Us or Them

Niall has always been over protective of his sister, Lane. The two of them have a secret. But when Niall auditions for X-factor he leaves Lane by herself. With the help of their friends Hunter and Sammy(Samantha) with Lane get Niall back or with Niall be lost in the world of fame.


1. Finding Lane

Niall's POV

"Follow me Hunter." I call leading the way across the field. "Niall." He called back. "Your going too fast." I look back to see his orange colored pelt just a smudge in the distance. I sigh and sit down. Hunter might be the best hunter hens his name but when it came to running he could take forever. A twig snapped behind me. I jump up snarling. "Who's there." I growl. "Who wants to know." A voice snarled back. "Niall." I call. "Niall Horan." "Horan?" The voice repeats. "How is that?" I pause why would they ask that? "It is." I mumble sitting back down. "Who are you?" "Lane." The voice said. "Lane Horan." A young silver wolf stepped out of the woods and approached me. "Hey Lane." I said. Her bright blue eyes glanced over me. "Hey." Hunter puffed. "Who's this?" "Hunter." I say. "Meet Lane." "Hey." Hunter barked. "Hunter?" Lane yelped happily. "Is that really you?" "It can't be." Hunter gasped. "How do you know each?" I asked puzzled. "Back in pup school." Hunter explained. "Lane?" A voice called. "Where are you?" "Over here Sammy." Lane called. A young she-wolf bounded into the field. "Sammy." Lane said sitting up. "Meet Niall and Hunter." "Hey." Sammy said sitting down clearly bored. "Hey." I said. "Is your last name Horan too?" "No." Sammy said. "It's Probe. Is yours Horan like Lane?" "Yes." I muttered. "Cool." Sammy said sniffing the air. "So your Lane's long lost brother?" "I guess so." I said. "Come on Lane." I said allowing my body to shift from wolf to human. "Lets go meet our mother." I turn around to see a small blond girl with the same bright blue eyes standing next to Hunter and a slim brown haired girl. "You look just like mom." I breath staring at Lane. "Thanks." She blushed. "It's nice to be human again." "Again?" I ask as we start to walk back to my house. "Yea." Sammy said. "Lane and I have been on the run for moons now." "Why?" Hunter asked shoving his dirty blond hair out of his face. "Hunters." Lane muttered staring at the ground. "Human hunters." "What do they have against wolves anyway?" I ask. "We may never know." Lane said. "It's hard enough to have a paw er- foot in both worlds." I look over at Lane. She was like a mini mom. Her blond hair the eyes her aditude. I bet if I got to know her she would have mom's sweetness too. I rush up to the door and open it. Welcome home Lane."

Author's Note

Sorry for the short chapter. It's pretty late here so i'm trying to get it posted. Hope you like it. 

First movella so please feedback


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