It Wont Be Like This For Long...

In this story, a girl, Kendal, and her best friend, Molly, meet One Direction whist at their concert in London. Kendal has always lived there. In Cheshire. Molly lives in America, but only because her parents made her move over there. -We used to pick on people like Americans, but now, Molly is sort of aone now... so we try our best not to. She's lived there so long, her accent is starting to fade away, slowly, but surely. Soon enough, she'll be a regular old Jolly Englander. We call America 'Jolly Ol' England'. It's just something we do here.-
Enjoy this story. It's about us, meeting One Direction and Zayn really starts to take a liking to Molly... and there are some problems along the way, but we all stay on the right track, and we get them where their hearts are. So, enjoy:)


13. Starting Our Tour

Louis pulled out of my parking lot, and we drove down a long narrow road, watching people walk by on the streets. I laugh, looking at Louis, who smiles at me. He reaches his hand over and gives my knee a squeeze. My knee doesnt hurt anymore, the cuts have healed a little more. He removes his hand and concentrates on the road again.

"Ready to go on tour?" He asks, happily. I nod and smile, breathing in the air from the topless black mustang. Louis' car was just like mine, only mine was neon orange, and his was black with silver and red stickers. It was striped, just like the shirt he'd put on. He had some sunglasses on, shielding him from the sun, I did grab mine, but they're in my purse in the trunk of the car. I looked back at Molly and Zayn. Zayn smiled warmly and Molly didnt notice, she was watching the road, waving to random people and listening to her music, on her phone. I smiled at her, she was still content watching out the window and listening to music. I wondered what she was listening to. These past few days had been insane, and we hadnt had any time to just sit down and talk, friend to friend. Now that we were going on tour with the guys, we would have even less time. I turn my head back to my window, seeing the flooded streets of London, and smiling. I missed being here, and now I wouldnt be here for almost two years. I would miss this place, but my own world tours caused me to leave, too. It was then that I wondered if Molly's mum had ever wondered when she'd be home, Molly had moved out three years ago, at a really young age... she doesnt really speak with her family besides text messaging them all. She was only 18, and she moved out when she was 15, getting a job at some run-down restaraunt, and finding a suitable flat. I wondered if she'd told her mum that she would be out and around almost the whole world for two years, and if her mother would even care anymore. They always fighted, and that's why she went on her own. But, she's made it far since then, she's really strong. Stronger than I'd realised before.

I watched some more people crowd by, and run infront of our car, causing Louis to stop hurredly. We all jammed forward, my head hitting against the front. My head spun and I felt dizzy. We'd almost hit someone! I almost cried, biting my lip so I wouldnt. I heard Louis ask if everyone was okay, but everything was just a huge blur. I couldnt speak, I couldnt answer him. I think I heard him yell my name, but I was only looking around helplessly, my head spinning like I was way over-drunk. I tried to force a smile and say I was fine, but I just couldnt say anything anymore. I think my head was still reeling from the impact with the front of the windshield. Then I felt Louis' hands on my shoulders, shaking me roughly, he was worried. I could briefly see his face, he looked like he was crying. I think I teared up to, and right now, my whole mind was going insane. I didnt hear Zayn answer either, but I'd heard Molly say she'd bonked her head but she was fine.

"Kendal? You okay? Do you need the hospital!" I heard Louis say. I didnt move, I was frozen. I was wearing my seatbelt when we'd crashed, but I didnt feel it constricting me anymore. I felt Louis' hands on my face, and everything came back to me. My head was still pretty bad with it's spinning, but I was now fully alive, and everyone's worried faces were clearer. Zayn looked fine. He had a small cut on his forehead, but nothing major. Molly  had a bruise. Louis had a slightly bigger cut than Zayn, still nothing major, but worse...

"Louis?" I heard my voice say, shaky and out of breath. I reached my hand out, wiping blood from Louis' face before it ran into his eyes. He forced a smile, and I tried to smile back.

"You okay, my love?" He asked, his hands were cupping my face now. All I could feel was Louis' hands on my face, and all I could see was his worried face, and his saddened eyes. My heart was in pain, pleading to tell him I was fine. I wanted to tell him I was okay. I didnt want him to worry about me, but he'd be worried either way. It was clear that he cared about me, which I returned by caring for him, too

"I--I'm fine. I'm okay. My head hurts, but it's all good." I said, forcing a fake smile. He didnt look like he believed me, but he let my face go and stopped worrying so much. I looked around to Molly and Zayn, they gave me wry smiles and they seemed fake. None of this felt real. I'd been out from my house and on 'tour' with the guys for no more than 10 minutes and this has happened. When we all sprang forward, someone knocked into the shifts and we'd gone into a building. Louis got out of the car, going around the front. He seemed happy. I opened my door and atempted to get out. As soon as both of my feet felt the ground, it seemed as if the ground was ice and I slipped and fell. Louis came running over, lifting me up and steadying me. I smiled at him, and tried to stand again, this time, I fell against Louis, who held on to me.

"You're too weak, please just sit back in the car?" He pleaded for me to sit back down. I tried to stand one more time, this time, I felt my knees start wobbling and Louis had to catch me once again. I hugged onto him, my knees giving out, and he helped me back inside the car. Nothing had happened to the front of the car, which is why Louis was so happy when he went to check it out. I smiled at him when he got back inside, and he smiled back. His smile wasnt fake, nor mine. He started the car up, and drove down the road a little ways before asking once more if anyone needed the doctors. He said we wouldnt be able to stop until we reached Paul's house, which was a few miles away, we couldnt stop once we got there because once we reached Paul's house, we'd be out on the tour bus and on our way. No one answered, and Louis decided we didnt need the doctor until we knew for sure one of us needed it. We couldnt delay any longer, already being 10 minutes late. I looked down at my legs, they were so weak for no reason now. I tried lifting one up, and it worked, but weakly. I was a little depressed because it seemed that my legs were the only things in shock from crashing. My head was still spinning, and my eyes were playing tricks on my mind. I looked to Louis, he was rubbing his temples, he must have an awful headache. I looked at Molly, and asked her to switch places with me, she first disagreed, but then climbed up front while I got in her seat. I needed to help Louis out a little bit. He was so tense, feeling as though he'd caused the crash. It wasnt him, it was those stupid people who felt they needed to dart in front of us. I reached my hands up and rubbed Louis' shoulders. He groaned lightly, and let me keep doing it. He smiled at me, which I returned and I dug into his shoulders more. It was helping him relax a little more, and I felt like I helped him some. He was incredibly tense in his shoulders.

I kept massasing his shoulders until we reached Paul's house. We all stepped out of the car, and Louis hugged me. I smiled into the hug, and when he pulled away, he kissed my cheek. I hugged him again, and he looped my hand onto his elbow and we walked inside Paul's house. Paul was pacing, the other boys walking around with him. When they saw us, they stopped cold. Harry rushed over to me, and asked me if I was okay. He was holding onto my shoulders, and looking me straight in the eyes. I stared right back into his gorgeous green eyes and told him I was fine. His hands were starting to hurt my shoulders, and Louis noticed, he pushed Harry's hands off of me, telling him it was hurting me. I grabbed onto Louis' side, and hugged onto him, he put his arm around my side, mimicking me. I smiled. I was feeling something hot and drippy running down my face. It was running down my forehead, slowly. I hadnt noticed it before, and aparently Louis hadnt either. He stared at me, wide eyed, and wiped away at something on my forehead. He reached really close to where my forehead was in pain, and he lightly brushed over it, hurting my head a little. I looked at him, pain-ridden eyes, and he stopped. He showed me his hands, and they were covered with dark red blood. I gasped, and Louis helped to to Paul's bathroom, where he cleaned my cut. He wrapped it in a few bandages while I cleaned his face off from the blood and covered his cut, also. We both looked like crazy misfits, but we still moved forward. I reached into my purse, which I had broughten in with me, and pulled out some Aspirin. I took 2-3 pills and the pain in my head went away shortly after. I asked Louis if he wanted any, and he took 2 pills, I guess his head hurt just as much as mine. He told me his head felt better shortly after. There was a short pain still lingering where the bandages covered, Louis had refused to show me my cuts. I didnt show him his, either. But, he knew it was pretty bad. When we got back outside to where Paul and the boys and Molly were waiting, and Paul told us we have to leave, and that we were a little off time. He understood why we'd been late, and didnt yell at us. He did ask about if the car was okay,  or if it had been all scratched up. Louis told him the car was fine, and he backed off about it. The big red tour bus was waiting outside for us, and we all got inside, me and Louis going up on the top. We brought hot chocolate and blankets, no one else would be up here, it was too cold. We sat there, enjoying the cool air, refreshing ourselves as we rode along the roads of London.

"This bus is so beautiful!" I said to Louis, who just smiled. We were watching out at the streets of London, seeing all of One Direction's fans trying to chase the bus. They mostly failed, falling back a bit in despair and tiredness. I felt bad, knowing that these fans waited for days just to attempt to chase One Direction's tour bus, the one that they would never catch. I looked around the city, more fans gathering the farther we went. There were plenty of other busses, so it made it hard to chase this one. But this one also had plently of 1D symbols and had One Direction Official written on the side. Nobody else was allowed to copy or else they would be sewed. I laughed at the thought of me being down there with Molly, us trying to catch a glimpse of the boys atleast, but falling back in extreme echaustion. I laughed a bit more until Louis was questioning me with his eyes

"I was just imagining me and my friend chasing after you guys, if we'd never met." I said to him, he nodded, and then shook his head smiling.

"I would notice you out out of the whole crowd and pull over for you. Only you." He said. I smiled, and my heart was doing flips, me stomach gathering butterflies as if it were the worlds biggest butterfly catching net. My smile faded as the bus came to a red light and stopped, allowing some determined fans to catch up and beat at the bus, screaming their lungs out. I didnt cover my ears, I was used to this, my fans did the same. Not quite as loud, completely, though. Some of them yelled randomely, while others screamed phraises the boys have said, and the boys' names. I covered my ears after a few minutes, mimicking Louis, who had covered his ears as soon as we'd stopped. I looked over the edge and down at the fans.

"Hello, everyone!" I yelled down. Some of them smiled and screamed more. I saw one fan just sitting there, not smiling, and seeming to not be having fun at all. She knew she wouldnt see them. I lightly shook Louis' arm, so he looked over towars the fan. She looked up to Louis, who waved to her, and she waved back. She was finally smiling. But other fans had noticed him looking straight at her, and they pushed her away from the group. I let my smile fade, and I felt bad for her, for she only wanted a chance to see her heroes. I didnt see that one fan the rest of the time, she was probably being trampled or beaten by jealous Louis girls. I instantly felt a pang of guilt, as the bus started to move. I had seen fans faint before, but there was like a mass of passed out girls surrounding the bus. I was so deathly afraid of hitting one, or rolling over one, that I clenched my eyes shut. Louis' hands were on my shoulders and I think he was telling me that we werent going to hit anyone. I smiled, and grabbed his hands across the little table we were sitting at. I was watching as some fans just gave up, and quit the chase for the bus. I smiled at the very few who persisted and tried to continue moving forward and still tried to catch the bus. They never would, this is what made me feel sort of sad. It was so cold out here on top of the bus, I wrapped my blanket around me tightly, and gripped Louis' hands tigher. He must've felt my coldness, because he moved from the other side of the table, to beind me. He was hugging me from behind, wrapping his blanket around me and him, we were stuck in a tight hug. I smiled, and held onto his hands, that were holding onto my stomach. I felt his hot breath on my neck, and it made my spine tingle. Each time he breathed out, a shiver would run down my neck and spine.

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