“Kiss me,” He growled, fingers curling around my arms tighter, “Like you mean it.”
I shook my head and forced my eyes closed, feeling his gaze still fixated on my face. His hand ran up my arm, constricting around the upper half. His hold became even stronger than before and I felt claustrophobic, my breathing becoming erratic. I was unable to move at all and I had never loved the feeling.
He lips met mine once more and they moved roughly, forcefully. I refused to kiss him however. I instead stood still, refraining from reacting when his hand slid up to cup my breast. He slowly kneaded it with his palm, pulling back after minutes of this action being repeated.
He proudly wore a smug smirk as he took in my figure once more. I cowered under his stare, my eyes once again meeting with his.
“I’m Harry by the way.” He said as his drew his lip between his teeth, letting it go before pushing his bangs back from his face, “And I always get what I want.”


4. chapter four


His grip tightened on my arms and I let out a small yelp, looking around in search of James. My attempts to find any sort of rescue were met with an empty parking lot and no sign of people. I knew screaming for help wouldn’t do me any use, music pounding so loudly from the club that even lyrics were distinguishable from outside.

Suddenly I was yanked towards Harry and dragged to his car. I stumbled over my feet as he roughly shoved me against the metal. My eyes closed as I sucked in a sharp breath, awaiting some sort of physical contact from him.

But it never came.

“Why him?” He growled, spitting his words at me, “You can choose him but not me?”

I stayed silent as I opened my eyes. My blue orbs met with his green ones and I searched for some sort of emotion but he was entirely angry.

The palm of his hand slammed against the car to the left of my head, making me jump.

“Nikita answer me!”

I turned away from him and averted my gaze to the ground. I could feel every emotion I had been feeling lately come to the surface and tears brimmed in my eyes.

His long fingers slid under my chin as he turned my face up to look at him. I whimpered as hot tears rolled down my cheeks but Harry took no notice.

“Tell me right fucking now!” He screamed.

I flinched before pushing him away and shaking my head, turning to walk away. I once again was pulled back into his grip by my wrist.

“I’m taking you home.”

I stared at him in disgust and furrowed my brow.

“No you’re not.”

I couldn’t let him take me home. Being alone with Harry scared me beyond belief and he was completely mortal. I knew he wouldn’t be able to drive but his eyes once again met with mine and the anger in them made me cower.

“Get in the car.”

I didn’t hesitate before opening the passenger door and climbing in. He slammed the door shut and I sighed in annoyance, staring out the window. His eyes focused on my body as he walked towards the driver’s side and opened the door.

“I won’t run away.” I said bluntly, “You’d catch me and kill me anyway.”

For a moment a silence fell. I could hear Harry’s slight breathing as he thought over what I had just said.

“I wouldn’t kill you.” He mumbled before starting the car.

We rode in silence for a while as we drove through dark streets. I often found myself watching him and studying his face and emotions. Although he was intimidating and he made me frightened of being alone, he was extremely mysterious and that drew me to him. I wanted to find out more.

As I watched him I noticed that he occasionally tensed his jaw or rubbed the stubble on his face. He relentlessly pressed his lips together, making them paler than usual. His eyes were mesmerising, the green a darker shade than usual.

His gaze landed on me as we stopped at a set of traffic lights. He knew I’d been watching him.

“Do you really think I’d hurt you?”

I didn’t know what to say. I could tell that if I told him the truth he’d become angered again or I’d hurt him more than I’d ever want to. I could tell by the slight pain in his voice that the thought of me believing he was capable of really hurting me upset him. I wasn’t fond of Harry but I couldn’t bring myself to hurt him emotionally, not like that.

“No.” I said quietly, looking down.

His fingers tapped at the steering wheel as another silence filled the car. He thought for a while before talking again, laughing weakly as he spoke.

“Are you telling the truth?”

I looked up at him and met his gaze, inhaling sharply.


Once again we were plunged into a silence that made me uncomfortable. For a while I wondered how I got myself into the current situation.

I knew I was nothing special and it was hard to wrap my head around why suddenly I had two guys to deal with, one being more of a problem than the other.


The tyres of Harry’s car rolled over the gravel at the apartment block. He opened his car door and walked over to my side, opening the door for me. I stopped myself before saying I was capable of it on my own, telling myself I definitely shouldn’t stir anymore trouble.

I unlocked the apartment door with Harry’s breath on the back of my neck. I watched as his large hands slowly trailed up my arm and his fingers laced with mine. He gently turned me and pulled me from the door, letting my back rest against the wall.

My cheeks began to feel warmer and I looked down, avoiding his stare. His feet shuffled a little closer and his body was soon pressed up against mine but I kept my head down, my hair falling and covering my face.

“Look at me.” He whispered gently, lifting my chin up slowly, “I want to see your eyes.”

His fingers brushed my hair behind my ear and I caught his eyes before slowly trailing my vision to his lips. They seemed fuller and pinker now, from I assumed drinking. I doubted that he’d kissed anyone else during the night.

I watched as he leant in, my gaze following his lips until my eyes fell closed and our lips met. I parted mine slightly as his hands found my waist, one snaking around to rest on my lower back. His tongue slid into my mouth cautiously and massaged against mine, making a small moan escape from his throat.

He sighed through his nose softly before his hand slipped from my waist, finding its way to the button on my jeans. I quickly slapped his hand away, breaking the kiss.

“Harry.” I warned quietly, pushing his shoulder back.

He used the back of his hand to wipe his mouth before I opened the apartment door and stepped inside, turning around to face him.

“Thanks for the ride home.” I managed before I shut the door in his face, quickly turning the lock.


I closed my eyes as the water poured over my body. My fingers rubbed at my eye lids, causing patterns and swirls to fill my vision. It felt good to be alone to my thoughts for a while as the shower heated my freezing body.

I lightly rested my hand on my waist where Harry had touched me before bringing my finger tips to my lips and sighing softly. I remembered each movement of his and the softness of his perfect mouth. I shook myself from my reverie and turned the taps off, stepping out of the shower and clutching the white towel, using it to dry my wet body.

I pulled on my underwear and bra before stepping into sweat pants, a jumper being pulled over my torso. I pulled my hair into a ponytail after drying it with my towel and letting the damp curls release water down the back of my neck.

I stared at the reflection in the mirror, a little shocked with what I saw. Dark bags resided under my eyes – most likely from the nightmares I’d been enduring – and a split through my bottom lip. I attempted to think of how I ended up with a cut lip but nothing seemed to come to mind. I turned my face and noticed a bruise on my jaw.

I figured it must’ve been whilst I was trying to break up Harry’s fight with James and I left the bathroom, deciding that I needed to get as much sleep as possible. I at least had one good thing going in my life, a day off work which meant a sleep in.

As I turned the bathroom light off I was faced with Effy, making me scream in fright. She clamped her hand over my mouth and scowled.

“Do you need to scream?”

I shook my head and she dropped her hand, frowning.

“Why are you so on edge lately?” She studied my face for a moment before her eyes adjusted to the lack of light, “How’d you get that?!”

My eyes closed and I flinched as she touched my split lip, the pain shooting through my mouth. I shrugged and turned away, walking to my bedroom without giving her any more chances to interrogate me.

My bed was a nice change to the busy day I had endured. I curled up, the duvet seeming fuller and cuddlier than usual. I held the mess of sheets and blanket around me tightly as I slowly faded off to sleep.


“Stop.” I called as Harry’s hands tightly held my thighs and rubbed circles below my crotch.

I whimpered loudly as his head dipped down and his wet lips found my skin. I tried to kick my legs but nothing seemed to really move. I was frozen as this beautiful monster began to have his way with me.

All I wanted was to get out and far away from him yet no matter how I tried I couldn’t move. I turned my head to see James standing at the door. His face was battered and bruised and I knew this was Harry’s doing.

Harry’s strength and aggressive side terrified me. I knew that he would eventually lose his temper with me and I’d become his next victim or violence as there was no way that I was agreeing to his sexual request or nomadic hands.

His eyes appeared from between my legs, the colour a sparkling jade before he dipped back down, his curls tickling at the bare skin as his hot breath fanned over my centre.


I jolted upright, panting and clutching my chest from the nightmare. Finger tips met my eyes and I rubbed hard, moisture building on the skin. I’d been crying.

I pushed the covers back and quickly checked the time on my mobile.

“Four…” I mumbled tiredly in disbelief.

My feet landed on the soft carpet as I got out of my bed. I quietly opened my door and padded down the hallway to the kitchen.

I sipped on my glass of water as I stared out the window that viewed over London. I’d always loved how big the city was and my favourite hobby consisted of watching the city go by from above. It was why Effy and I purchased the apartment in the first place. The view was incredible and we’d loved it even more once we spent our first night.

I placed the water beside me as I curled up on the couch and my eyes grew heavy once more, sleep taking over my body.


I found myself waking up late in the afternoon, pleased that I hadn’t come up with anymore nightmares that would scare me to tears and that no alarm broke my slumber. I stretched and walked up to my bedroom when I noticed my phone screen was illuminating the darkness. I pulled my curtains open before picking up my phone and scanning over the text message. I studied the number for a moment before it made sense.

I fished out the napkin from my bag, the number matching exactly. Harry.

Get ready and be outside in 10. xx

My teeth sunk into my bottom lip and I groaned loudly, frustrated. Why couldn’t he leave me alone?

Images of the horrendous dream I had the night before flashed through my mind and I wondered if I’d see that cheeky smirk any time soon from the same angle. Not that I intended to.

I brushed out the knots in my hair before putting on some makeup and pulling on some casual attire. I had no desire to dress up for Harry and make myself look appealing to him. In fact, I tried my best to not look enticing but I doubted he’d give up that easily.

My fingers looped around the strap of my handbag, my other hand clutching my keys as I walked down the stairs in the apartment building. Snow crunched underneath my feet and I smiled to myself. The day, Harry aside, was getting off to a good start.

Now I expected for it to go downhill.

I waited alone in the cold, shivering and adjusting my beanie to cover my freezing ears when arms wrapped around my waist, causing me to gasp and turn around quickly.

“It’s just me.” Harry chuckled.

I rolled my eyes and pushed his arms off of me.

“How’d you get my number?” I said sternly, my eyes narrowing.

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