“Kiss me,” He growled, fingers curling around my arms tighter, “Like you mean it.”
I shook my head and forced my eyes closed, feeling his gaze still fixated on my face. His hand ran up my arm, constricting around the upper half. His hold became even stronger than before and I felt claustrophobic, my breathing becoming erratic. I was unable to move at all and I had never loved the feeling.
He lips met mine once more and they moved roughly, forcefully. I refused to kiss him however. I instead stood still, refraining from reacting when his hand slid up to cup my breast. He slowly kneaded it with his palm, pulling back after minutes of this action being repeated.
He proudly wore a smug smirk as he took in my figure once more. I cowered under his stare, my eyes once again meeting with his.
“I’m Harry by the way.” He said as his drew his lip between his teeth, letting it go before pushing his bangs back from his face, “And I always get what I want.”


3. chapter three


I adjusted my dress as our heels clicked along the pavement, laughing with Effy. I’ll admit we were a little tipsy. Pre-drinks were her idea though, but I wasn’t one to disagree. We passed through the bouncer once he confirmed Effy was on the list and she quickly dragged me inside. I grinned as I felt the bass once more pumping through me, pounding the walls and making me feel a million times more alive.

This party was different to the one on New Years; I seemed to be enjoying this one a lot more. I was immediately pulled to the bar by Effy and we called over the male bartender, ordering drinks before I felt hands rest on my shoulder. I shivered, quickly turning to see who this was, praying it wasn’t Harry.

I was faced with a blonde boy, his eyes sparkling blue. He immediately smiled and used a cheesy pick up line that made me laugh a little harder than I expected. I stumbled and he caught me, our bodies soon pressed close together as he held me close, his hand on my lower back.

I could practically hear Effy’s happiness as she stood at the bar watching me interact with this boy who called himself James. His voice and smell was enticing, his eyes enchanting as his large hands took a hold of my smaller ones. He carefully led me to the dance floor and brought me into his arms as we danced to the music.

I hadn’t been touched so carefully since Harry had been around and my heart swelled every time he hesitated and slowed his movements. It was almost like he knew what Harry had done to me as his fingers laced carefully with mine, holding my hips with his free hand. And as he held me I felt myself finally relax and suddenly it felt like Harry never even existed and never made a difference.

His forehead rested against the top of my head and I closed my eyes. I began to believe that James and I were the only two in the whole club. Something about it felt right, absolutely meant to be.

His breath slowly hit my face as he exhaled, moving down to make our lips meet. I smiled lightly against the soft skin, surprised at how full his lips were. My tongue begged for access as it ran over his bottom lip making his lips part slightly, giving me enough room.

I snapped my eyes open as his lips were quickly ripped away. I gasped loudly as I took in the scene before me.; hands pulled at shirts, profanities being screamed as their faces inched closer.


He averted his gaze to look at me as my words fell from my mouth. I pleaded with my eyes for him to let go. I’m sure I looked like a lost child begging for her mother’s aid since Harry’s face washed away the anger and his eyes softened. I noticed his fists were tightly gripping James’ shirt, his knuckles white.

“Let him go.” I whispered calmly, ignoring the many eyes that now rested on the scene we had caused.

James smirked, saying something I didn’t catch before Harry’s fist met his jaw. I cried out for him to stop before hastily making my way over to the curly-haired boy. As he drew his fist back again I clamped my hand around his.

“Enough.” I managed quietly, “Please stop.”

His fingers fell from James’ shirt and he stepped back, wiping the blood from his hand. I quickly turned my back on him and focused on James who clutched his face in pain. His fingers were pried from his face as I took in his injuries, focusing on the blood.

“Come on.” I said softly, lacing his fingers with mine and glaring at Harry as we walked away.


The white towel was stained red as I finished cleaning up James’ face, apologising every time a strained whimper fell from his lips. We sat on the floor in the bathroom as I tended to his cuts and bruises. I was thankful he hadn’t broken his nose; instead, Harry’s ring caught on the skin and tore it open.

It looked unbelievably painful, I couldn’t deny that, but I found James’ was putting on his best brave face. I assumed it was to impress me which made my cheeks slowly turn pink.

“Who is he?” James’ voice came as a raspy whisper which I strained to hear.

I sighed quietly as I rinsed the towel in the sink and stared at myself in the mirror. It was strange; I didn’t know who Harry was at all. His name and forceful nature was the only thing familiar to me. That and his emerald eyes and smug smirk he always seemed to wear.

“A guy.” I said calmly.

James let out a low chuckle as he hoisted himself from the ground. He thanked me for saving him before things got out of hand and I simply smiled. However, guilt had set in. James was an innocent guy who had never even heard of Harry and all he wanted was a dance with a girl. Me. And he ended up as Harry’s punching bag.

I knew it wasn’t entirely my fault. It was Harry’s. I wondered once more if his appearance at the party was a coincidence of if he somehow had tabs on me.

The bathroom door swung open, Effy running in and pulling me into her arms. Her breathing was erratic as she begged to know what happened and checked my face for any signs of cuts.

“I’ll leave you two to it.” James said with a smile before leaving us alone.

I convinced Effy I was okay before she told me that she was leaving so she could be awake for work the next morning. I simply smiled and let her leave, refusing her offer of taking me home. I knew I needed to talk to Harry. Or yell at him – most likely the latter.

As I pushed the bathroom door open a hand grabbed my wrist. I whimpered and closed my eyes. I knew who it was and I realised now that he was in front of me I wouldn’t be so tough.

“Nikita what’s wrong?”

I cracked my eyes open and saw James’ eyes searching my face. I let out a sigh of relief before wrapping my arms around him and nuzzling into his chest. A sense of safety sunk in as his large hands held the back of my head and his low voice comforted me.

“You’re alright. Here, I’m gonna go get my car and drive you home alright? Come out in a minute.”

I nodded and let go of him as he turned and made his way towards the exit, disappearing from my view. I waited as long as I could before my legs carried me from the club out of fear. I found myself glancing over my shoulder continuously to make sure Harry wasn’t following nor watching me.

I exited the club with my head bowed down. In a way I believed that if I couldn’t see him, he wouldn’t recognize me but that was a dull theory. He always found me even when I was hiding specifically from him.

Suddenly my body jolted as I bumped into something solid, the force sending me to the ground. I spluttered; the air knocked from my lungs and a shooting pain travelling from the back of my head and through my back.

Large hands scooped me up before they placed me back on my own two feet, deep green eyes focusing on my face. Harry.

The strong stench of alcohol from his breath filled my nose and I scrunched my face up in disgust before pushing his broad chest. I expected him to stumble back but his large hands locked around my forearms and held me still.

“Harry.” I warned, trembling, “Let me go.”

He shook his head and for the first time I could see the hurt in his eyes, even though the anger was beginning to overpower it.

“Harry?” I whispered as fear began to take over.

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