Nialls princess

18 year old Heather Mavary, just moved to California. Her best friend Maddie came down to visit her after her mother and father died in a car crash. When they go to the beach to try and get Heathers mind off things, they meet people they have always wanted to.


11. please stay!

      The police left and Niall called the boys right away. Perrie and El came over with them. "Heather! Maddie!" Perrie and El yelled running to me and Maddie. They hugged us tight and asked if we were ok. "Yeah we're fine, just a little shook up." I said. Zayn say me and started running to me. Zayn was like an older brother to me ever since Niall and I met. "Heather!" Zayn said running running to me. He picked me up and hugged me. "Are you ok?!" he asked frantically. "Zayn! I'm alright!"I said squeezing my arms around him. Everybody hugged Niall, Maddie and I. "Do you guys think maybe, you could stay here for a little while?" I asked the boys. "Perrie and El can even stay if the want to." I added. "Of course love!" Liam said. "Thanks guys." I said cuddling up to Niall. He wrapped his arms around me and carried me up to my room. He laid me down on me down on my bed and he laid next to me. "You're safe with me." He pressed his soft lips against mine. I loved him so much. I pulled out of the kiss and burrowed my head into his strong arms. "I love you." Niall whispered into my ear just before I fell asleep in his arms.    

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