Nialls princess

18 year old Heather Mavary, just moved to California. Her best friend Maddie came down to visit her after her mother and father died in a car crash. When they go to the beach to try and get Heathers mind off things, they meet people they have always wanted to.


6. Truth or Dare

  We got back my house and we played truth or dare. "Heather, truth or dare?" Louis asked me. "Truth." I said. "Ok, what is the last biggest event that has happened to you." Louis asked. I looked at Maddie and she had a sad look on her face. "Well, um, four days ago, my mom and dad died in a plane crash." When I said it the room went silent and a tear streamed down my face. "Heather, I'm so sorry!" Louis said getting up and giving me a hug. He sat back down and I looked at Niall, he looked back at me and pulled me closer to him and hugged me. I could tell he was shocked and so was everyone else. Everyone gave me a hug and I stopped crying. It was late when we finished the game and I told everyone that if they wanted to stay, they could. Everyone ended up staying and we watched a movie. I fell asleep with my head on Nialls chest, and Maddie fell asleep on Harrys lap. As always, I woke up before everyone else so I started to make breakfast. I was in the middle of cutting up fruit when Niall wrapped his arms around my waist. It scared me and I jumped a little. Niall spun me around and kissed me. Niall helped me finish making breakfast and just in time, everyone started to wake up. We ate breakfast and I mentioned a fair that in town so we all agreed to go.

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