“Kiss me,” He growled, fingers curling around my arms tighter, “Like you mean it.”
I shook my head and forced my eyes closed, feeling his gaze still fixated on my face. His hand ran up my arm, constricting around the upper half. His hold became even stronger than before and I felt claustrophobic, my breathing becoming erratic. I was unable to move at all and I had never loved the feeling.
He lips met mine once more and they moved roughly, forcefully. I refused to kiss him however. I instead stood still, refraining from reacting when his hand slid up to cup my breast. He slowly kneaded it with his palm, pulling back after minutes of this action being repeated.
He proudly wore a smug smirk as he took in my figure once more. I cowered under his stare, my eyes once again meeting with his.
“I’m Harry by the way.” He said as his drew his lip between his teeth, letting it go before pushing his bangs back from his face, “And I always get what I want.”


2. chapter two


I pushed the door open by resting my hands on the glass panels. The bell rang softly, alerting others of my presence. My co-worker, Ashley, smiled at me before tightening her pony tail and serving a customer at the till. I inhaled deeply, taking in the smell of coffee that I had grown to adore. It was one of the reasons I even worked in the quaint café that was so quietly adorable. The walls were a beautiful crystal blue and we’d taken a day to paint a tree on the wall, its branches travelling over the room. A birdcage hung from the roof close to the front of the shop, containing nothing inside - but the manager commented that he liked it, saying it matched the décor.

We had brought Effy in to design the shop when Ashley and our manager had heard about Effy’s skills as an interior designer and we had already noticed more customers would stream in once she had ‘spruced’ the place up as she said.

I placed my handbag down in the backroom, adjusting my hair into a high pony tail, letting curls fall out and frame my face as I fixed my top and sighed. I enjoyed work and the people who worked alongside me, but it was starting to become boring. Every day was the same, the same customers, the same orders.

I joined Ashley at the till, our conversation remaining casual until she looked up at my face, an expression of shock plastering across hers.

“Shit.” She cursed, “You look really tired Nikki.”

I fell quiet, simply nodding before walking over to a table that had called for someone to take their order.

The past night was filled with uncomfortable dreams of Harry’s wandering eyes, his uncontrollable hands; nightmares that jolted me awake and left me with damp cheeks and tear stained pillows.

“Are you even listening to me?”

I looked down at the customer, swallowing back the lump that had slowly formed in my throat. She demanded her order at me again and I disappeared behind the counter, taking what she wanted from the display and serving it back to her with a coffee alongside. I returned to behind the counter, Ashley’s hand resting on my shoulder. The gesture caused me to jump, reminding me of the previous night.

“Nikki… I think you need to go home.”

I quickly shook my head and carried on with serving customers, my thoughts occasionally going back to the curly haired boy who had left his burning touch on my skin, the spots where he held me still tingling.


The bell rang from the door, startling me and breaking the silence I was engulfed in moments before. I looked up from the till to observe the customer I was surely about to serve; breath hitching in my throat as he ran his fingers through his tousled hair.

Harry caught my gaze, grinning and walking up to the till, ordering a coffee. I felt his eyes burning into my back as I made the hot drink for him. I knew he was following my every move closely and studying exactly how I worked. I wondered if this was a coincidence but the possibility of it being so was unlikely.

Soon enough I dragged myself back to him with an intense amount of courage before handing him the coffee. I was thankful when he had placed the order, mentioning that it was take-away. It calmed me knowing he wouldn’t be in here long.

I punched in the numbers on the cash register before quietly stating the price of his purchase. He proceeded to take a napkin and pull a pen from the counter, scribbling down something. He reached into his pocket and found the amount of money he owed before placing it on top of the napkin and pushing the bundle towards me. As he turned he began to hum, walking towards the café’s door and soon disappearing from my sight. I looked down at the numbers he had written, the phone number followed by his name.


The air was crisper as I walked down the street, earphones securely in my ears. I adjusted my beanie on top of my loose curls that cascaded over my shoulders and past my chest, the dark colours contrasting against my deep red scarf. I sighed out gently as the music filled my ears and muted the sound of footsteps behind me.

I jumped as hands forcefully pushed me against the half brick wall I had been beside moments ago. I felt like this was becoming a common greeting from the boy who pinned my arms down painfully. Harry.

“Why haven’t you text me?”

I frowned in disbelief. It had been an hour and Harry was already frustrated enough with my lack of contact that he had pressed my body forcefully against a wall. I let out a frustrated sigh before wriggling my arm from his grip and taking out my headphones. He opened his mouth to repeat himself but I stopped him as I spoke.

“I was working.” I stated, my voice blunter than I had expected.

Harry was slightly shocked at my sudden change in attitude. It made me think about how he had previously seen me as fearful and almost child-like in the way I couldn’t stand up for myself. I couldn’t deny that this sudden change made me feel like I finally had some control over this messed up situation.

“You could have called once you finished work. I could have picked you up.”

I scoffed, pushing him away from me, cursing at him to leave me alone before turning around and walking away. I wasn’t really shocked when he grabbed my arm again and turned me to face him, his eyes a deeper colour of green than before.

“I don’t even know you Harry. I’m not going to fucking call you.”

I was honestly fed up with his constant following around and rough interaction. I hoped he wouldn’t yell and instead would understand what he was doing wrong but unfortunately, he didn’t. Instead I was pressed up against a fence, his eyes meeting mine.

“I’m walking you home.” He continued as if I hadn’t said anything, “I’ll make sure you get home safely.”

What was with this boy? One minute he could easily be about to murder me and the next he was protecting me from a problem that didn’t even exist, nor impose any danger. I rolled my eyes and thought about what he wanted before agreeing half heartedly. He took my hand as a smile spread across his lips, lacing our fingers together before walking with me.


I took out my keys and slid them into the door of mine and Effy’s apartment, about to unlock the apartment when Harry pulled me back, forcing me to leave the keys in the lock. I watched as his eyes travelled from my orbs to my lips. Once again he took his bottom lip between his teeth and almost sucked at the pink flesh before letting it fall back to its original position.

I knew what he wanted but I wasn’t going to drop him any hints. In fact, I didn’t even want to look at him. I knew that any sort of conversation or even a slight movement of my lips could cause him to kiss me. It wasn’t something I was in the mood for so I tried to turn away, restricted by large hands resting on my sides. His fingers hooked in the belt loops of my jeans as he tugged me forwards. Our chest pressed together and he lowered his head, resting his forehead on mine.

His curls tickled my skin as he slowly moved his lips to my own, my skin tingling as Harry’s warm breath made contact on the way down. The soft flesh pressed against my lips and I found my hands moving, slowly running my fingers through the hair at the nape of his neck. I wrapped my index finger around one of his curls as my lips began to slightly move with his.

His arms held me and for the first time in his presence I felt safe from his touch. My stomach knotted as the kiss continued and his tongue gently ran across my bottom lip. I whimpered at the loss of touch as he withdrew from me, smirking.

“Remember,” His voice came out as a raspy whisper, “I always get what I want.”

With that he walked away, leaving me alone to process my thoughts. A part of me wanted to run after him but a bigger voice told me that would be wrong. I was disappointed in myself for letting him have what he wanted, but a little voice inside me reassured me he would leave me alone.

Harry said he gets what he wants and I was finding it hard to process that what he wanted was me. Whether I liked it or not, I knew he would find a way to get me.


I placed my keys on the kitchen counter after another long day at work, the apartment unusually silent. I called out for Effy and got no response which worried me. If she wasn’t going to be home she would have let me know beforehand. I felt my heart sink as I saw the bathroom light seep out from under the door.

“Eff… please answer me.”

I slowly walked to the bathroom, my trembling hand reaching out for the door handle. I slowly pushed the door open as my eyes landed on the girl who sat in the shower. I gasped as I noticed her mascara blackening her cheeks, nose red from crying as her arms held her knees against her chest.

“Effy.” I whispered painfully.

I fell to my knees beside the shower, rubbing her shoulder and pulling her close to my side, waiting for her to speak. However, no words seemed to fill the gut wrenching silence.

Seeing her so upset hurt me more than I thought it could have. I’d known her for forever and it worried me deeply that she wouldn’t tell me what was wrong. I lifted her from the shower and took her soaking clothes off, changing her into more comfortable attire before leading her to her room and helping her into bed. I found myself lying beside her as she cried into my shoulder and between sobs tried to explain that this boy she had met at the New Years Eve party was just using her for his own ‘pleasure’ before dumping her out the door.

I tucked her in once she had crashed, soft snores escaping between whimpers. I left quietly to prevent her from waking up before making my way to the kitchen and making myself a well deserved cup of tea.


I grabbed my bag, sipping on the last of my coffee before letting Effy know I’d be home late tonight, working a late shift. As I was about to leave she quickly kneeled on the couch, facing me and resting her hands on the back rest.

“There’s a birthday party tonight, one of my friends. It’s at a really great club. Can you come with? I got plus one-d!”

I thought over it for a minute before shrugging and agreeing to go, closing the door as I rushed down to exit of our apartment building in hopes of being able to get to work on time.

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