Us or Them

Niall has always been over protective of his sister, Lane. The two of them have a secret. But when Niall auditions for X-factor he leaves Lane by herself. With the help of their friends Hunter and Sammy(Samantha) with Lane get Niall back or with Niall be lost in the world of fame.


2. Mom

Lane's POV

It was werid enough to be human again, but to find Niall after all these seasons. It was amazing. Sammy and I had been runnung for about four seasons. Those humans did not give up easy. "Lane." Niall called from the top of the hill. "This is it." I look over at Sammy her green eyes flashing with joy. We hurry up the hill. There Niall stood next to Hunter. Hunter and I had been very close back in pup school but then the hunters came. Hunter got moved and Sammy and I had to fend for ourselves. Now I had found not only Hunter but my brother. His blue eyes were bright with happiness. "Mom will love you Lane." He said opening the door. "Mom." He called in. "We're back and we found others." A small blond woman popped her head in. "Other biys or other wolves?" She asked. "Wolves." Hunter said plopping down at the taable grabbing an apple. And." Niall said stealing the apple. "We found my sister." Niall's mom froze. "Your. Sister?" She asked slowly. "Yes." I said stepping forward. "He found me."

Niall's POV

See Lane and Mom just a few feet apart I could swear I was looking at a younger version of my mother. They were clearly related. Why did mom look so unhappy to see Lane. "You shouldn't be here." My mom said coldly. "And whys that Mother?" Lane spat at her. "You know why?" Mom growl quietly. I could tell that they were seconds from changeing. "Hunter we got to go now." I muttered. "Grab Lane." Sammy whispered to me. "If this goes much father she will change." I nod and grab Lane around the waist and pull. "Let's go Lane." I whisper in her ear. "Fine." She growled stepping back. I felt her muscles relax. "Everyone get out." I say glaring at my mom. Hunter nodded and gudies Lane and Sammy outside. As soon as the door closed I exploded. "What the hell mom." I shout. "You don't understand Niall." She cried. "I have my reasons." "What are they?" I growl. ""I can't tell you." She said looking down. "Then I can't stay here." I snarl getting up. "Niall." She cried. "No." I cut her off. "Good bye Mom." I open the door and leave. "Come on Hunter." I growl letting the wolf take over. "Get Lane and Sammy." He nodded. He rushed around the side of the house and returned with Lane and Sammy in wolf form. "We're leaving." I growl leading the way through the woods. "Why?" Lane yelped. I don't reply. "We're on our own now." Hunter growled from the back. Sammy nodded. "Well then." Lane said bounding over to my side. "My brother and I got a lot of catching up to do." I grin and let out a howl. The others pick it up. We were free and together. This pack would last. I know it.

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