a Twisted Battle

An 18 year old girl Natalie Lockheart and her 7year old sister Liz lockheart are devastated to know that they will be moving to London when and unexpecting phone call comes to say a war has started near where they live, there father leaves with the hope that he will return, now Natalie has to survive the loss of her father and the love she is gaining for someone.
(OneDirection movella)


1. Why



Why does he have to leave WHY, i sat at the end of my bed trying to hold back the tears, my father was about to leave for war, i was scared my heart was racing, i couldnt believe i might never see him again.

I heard him and my mum talking on the lounge. i snuck down the stairs and look around the corner,  'i cant do it anymore james, its to hard i can look after Liz its just Natalie shes so difficult'  she says looking at my father with her eyes. i gasp i couldnt belive my own mother said that, but i knew it was true.

'Shes easy, i know you can do this trust me' i saw how understanding how easily it was to trust him, the last thing he said to me was 'never forget there is always hope, even if the road in front looks tough' and i would never forget what he said.

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