“Kiss me,” He growled, fingers curling around my arms tighter, “Like you mean it.”
I shook my head and forced my eyes closed, feeling his gaze still fixated on my face. His hand ran up my arm, constricting around the upper half. His hold became even stronger than before and I felt claustrophobic, my breathing becoming erratic. I was unable to move at all and I had never loved the feeling.
He lips met mine once more and they moved roughly, forcefully. I refused to kiss him however. I instead stood still, refraining from reacting when his hand slid up to cup my breast. He slowly kneaded it with his palm, pulling back after minutes of this action being repeated.
He proudly wore a smug smirk as he took in my figure once more. I cowered under his stare, my eyes once again meeting with his.
“I’m Harry by the way.” He said as his drew his lip between his teeth, letting it go before pushing his bangs back from his face, “And I always get what I want.”


5. chapter five


Harry’s eyes looked down at his feet before he looked back up at me, a smile tugging on his lips.

“You promise you won’t get mad?” He teased, dimples creasing his cheeks.

“I can’t promise anything.”

He chuckled deeply and shook his curls with his hand.

“I stole your phone last night.”

My jaw dropped as my hands found his shirt, gripping the material.

“You what?!” I spat, “When?!”

He wore a smug smirk that made me want to slap him until it disappeared. He shrugged and pried my fingers away from his shirt. They fell back to my side before I folded them over my chest, demanding an answer. He raised his hands in defeat.

“You left your bag at the bar so I quickly got your number.”

I bit my lip to stop from yelling at him.

“You had no right.”

“I gave you my number.”


“It’s only fair I get yours back.”

I scoffed at his statement, turning away and walking back towards the apartments.

“Wait,” He called, defeat filling his voice, “I’m sorry Nikki.”

Nikki? Since when does he think he can call me Nikki?

“It’s Nikita to you.” I said as I turned to face him, inhaling sharply as I noticed he was closer than I thought.

He took a few steps towards me before lightly trailing his hands down my arms and entwining our fingers together. I seriously hated him.

I quickly pulled my hands from his grip and I shook my head.

“Don’t touch me.”

He sighed, clearly annoyed before shaking his curls out with his hand again.

“Can you at least come get lunch with me?”

I frowned and hooked my fingers around my handbag strap again. I figured he’d gotten the wrong idea from the kiss last night and I let out a deep breath that I didn’t notice I’d been holding in.

For a moment I was urged to agree and the words tumbled out of my mouth before I could stop myself.  A proud smile played on Harry’s lips before he grabbed my hand and lead me to his fancy sports car.

As he opened the car door his hands resided once more on my waist. He hoisted me up and lifted me into the seat before pulling my seatbelt over my chest, ignoring my protests. Once I was seated he shut the door and made his way over to his side. As he sat down I huffed.

“Do you need me to do your seatbelt?”

He glared at me slightly before a smirk curved his lips.

“Yes please.”

I scowled when I realised he thought this would be a fun game to play. If I had to put his seatbelt on I’d be required to lean over him and no doubt I’d end up touching parts I didn’t want to.

“No thanks.” I mumbled.

The faint click of his seatbelt let me know he had done it himself before his car rumbled as the keys turned in the ignition. He turned the radio on and hummed along to the music that softly came from the speakers.

I turned to stare out the window, regret filling me. I was unsure as to why I had wanted to agree and why I had agreed but I knew I couldn’t get out of it now. I looked over at Harry and noticed he wasn’t as tense as the previous night.

I turned back to the window when I felt a weight on my thigh, squeezing his fingers against my skin. I hastily pushed his hand away and gave him a daring look, shaking my head before fixating my gaze out the window once more.

A silence fell between us again and I turned to talk to Harry. His jaw was tense again, knuckles white on the steering wheel.

“Why don’t you let me touch you?”

My heart swelled slightly, gut wrenching at his words. I looked down slightly before meeting his eyes again.

“Because you have no right to touch me that way.”

He inhaled sharply as I fell quiet again and his eyes narrowed slightly. I folded my arms over my stomach.

“Why do you want to touch me?” I continued curiously.

He thought for a moment which surprised me. His tongue slowly licked over his bottom lip before he shrugged.

“I always get what I want.”

“I’m sick of you saying that.” I rolled my eyes and sighed, “What does that even mean?”

He chuckled deeply and turned the radio down a little, eyes focused intently on the road.

“I saw you. I wanted you. I went for you and you refused. No-one ever refuses me.”

Suddenly that made a little more sense. I looked down, playing with my fingers.

“So… you’re not gonna give up until you have me?”

He shook his head as we pulled into a car park and he shut his car off. He followed the usual routine of getting out of the car before opening the door for me. I reassured him I was able to do the simple task myself but he shrugged off my comment and took my hand. I pulled back slightly but he kept his fingers locked with mine and I realised I didn’t have much choice. I had to hold his hand.


I sat in the booth with Harry, his arm resting over my shoulders. I didn’t really want to say anything because I was avoiding any public scene causing. I’d done enough of that when Harry and James decided to fight.

I scanned over the menu and decided what I wanted as the waiter came over. I noticed her sudden change in posture and attitude when she neared our table.

After scribbling down our order she leant over and pushed her breasts together in Harry’s face, collecting the menus before standing up and biting her lip.

“Anything else I can get for you?” She smirked, staring straight at Harry.

I hoped that he would realise how much sexier she was and leave me alone. A big part of me wished it was James sitting with me and I knew how much more relaxed I would have felt if his presence graced mine instead of Harry’s.

My day dream ended when the woman mumbled something under her breath before walking away and leaving me alone with Harry again.

“You could have sat on the opposite side.” I grumbled, looking up at him.

He just laughed deeply before sipping at his glass of water.

We sat in silence for a while until our meals came and I began to eat. I decided now would be a better time than ever to learn some more about Harry; seeing as he’d be sticking around for a while.

I chewed on a chip and thought about what questions I should ask. I swallowed my mouthful before taking a sip of my drink.

“What’s your full name?”

Harry looked at me a little confused, hesitating before he answered.

“Harry Edward Styles, why?”

I shook my head and brushed it off with a ‘just wondering’. Harry just laughed before eating some more of his meal.

“How old are you?”

“21.” He said through a mouthful of food.

“Do you work?”



“At a club. I do publicity and hosting, things like that.”

I frowned and kept eating my meal, thinking of some more questions I should ask. Once I came up with a list I turned to face him slightly more, my meal only half eaten.

“Why were you at the party the other night?”

“Who, Mitch’s?”

I nodded, wiping the corner of my mouth.

“He’s my best mate.” Harry continued before reaching into his pocket and pulling out some money.

“Has this ever happened with another girl?”

That question made him freeze, his hands curling slightly around the money.

“Nope.” He said bluntly, taking my hand and helping me up, leading me towards the door. He handed the waiter the money before leading me out and walking straight past his car. I stared at him confused before looking back at the only transport we had.

As if he read my mind he looked down at me, telling me we were going to a park. His fingers tightly held mine and I nuzzled into his side, craving his warmth since my body lacked any sort of heat.

Harry noticed as I shivered against him and he slowed to a stop before turning me to face him.

“You cold?”

I nodded and rubbed my arms, pulling my beanie down again. He smiled before taking his jacket off and offering it to me. I shook my head, telling him I’d be fine but he insisted, resting it over my shoulders.

As he lead me through the snow he let me ask more questions, answering easily before allowing me to move on to my next query. I felt a little more comfortable knowing more personal things from him but I knew which questions pushed him a little too much. He handled it well to my surprise and eventually I finished.

“Anymore?” Harry said, laughing lightly.

I shook my head, looking down a little embarrassed. His fingers gently tilted my face up so he could see me. He studied my face for a while and brushed his thumb over my lips. I flinched, the split still tender.

“What’s that?” He whispered, wiping the lipstick off his thumb.

I realised my lipstick must have worn off enough for him to be able to see the purple cut, my breath hitching in my throat.

“I fell.”

He frowned slightly and decided to drop the topic, hesitating before taking my hand again and leading me through the park.

I felt my hair ruffle as my beanie was lifted from my head. I looked at Harry, my eyes diverting to the grey material in his hands.

“Hey!” I said playfully, “Give it back!”

He shook his head and poked his tongue out cheekily, taking a few steps back.

“Come get it.”

So I did. Chasing after him and screaming through my laughter before I finally caught up to him, taking it from his hands and fixing it back onto my head.

“That was mean.” I said quietly, playing around.

He simply chuckled deeply before his hands rested on my waist and he took my hand again, leading me back to his car.


I opened the apartment door and smiled as Harry stood before me with his hands deep in his pockets. His lips sunk into his teeth and for the first time it wasn’t in a seductive manner. He was simply trying to hide his smile.

My feet shuffled closer to him and I stood on my toes, my lips meeting the skin on his cheek.

“Today was fun. Thank you.” I said softly, running my fingers down his forearm before going inside and closing the door.

I turned to put my bag down when my face met Effy’s. I jumped and cursed, pushing her gently out of the way.

“Why’d you kiss him?” Effy started, “Actually… why the fuck did you go out with him in the first place?”

I frowned, putting my bag on the kitchen counter.

“Why do you care?”

She folded her arms over her chest and scoffed.

“I care because he’s dangerous, Nikki.”

“He’s not dangerous.”

Effy sighed and shook her head, leaving with a ‘whatever’ before slamming her bedroom door. I flinched as the loud thud echoed down the hall before walking to the bathroom and showering.


I sighed out heavily, waiting behind the till for a customer. Only a few were scattered around the café but all were tended to and they were still finishing their coffees. I hummed quietly under my breath and grabbed some paper towels. Might as well clean while I have nothing else to do. I busied myself with the counter tops and machines before throwing the mess in the bin and returning to the till. I looked up as a curly-haired boy stood before me.

“Hey Harry.” I smiled softly, placing my hands on the counter.

“Hi beautiful.” He whispered.

My stomach knotted up and I blushed, looking down as he chuckled deeply. He proceeded to order a coffee, watching as I made it before he took it and left.

I watched him walk away, smiling widely until a woman stepped into my vision.

“Can I help you?” I said gently, readying myself to punch in more numbers in the cash register.

She shook her head and looked around nervously, making my heart beat faster. I could have sworn she was about to rob the place.


“That boy you were just with… Harry…”

I nodded, urging her to continue.

“Please don’t get yourself involved with him.”

“Why not?” I whispered under my breath.

“I went out with him once.” Her fingers clutched onto the cupboard as sweat began to form on her forehead, “H-He hurt me.”

I gasped as the woman fell from my view and collapsed to the ground with a thud.

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