It Wont Be Like This For Long...

In this story, a girl, Kendal, and her best friend, Molly, meet One Direction whist at their concert in London. Kendal has always lived there. In Cheshire. Molly lives in America, but only because her parents made her move over there. -We used to pick on people like Americans, but now, Molly is sort of aone now... so we try our best not to. She's lived there so long, her accent is starting to fade away, slowly, but surely. Soon enough, she'll be a regular old Jolly Englander. We call America 'Jolly Ol' England'. It's just something we do here.-
Enjoy this story. It's about us, meeting One Direction and Zayn really starts to take a liking to Molly... and there are some problems along the way, but we all stay on the right track, and we get them where their hearts are. So, enjoy:)


19. Trying To Get Out of the... GHETTOS?? What?!

3 Weeks Later:

"Come on babe, it's been three weeks now. Do you want to go to a dance club tonight?" Louis asked me nervously, grabbing both of my hands from underneath my blankets in the hotel room. Odly enough, we were still here. We've been here almost a week longer than normally planned. I smiled lightly at Louis, and nodded. He lifted me up out of my bed, and hugged me. I leaned into the hug, and I felt his lips press against my neck. I felt him smile into the kiss, and I smiled back. "Thank you, love. I needed another date with you. I couldnt stand it any longer, being away from you, while you were hurt. I still feel like it was my fault." Louis said, looking like he was about to cry. I tucked his head into my neck, and hugged him tightly. He calmed down, and we both walked out of the hotel room. Molly and Zayn werent getting anymore serious, and I thought they were actually broken up, until I walked out on their major makeout session. Me and Louis both shielded our eyes, jokingly. They brought themselves apart, and smiled at us. I ran over and gave Zayn and Molly hugs. They hugged back. I glanced nervously at the clock, knowing it was somewhere during the night, and it was getting darker. I felt Louis' hand on my lower back, he rubbed his hands up and down my back. I looked over at him.

"We should leave around 10:00, the club opens in about 10 minutes." Louis said, "So, we have about 30 minutes to get ready. That all right, babe?" He asked me.

"Perfect." I smiled, and ran into my room, Louis followed me. "Help me find an outfit, Lou." I begged.

"Okay. Well, wear something that's not to warm, cause there will be too many people in there. I'm just going to wear a t-shirt and some jeans." Louis said, I knew he just wanted to see me in shorts. I rolled my eyes at him playfully and he helped me pick out a light green tanktop and some shorts. And then some regular flip-flops, black ones. The outfit was a little un-matched, but it was fine. I swatted Louis out of my room, so I could get dressed, he obeyed, and told me he'd wait right outside the door. I told him to go get dressed instead, and he listened. I quickly threw the clothes on, and admired myself in the mirror. I looked okay... but this outfit still needed something. I grabbed my makeup bag and took out lip-gloss and mascara. I put those on quickly and threw a beanie over my hair. I had curled it, taking forever. I was halfway through curling my hair, when there was a farmiliar knock at the door.

"Come in!" I yelled, and Molly stepped inside the door. She ran into the bathroom, knowing I wouldnt let anyone in if I was getting dressed. She smiled at me, and leaned against the door-frame.

"What?" I asked her. She only smiled a more mischevious grin.

"Oh nothing..." She said, her grin growing wider.

"What's so funny? Is my hair sticking up?! Fix it! Please!" I yelled to her. She held her hands out as if stopping someone from touching her.

"Not that, silly. I was thinking about how serious you and Louis are getting! It's almost been 3 months already." She squealed. I smiled at her, and laughed at her silliness. "And, now you're wearing his beanie? Wow, girl, did he say you could?" She asked me. I nodded, and continued to curl my long brown hair. It fell around my lower back, at an angle, and it was always so shiney, and there were red streaks in it. I'd always adored the colour red in my hair, and now it's finally perfect. Molly kept rambling on about some random things, and soon enough, another knock was at my door. I had almost finished my hair, looking really stupid with only 3 quarters of it curled, I yelled for the person to come in. Louis walked in and Molly winked, and left. I blushed at her forwardness. Louis walked over, and his gaze ran up and down my body, his eyes slitted.

"Hey babe." He said, grabbing ahold of my waist, "That outfit we picked out, looks amazing. What did Molly say?" He asked, and complimented me. His eyes were no longer slitted, adn they changed into a complete worried gaze. I looked deeply into his eyes, seeing compassion, and love for me. He stepped towards me, we were so close. I felt his breath against me, and it was hot and steamy. I wanted to kiss him so bad.... My thoughts were interrupted by Louis' lips crashing onto mine. They were soft and sweet, molding out lips together. I felt Louis smile into the kiss, which only made it better. We both pulled apart, and Louis cleared his throat anxiously.

"So, uh, whenever you're ready, come on into the living room. Okay, babe?" He asked, I could still feel the hotness of his lips on mine. I nodded.

"Wait. I'm almost done, why dont you just stand around and wait?" I said, he nodded, and leaned against the door frame, the way Molly did. He smiled at my reflection of me, and I smiled back at him. I finally finished curling my hair, and allowed Louis to grab my hand when I turned the curler off. He led me out of the bathroom, out of the whole room, and with all the other people there. I looked over at Molly, winking at me. I looked to Louis and blushed, because he'd noticed Molly. He lowered his gaze, his eyes slits again, as we walked out of the door and into the hallway.

Louis faced me, and had a questioning look on his face. "Why does Molly keep winking at us..?" He asked me, nervous for the answer.

"She keeps saying that we're getting serious... I shrugged her off, and now she definetly thinks it.. sorry Louis." I said, he just smiled and wrapped me in a hug.

"Dont be sorry. We are pretty serious, but nothing too drastic. And, maybe one day we will be that serious, and maybe we will get married. And start a family." He said, still hugging me. I smiled at the thought, and Louis put my arm in the fold of his elbow and we walked off. We walked down two dimly lit hallways, and there were people out of their rooms, just staring at us. The guys were checking me out, and I felt Louis squirm closer to me. I pushed into him a little more, and he replaced his hand from my elbow to possesively putting over my waist. All the guys scoffed, the girls cooed at us, and they all went back in.

"Louis?" I called out, desperately.

"I'm right here babe," He said, it felt like he was a million miles away from me.

"What was that?" I asked him, a little wimper in my voice as more people came out of their rooms. They stared again. Louis' arms were both draped around me, he was scared too. He didnt want anything to happen to me, and I hated thinking of something happening to him. He moved me to be in front of him, still pressed up against each other, I felt his breath going down my neck, which sent shivers down my spine. His hands were over my stomach, possesively telling people that I was his.

"I dont know, babe. But, I got you, dont worry." He finally answered.

"What are you two kids doin' here in 'dese ghettos?" I heard some guy speak. Ghettos? Those are those really beaten up places that those people that couldnt afford a nicer home went to live in. I thought we were in our hotel still, but I guess we went down the wrong hallway. Louis tightened his grip, he was nervous. I bit at my lip, holding back a childish wimper. I dont want anything to happen.

"We're just passing through, sorry to disturbe." I heard Louis say, which only seemed to make this guy madder.

"Hey there, princess, you's a long way from home here girl." I heard another say. I faced Louis, and he was almost in tears. Only then did I let out that childish wimper, the hallway seemed to go on forever, there was nothing that could stop them from beating us. How did we get in the ghettos? From a high-class hotel? This hotel must be somehow hooked up to them... I was really scared now, seeing as Louis was too. This meant business, rarely had Louis gotten scared, and if he did, the situation was horrible. I looked Louis in the eyes, and he just couldnt force a smile.

"You, buddy, yo, you get to leave alive. On one condition, here. You leave that girl of you's with us here. We'll treat her real nice." Another guy said, they all nodded in agreement. Louis clamped onto me with his whole mind, soul, and body. He didnt want to let me go.

"No! Dont take her! Just let us pass, this wont ever happen again! I swear, please!" Louis was actually crying now. I let some tears fall down my cheeks, and Louis wiped them, we looked deeply into each other's eyes. His were all red and watery from the tears that were still falling down his face. I'd only seen Louis cry twice in my whole life before. I knew this was bad.

"Naw, naw, dawg! Let these dudes pass, bro. They aint hurtin nobody here. Yet, let 'em go. Before I beat all you up." I heard a stong male voice say, I looked at Louis, and we both looked around. Our eyes widened on a coloured guy. He was huge. We had this guy to thank for our lives. I smiled at him, and he smiled back at me and Louis, motioning us in his direction, so we could walk out the right way this time. I got out of the door, but this big man stopped Louis, I grabbed onto his hands, but this guy didnt mean any harm, he just wanted to tell Louis something. He pointed his meaty finger in Louis' face, and told him some words. That we will follow.

"You aint comin' down 'ere again, bro, ya feel me? I'll beat yous within an inch of ya life. Now, scram, dude." The guy said, and he allowed Louis passage to get out. Louis' first consultant was me. He rushed over to me, and pressed me in a huge bear-hug. He was saying sweet, calming things to me. I smiled at him, and he picked me up and spun me around.

"No more going through there anymore, babe. We almost got killed. Are you okay?" Louis asked me, worry written all over his beautiful face.

"Yes, I'm fine. That guy saved us... we owe him so much." I said, Louis just nodding and pulling me into another tight hug. I just about collapsed into him, he caught me just in time. "I love you so much Louis!" I said. He pulled us apart. He leaned into me, and I leaned in to him. Our lips met, and Louis moaned from the kiss. This was the best, most butterfly getting, rollercoaster ride of a kiss of my life. We had enough electricity between us to power this whole hotel, or it seemed we did. We both pulled apart, breathless. He just stared into my eyes. I felt the electricity burning into my eyes, just from his look. He had his hands on my shoulders, just observing my eyes, making sure I was alright. I leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. He smiled.

"Now, I think we have a date tonight, to forget about that whole experience with. Shall we be going, my love?" Louis asked me, putting his arm on my waist, and we walked out of the hotel, the right way, this time.

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