Nialls princess

18 year old Heather Mavary, just moved to California. Her best friend Maddie came down to visit her after her mother and father died in a car crash. When they go to the beach to try and get Heathers mind off things, they meet people they have always wanted to.


7. The Fair

    We arrived at the fair at 2:30.We all went different directions but Maddie and Harry came with Niall and I. Niall won me a cute purple puppy stuffed animal at one of the games. "Mommy! I want popcorn!" We all heard a little girl whine. "Honey, Mommy doesn't have anymore money." Niall looked at me with sad eyes. "Here." I said to Harry and Niall, giving them both ten dollars. We walked up to the girl and her mom. "Um, we heard she wants some popcorn?" Harry said with a half questioning tone. Niall held out the money. "We can buy it for her!" Niall said. Harry and Niall knelt down next to the girl. "What kind of popcorn?" Harry asked her. She smiled and said "Kettle corn!" Harry smiled and went to get the popcorn. Niall picked up the little girl and told her that Harry would be right back. I looked at Maddie and laughed because he was just so cute. Harry came back with the popcorn and handed it to the small girl in Nialls arms. "You guys didn't have to do that. But thank you." The mother said. "It's no big deal!" Maddie said to her. We finished talking to the woman and her daughter and Niall sadly put the girl back on the ground. Niall grabbed my hand and kissed me. "That was so sweet of you!" Niall said to me. "Yeah, it really was!" Harry blurted out. I looked over at Harry. Him and Maddie were holding hands. "Aww!!" I said in a high pitched voice. "What?" Niall asked. I pointed at Harry and Maddie. Niall laughed and held me tighter. Finally, at 8:00, we met up with everyone else and headed home.

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