It Wont Be Like This For Long...

In this story, a girl, Kendal, and her best friend, Molly, meet One Direction whist at their concert in London. Kendal has always lived there. In Cheshire. Molly lives in America, but only because her parents made her move over there. -We used to pick on people like Americans, but now, Molly is sort of aone now... so we try our best not to. She's lived there so long, her accent is starting to fade away, slowly, but surely. Soon enough, she'll be a regular old Jolly Englander. We call America 'Jolly Ol' England'. It's just something we do here.-
Enjoy this story. It's about us, meeting One Direction and Zayn really starts to take a liking to Molly... and there are some problems along the way, but we all stay on the right track, and we get them where their hearts are. So, enjoy:)


10. The Date

We walked from the living room and to the  front door. Louis and Zayn were both there when we answered, and they were both wearing jeans and some t-shirts. Good, we were all wearing regular everyday outfits. Louis smiled at me when we opened the door. He looked at my outfit.

"You look amazing!" He said, and looped his arm through mine, leading me outside.

"Thank you, you look good too!" I said, smiling at him. He had worn a beanie too. We laughed at that. I turned to Zayn and Molly, he helped her down the steps, complimented her look and we all walked to their car. Louis was driving so he helped me into the passangers' side, shut my door, and went to his side, while the others got in the back seats. Louis hopped in his car, and smiled at me. He started it up and backed out of the driveway. He shifted the gears and we drove off to the movies. We lived in the city, so it was a short drive. Along the way, we agreed to watch a comedy movie. We were going to see Ted. Louis turned to look at me, and smiled. He really does like me, doesnt he? I turned to him and smiled. He was turned back to the road. I looked back to Molly and smiled at her and Zayn, they looked good together. We drove into the movie-theature's parking lot, and parked the car. Louis came over and helped me out.

"Thank you, Louis." I say to him, smiling. He's such a gentleman! He grabbs my hand and leads me inside, followed by Molly and Zayn. We saw some other movie's that we could watch inside a little box, and we decided on a horror movie instead. Louis and Zayn seemed satisfied. We were now going to see "Paranormal Activity 4".  We got the tickets, which the boys payed for. I argued, but they insisted that they pay. We went into the movie theature, almost nobody was there. But, it was really early, and people were still coming. We chose the best seats, right in the middle, at the top, where we could see the movie the best. Molly and Zayn sat to my side, Molly next to me. Louis was next to me on the right side. The seats were like benches, you could move the armrests up, which was good, incase you needed to hold your love. I was excited about watching this movie. And that this was my first date with Louis. Still, I couldnt believe it! The movie was going to start in  2 minutes. We were all excited. I felt someone poke me in the shoulder. It was Molly, she looked scared.

"I hate scary movies, they scare me a lot." She whispered to me. I looked sympathetically at her.

"I dont like them much either, but, the boys are here, and I'm sure he'll hold you if you want him too." I whispered and smiled. She smiled back, and nodded. She still looked nervous, but she was going to be okay. The only way I'd really be worried about her is if this was in 3D. Then, I wouldnt let her watch it anymore. I turned to Louis, he leaned into me, and kissed my cheek. I smiled at him, and my face flushed, but the lights had already gone out, and he couldnt see. I hope. I smiled at him again, and he put his arm over my shoulders, and I leaned into him. He let out a sigh, a happy sigh, and settled down. The movie was beginning now. We started watching it, and about halfway through it, I got really scared. Louis must've felt me tense up a little, because he let me go, and looked me straight in the eyes.

"You okay?" He whispered. He looked worried.

"Yeah, this is just scary, that's all." I whispered lightly to him. He smiled slightly at me, and I smiled back. He pulled me into him, and I instantly felt better. He held me really close, and tightly. I felt safe, and totally unafraid. The movie still scared me to no limit, but Louis was there, and nothing bad was happening. The movie was about 10 minutes to being over, and Louis pulled me even closer, lifting the armrest, and pulling me almost on his lap. We were so close now. I smiled, I could feel his breath hot on my neck. He kissed the back of my neck, and we watched the rest of the movie like this. When the movie ended, the lights stayed off, and we got up, putting the armrest back down. I looked at Louis and smiled. He smiled back.

"Thank you, Louis. I enjoyed that movie." I said. He smiled at me. He put his hand on my back, and we walked outside the movie room. We were in the lobby now. He gently put my arm in the crook of his elbow, and led me outside, he was like a prince. Where my arm was, I could feel his muscle. It was huge, and tight. He must be really strong! He stopped suddenly, stopping me with him. We were by the car. He looked down at me, and smiled.

"I had a lot of fun, thanks for letting me take you out, love." He said. I smiled at him. He looked really happy. Then, all of the sudden, he pulled me closer to him. We were both leaning in to each other, and our lips met. A burst of sparks seemed to explode around us. I closed my eyes and wrapped my hands around his neck. He pulled me closer to him, holding my back. We kissed for what seemed like forever, before we separated. We were both breathless. We smiled at each other, and he helpled me inside the passanger side, shut my door, then went to get inside the drivers side. He opened the door and hopped inside. Molly and Zayn were already inside the car waiting for us. I wasnt sure if they were watching us or not. Louis started the car up, and drove off.

"Do you girls want to come hang out or something?" Louis asked me and Molly.

"Sure!" Molly said.

"Yeah, totally!" I said. I was happy he asked us. I didnt want today to end.

"But first," Louis started, "We have tickets to go watch a show." He said. I looked at him worredly.

"You didnt have to pay for more tickets or anything.." I said.

"It's fine. You're so worth it! I would spend all my money on you. No matter how much you try to stop me." He said, smiling. I smiled back at him, such a gentleman! I loved this. This was a perfect day.

"And after the show, we can go to a dance club and dance for a while. Sound okay?" Louis asked me and Molly.

"Yeah, sounds great!" I said, Molly just nodded happily. Louis turned into the packed paring lot of a huge building. It was London's OnCenter arena. I smiled. They held ice-skating shows here all the time.

"Okay, we're going to see Disney on Ice. I know, it sounds childish, but it's great, actually." Louis said, parking the car. I smiled.

"I've always wanted to see one of these shows. And I know Molly has too." I say, as Louis hops out of the car, and comes to my side, helping me out. Zayn and Molly both hop out, also. They're both excited. Louis puts my hand in the crook of his elbow again, and we start walking down the crowded city street. People pushed past us, and I almost lost my grip on Louis. He yelled at someone who almost knocked me over. If it hadnt been for Louis, I would've fallen over completely. The person flipped Louis off and continued walking. Zayn held onto Molly so she didnt get washed away in the big crowds. I was surprised fans hadnt clotted us yet. Louis turned to look at me, while we waited to cross the road, smiling at me. I smiled back. We crossed the road, and entered the OnCenter. It was huge and gorgeous inside. There were huge blue stone pillars holing the building up. We headed to the seating area, going past ticket checks as we went. Louis had handed us all tickets, so we didnt get kicked out. We opened the arena door, and walked inside. The arena was huge! There was the huge ice patch, surrounded by seats, and by the back of the ice patch, there was a huge castle built there. The Disney's castle. A Disney trademark. We waited almost an hour before someone led us to our front row seats. It was sort of chilly where we were, but it was amazing. We sat back, and watched the show in peaceful awe. The people on iceskates glided perfectly over the ice, enjoying their time, and smiling. I had rested my head on Louis' shoulder, which he didnt mind. We sat like that through the whole show, and once it ended, we walked outside. There were still 2 more hours before the dance club. I asked Louis if maybe we could all hang out at my house until the dance club opened. He asked me for directions, and if it was too far. It was only maybe 20 minutes from here. He suggested walking there. I supported his idea, and Zayn and Molly didnt care whether we walked or not.

My hand was in it's usual place, the bending point of Louis' elbow, while we walked down the flooded streets of London. We walked down my mum's street that we had to cross before getting to my house. I was nervous about passing there, because I had blown her off after the concert, but nobody was usually home around the day. They all had jobs. We all picked up the pace, almost to my house, and now freezing, we got there in less than 5 minutes. I wasnt cold, but Louis still insisted I take his jacket. I did, just to make him happy. He smiled at me, and I returned it.

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