It Wont Be Like This For Long...

In this story, a girl, Kendal, and her best friend, Molly, meet One Direction whist at their concert in London. Kendal has always lived there. In Cheshire. Molly lives in America, but only because her parents made her move over there. -We used to pick on people like Americans, but now, Molly is sort of aone now... so we try our best not to. She's lived there so long, her accent is starting to fade away, slowly, but surely. Soon enough, she'll be a regular old Jolly Englander. We call America 'Jolly Ol' England'. It's just something we do here.-
Enjoy this story. It's about us, meeting One Direction and Zayn really starts to take a liking to Molly... and there are some problems along the way, but we all stay on the right track, and we get them where their hearts are. So, enjoy:)


41. Store and Captives??...

Me and Louis were walking the streets now almost to the store, we planned on getting blankets, some foods, and some things we definetly needed. Supplies and all that. We planned on living in that house until we had our plans completely finished. We really cant have too big of a fire, so we'd need to get a fire cover. Let the smoke out in short breaks. Nobody can find out about where we're living. Which, is why me and Louis are on extreme watch when we go back into the woods, and we even enter the woods about a mile from where the house really is. There's no reason to get caught in the beginning of the chase. There was a nice store about another mile up the road. Yes, we were on the real sidewalk, not only the backs of houses. Only because it would be more suspicious and then there's more chance for people to see us if we're in their backyards and behind their buisnesses. 

"We're almost there." I hear Louis say, and I look up to see he's completely focused ahead of us.

"Okay, thank god. I dont think I can take the suspense anymore." I say, giggling.

"Will they catch us, wont they catch us? In a world where stupid teens and a 21 year old run away from murderes, will they escape or be killed by the freak in the woods who's watching them?" Louis says, in an announcers voice. I giggle.

"If we're going to keep coming out to this town, we need to get some things to cover up your look." He says, "And all the boys" He finishes. I nod, knowing exactly what he'd say. "Hair dye." He finishes. I stop in my tracks. I love to dye my hair, but I dont love when it's an unhealthy colour, or if the whole thing is dyed... I hope he wont make me dye my whole head.

"We only need to dye enough that they dont realise us?." I ask, and Louis looks towards the ground.

"Not sure. We'll need to find colour first." He says, and I nod. We continue until we reach the store, and I finally let out a sigh of relief. I finally made it. But, this is also the place almost everyone comes to buy their things too, including Paul. We just hoped we caught the store before Paul got there. We walked in the door, which made an odd screech noice. Then a bell went off, and the clerk came out.

"Hello!" She calls out, already too busy helping another customer.

"Hey," me and Louis both respond. And after that, it was pretty much a blur. We got blankets, toothbrushes, brushes, towels, other things we needed. Things that we needed, not snack foods or nothing, we got fire supplies. This place was as big as about two walmarts put together, and held everything you could guess at. We found healthy things, nothing to get us out of shape, we'll be needing to run often now. We wont stay in the log house forever, we'd need to move soon. Once we get this whole "wood watcher" thing figured out, I'm sure we're leaving. And, being with everybody in the group meant buisness and responsibility. Which means, me and Louis wont have very much more alone time. I need to keep a good head about this, remember this can only go on for a while before we get caught or something. First things first before we leave the store: hair dye, scissors and a hair kit. Which means, everyone will need enough of a haircut to make themselves look different. No more curls, Harry. We picked out quite a few hair colours and decided to leave well enough alone, we went to pay, before Paul did really show up. The clerk looked at us weirdly, but she didnt know the story. She was stocky, bulky, with beady green eyes and a pointed nose. She reminded me of a vulture with her posture, her voice was all old and scratchy like she'd been gurgling nails. Her hair was dip-dyed with pink ends. It wasnt a good look for an elderly lady. She could try to hide the grey roots, but they were still there. No matter what she did. Her voice reached my ears once again, and I froze, hearing the words I'd regretted hearing since we got away.

"Hey, you are the kids making the papers. That crazy cook Paul is it? Yeah, he's looking high and low for you guys. If this stuff is to run away with, the hair dye wont help. He told everyone you guys are the tricky ones. Everyone knows about it, there is quite a price over your heads. You're brave to come out in public. I bet friends and family would turn you in for the two million smacks they would get." She says. I gasp, and wait for her to continue scanning. 
"Y-you arent telling about us?" I hear it slip out of my own mouth. Maybe she'd not thought about it yet, there you go big-mouth.

"No, I know why you're running. Paul is a crazy man, I swear. He used to know my son, Parker, well, Parker's gone now. Nobody else was there when he died besides Paul, if that doesnt make me suspicious, then, nothing should. I understand. My lips are sealed about you being here." She says, and I let a smile on my face. It feels good to have one person not wanting to give us back to the murderer... Sadly, we cant trust anyone. I let my smile fade.

"Uh, you little girl, you've got quite more of a price. I heard your family's not happy and they've brought up an extra million. You've got 3 big ones hanging over you. Lots of people could use that money. Now, I suppose you should get going before the rush comes in. Which, gives you about an hour. Paper or plastic?" She asks, and Louis answers her, plastic. As soon as we'd paid, we pretty much ran back to the house. We made it to the edge of the woods where we were sheltered perfectly.

"Millions of dollars?!" Louis shouts. He's just as freaked out as I am, by now. I cant say a word, I just look around nervously.

"i-I dont know what to say.." I say, and he stops pacing, and grabs my shoulders. 

"We've been through a lot. We can do this. Remember what we said, game on." Louis says, looking me straight in the eyes. A smile tugs at the corners of my lips. I replayed all those good memories in my head, which are still going on now. We're runaways. No doubt that this will have us in jail by the end of this week, or back with Paul.

"We're calling the cops on Paul if we ever get pulled back to him." I blurt out, and Louis nods.

"I guess being with all the rest means an end to our special times for a while, also." Louis says, a sad tilt in his eyes. I let my smile fade, and he lets my shoulders go.

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