Nialls princess

18 year old Heather Mavary, just moved to California. Her best friend Maddie came down to visit her after her mother and father died in a car crash. When they go to the beach to try and get Heathers mind off things, they meet people they have always wanted to.


3. A surprise at the beach

We were in the water for about half an hour and were about to get out when I heard a voice behind me. "Excuse me love." The cute Irish voice asked. I turned around and there he was. Niall Horan. "Y-yes?" I asked sounding like a complete idiot. "I couldn't help but notice the scars on your leg." He said. I looked down and a year fell off my cheek and into the water. "Oh! I am so sorry, I didn't men to upset you. I just wanted to ask you something." "What?" I said looking into his deep blue eyes. "Please promise me you will never do it again." Niall took my hand and brought me out of the water. Maddie followed close behind, still in shock. He brought me to his and what I'm guessing were the other boys towels. He sat me and Maddie down and we talked for at least an hour before the boys came over. "Niall, who's this?" Louis asked nudging him. "This is Heather, and this is Maddie!" Niall said looking at us. The sun was setting and the boys asked if we wanted to go the the Pier with them. "Sure!" Maddie and I said at the same time. We got up and Niall swooped my up on to his back and carried me the whole way.
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