will return, now Natalie has to survive the loss of her father and the love she is gaining for someone.
(OneDirection movella)


5. A new home

we arrived at a house that seemed huge, it was two storys high, it was white with a brown roof, as i walked in i saw a family room to the right there was kitchen/dining room and on the left there was the a huge lounge room there where two stair ways on either side of the family room, they joined up at the top, i walked up the stairs with Liz, i saw a long hall there where four doors two on one side and two on the other i walk down the hall and go through one of the doors on the right as i walked in i saw a room that seemed massive there was a queen sized bed and a window behind it giving me a wonderful view,.

Liz's P.O.V

after seeing Nat's roo. i couldn't wait to see mine, i walk into the room next to hers  and it looked the same i was amazed the only difference was that i had a single bed instead, but how could i complain i loved this house.

Nat's P.O.V

i looked at the time it was only 12.36 in the afternoon so i decided to take Liz out for some shopping.

we went to the closest mall, i just got my drivers licence so we didnt take a taxi,we walked into the mall, 'what do you want to buy first' i looked down at Liz 'uhm could we buy some video games' i looked at her thinking why would she want to play video games she is 7, but then i remembered how much time dad and us would play.

'sure' i lead the way to a video game store.

we where looking at games when i heard Liz scream i ran so fast like there was no tomorrow when i got to her she looked so shocked.

'Liz what is, are you ok" she nodded then picked up a game 'Black Opts is on sale OMG' i laughed than stopped and looked at her i snatched the game out of her hands.

'OMG we are so buying this" i sqealed

'dad played with us remember' she stood there rocking back and forth.

'i know come on lets find some other stuff' i kissed her on the forehead, and stood up to go search for some other games.

we where looking around to find more games when i spotted someone my face fell it was the boys rom the airport, i tried to hide my face but Louis and Niall saw me they walked over leaving the rest of the guys,

'hey Natalie, what are you doing here' Louis asked.

Niall looked like he had never seen a girl in a video game store before.

'well if you dont mind im trying to spend time with my sister' i scolded them  'look we are really sorry about what happened at the airport, how come you give us a chance' niall asked looking very glim,

i didnt have time for this, 'well how come you wont leave me ALONE' i yelled at them and stormed off.

Liz's P.O.V

'sorry she can be like that sometimes, but shes really nice shes just over protective and likes to stay closer to her family' i say as i skip off waving them goodbye.

Louis's P.O.V

'you know shes really starting to hurt my feelings, i dont get it she so nice on the plane' Louis grumbled, 'i think we should give her another chance, like Liz said shes just over protected and likes to stay close to her family'  Niall protested i nod..



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