It Wont Be Like This For Long...

In this story, a girl, Kendal, and her best friend, Molly, meet One Direction whist at their concert in London. Kendal has always lived there. In Cheshire. Molly lives in America, but only because her parents made her move over there. -We used to pick on people like Americans, but now, Molly is sort of aone now... so we try our best not to. She's lived there so long, her accent is starting to fade away, slowly, but surely. Soon enough, she'll be a regular old Jolly Englander. We call America 'Jolly Ol' England'. It's just something we do here.-
Enjoy this story. It's about us, meeting One Direction and Zayn really starts to take a liking to Molly... and there are some problems along the way, but we all stay on the right track, and we get them where their hearts are. So, enjoy:)


38. Runaway Begins

The day just goes on, endless noises of the cars passing. Honking when there's a traffic jam. Me and Louis just sit there, waiting nervously to either be discovered or to hear the rest of them coming. It's been at least an hour, and the night chill is coming in early. Summer is so weird to me, it's so warm when it's daylight, but so cold at night. I really dont get it... Louis and I are both shivering from the cold gusts of wind that keep blowing through.

"We'll have to find shelter as soon as the others get here." Louis says, whispering against my neck. His breath sends a warm chill down my body.

"Where?" I ask.

"Probably behind someone's shed, or somewhere. We cant be too out in the open, but we cant stay in a hotel either. Paul will find us. I swear I thought we were safe with him being there with us. I guess I was wrong. I-" I stopped him from talking by putting my hand over his mouth, I was hearing something in the near distance. I heard whispering voices, and Louis heard them too, he pulled me closer to him. I wondered what hour it was here, and how much longer we'd have to wait. I let my breathing calm down as I heard Niall's Irish accent. Finally, they're here! Louis peeked out between two fanned branches, and helped us both out into the open. The rest of the group was now coming along, we could see their shapes before we could really tell who they were. It was the group. Niall had given that away well before, but the suspense stayed while we watched them come forward, stepping out of the shadows. I saw Harry first, and then Molly, followed by Zayn, then Niall and Liam finally. I smiled seeing as how we were all together now. Yes, it was freezing, but yes, we were together, and yes, they'd brought some stuff.

"We thought you guys would need some clothes. So, we went into your closets and got a few things." Harry says, handing us a suitcase each. "It was hard work getting it all here, so you better be greatful." He said, and I wrapped my arms around him. He was even colder than we were. But, then again, me and Louis were huddled together like penquins while Harry was out in the open running to get here on time. I took my arms off of him, and stepped back towards Louis, who had gotten off of his knees also. I hugged Louis next, he was cold also, even though we'd been together the whole time, I still wanted to be close to him at all times.

"Okay, we're going into the woods for tonight." Louis says, and everyone nods. "We can have a fire there and find some things to keep us warm until we can go on our way." Louis finishes. Harry is the first to talk.

"Lou, you two must be crazy. It has been a long ride since we escaped, this all better have a really good explenation to it." Harry says, and moves closer to the group, which everyone had now huddled together. They were freezing. I took off my jacket and handed it to Molly, who took it with no problem, slipping the warm fuzzy jacket over her shoulders. Which, in this light, looked almost blue. I looked at Louis, who handed his jacket of to Harry.

"Okay, we'll explain everything once we get deep enough into the woods. I brought all my money with me, as I bet some other people have also, and I'll run to a store daily to keep us doing alright with all the things we need." Louis says, and there are a few strange looks, but they all nodded.

"Okay, right here, right now, we're declaring Louis as the leader of this group. And, Kendal is his co-leader. Since they're the sneakiest, and they know all about why we're doing this." I heard Liam speak up from the back. There were a few 'yeah's' and 'okays' from the group, and me and Louis smirked at each other.

"Sounds good to me. But, we're all going to have to be sneaky." Louis says, nodding.

"Yeah, but you guys are better at sneaking around than any of us are. And, we've come to realise that." Harry says, smirking his regular cheeky smile. His dimples showed even in this time. It had to be almost one by now. I checked my phone, hiding the light under my arm. It read: 2:13. It was past one already. And me and Louis had left at about 12:00 in the afternoon...

"Okay, so we're going to camp out in the woods?" I asked Louis, and he nodded, grabbing my hand, and walking to the edge of the woods. The rest of the group followed behind closely.

"Alright, stay on my tracks, dont go off anywhere. We're going single file. Whoever ends up being last, make sure nobody sees us go in here." Louis says, and he places me behind him. I grab onto his waist, and he lets me. I just keep my hands there, having him help me through the rough parts in the woods. There were plenty of snakes in here. I learn this quickly.. I hugged closer to Louis as we sawa few snakes go by. Louis helped me by picking me up and putting me on his back. A piggy-back ride. As soon as we got past the river, which is why I was on Louis' back in the first place, he let me back down. I feel Harry's hands wrap around my waist and pull me into him. I yelp and jump forwards almost knocking Louis over. Louis turns around, looking a little annoyed.

"Harry, hands off my girl, mate." Is what Louis says to Harry, and the rest of the walk, Harry keeps his hands to himself. I think they're all afraid of what Louis would do to them if they didnt listen to him. We kept walking until Louis finally stopped. There was a huge clearing, surrounded by brush trees. It was absolutely perfect.

"Okay, we're here. This is the place we're going to stay for the night. Until we can find out a better plan, this is where we're going. Okay?" Louis asks, and everyone nods. Louis steps into the clearing, which was mossy. I padded my way across the platform of moss behind Louis, who stopped in the middle. But, soon, he had his gaze locked on something else. There was a meadow nearby. A huge meadow. Louis looked to me, kind of asking which one we should go for, and I nodded my head forward, telling him that we should go for the meadow. It would be nicer than sleeping on the beetle filled moss.

"Okay, change of plans, we're going to the meadow. Sound alright?" Louis says. He turns around and Niall is the only one to speak.

"Sounds better, mate. Go for it." He says, his Irish accent growing so hearty in his words. I grab onto Louis' waist again as we walk maybe for three more minutes before we finally set foot in the nice grass. It's not very deep, like it's been kept track of. Maybe by deer, wild cows? I dont live in a country place, I'm not sure. But, farmers like to be deep in the woods sometimes, so maybe there's a farmer around here. Maybe this is their meadow. Maybe they could help if we asked them to. If there even is a farmer or cows or anything. Maybe the grass just doesnt grow very well here or something... Louis led the group to the other edge of the field, where we stopped to rest. This place was perfect. And, there was an old mill in the distance. On the other side of the field.

"Louis, do you think someone lives there? I mean, it's possible. The grass should be longer if it's naturally just out here." I say to Louis, and he shrugs his shoulders.

"Maybe we should go check it out before we tell the story?" Louis asks me, and I nod.

"Maybe we should. What if nobody lives there?" I ask, and Louis smiles.

"Then that would be the new house. From where we are, it looks huge." Louis says, and I smile at him. We both stand back up, a little tipsy on our feet from walking so much.

"We're going to check out that mill house. Stay here, and hide behind those brush trees. Wait for us, and dont follow. If someone lives there, we'll text you and tell you what to do. If nobody does, we'll still text you and tell you to be careful and come up. We need to check to see if it's still sturdy anymore. If it's safe." Louis says to the others, and Harry gives us a cheeky smile.

"And just how are you going to do that, Louis?" Harry asks, being his cheeky self.

"Not the way you sickos think I am. Thats for sure." Louis says, and without waiting for another word, we start to walk towards the mill-house and the others go beyond the trees to hide.

"Our friends are sickos." Louis says to me as we're walking away.

"Yes, yes they are. Definetly." I say, and Louis chuckles. He puts his hands on my shoulders and we keep walking, birds chirp and the night air chills us to our bones. Having a nice sturdy mill-house would be perfect for the nights. We could work at the plan during the day, and then we could all huddle inside the house as the nights come by, ending the previous day. I smile as we reach the entrance for the door, the house is beautiful, and it is a nice size. It's gorgeous on the outside, but, is the inside still okay? Is it still sturdy anymore? I hope so. As soon as we walked in, the cool air is shut away, and we are met with nice warmth. Wow, the place is empty on the inside, indicating that nobody lives here. Or so we hope. Maybe a hobo lives in here, there are plenty of hobos that are looking for places to stay around a city. And, I've seen a couple in LA... This place is like Heaven to me. We walked around, there was an upstairs, and I checked that out as Louis scoped out the downstairs. The upstairs was gorgeous. A large window that was above everything else, it was looking off in the distance, to the city and the ocean. It was a gorgeous view. I saw very few tops of buildings, the skyscrapers, from here. But, I still saw some. I heard footsteps come up the stairs and felt warm arms wrap around my waist.

"Like the view? It's beautiful, isnt it?" A voice says to me. Not Louis. I scream and jump away. I turn around and see a very dirty man standing there, a smile on his very hairy face. Louis comes running up the stairs, seeing the hobo, and chuckles.

"Dude, this is our house. Get out." Louis says, taking me in his arms, pressing me to the side of him, his strong arms wrapping around me.

"I dont think so. I've lived here for a couple nights now. It's been empty." The hobo says.

"Thats.. uh... because we were on our honeymoon. This is our house. Please go." Louis says, cheekily smiling down at me. "Sounds right, doesnt it?" He whispers to me, and I hug onto him.

"Yes. Yes it does. And thats where we were. You will have to leave now." I say, and the hobo gets all sad-eyed at me. I dont feel bad, knowing this is our only way to survive here.

"I cant atleast stay for one more night?" The hobo asks, a small crooked smile spreads across his face.

"Fine, but you better be gone when we wake up in the morning. We're having company over, and they dont need to see you. We'll be sleeping upstairs, they'll be downstairs, so, you'll be up here. Make sure they dont see you when you leave too. And, do NOT break any windows when you leave. This place costed a fortune." Louis says to the man, who nods with a serious face.. Louis takes out his phone and sends a text to Harry, who answers Louis right away. Louis grunts at whatever Harry had said, a little chuckle sort of, and then puts his phone away.

"They'll be coming in about a few minutes." Louis says to me and I nod. He smirks at me, and as soon as the others come, we go to sleep. We told them about the upstairs, but they seemed more eager to get to sleep rather than see it. I went up the stairs after we told the others the story about the whole thing that had happened before this. Why we were running. We only hid a few things away from them... only a few... I cuddled onto the floor, waiting for Louis to come up, when I heard footsteps, I knew it was him. I felt him lay next to me, and I felt his warm body up against mine. I leaned into him until I felt his sickly skinny stomach. It wasnt Louis. It was the hobo. I screamed so loud almost everyone woke up. I stood up, but the hobo grabbed me from behind and pushed me up against a wall, spinning me to face him. He pushed his body upagaint mine, holding my mouth so I couldnt speak or sceam. I had already screamed once, and that was enough to make Louis charge up the stairs. Louis expression when he saw what the hobo was trying to do was irreplaceable. He doesnt want anyone to hurt me. He ran right over, taking hold of the skinny hobo, and flung him off of me. I saw the hobo practically flying until he stumbled across the floor and hit the wall. Louis rushed over to me, which I was still pressed up against the wall. He hugged me tightly.

"Are you okay? What did he do?" Louis was right there, asking me questions. I knew I was okay now, so I asnwered him.

"He didnt get to do anything, and I'm fine." I say, and Louis buries his head in my neck. He slams his fist on the wall behind us both.

"If I hadnt of come up here, he would've done whatever he wanted." Louis says, his voice cracking. I rubbed his back, and he took us away from the wall. He looked into my eyes, and our lips met. It seems like everytime something bad happens, Louis becomes a lot more lovey. With more kisses and hugs. He just wants to keep me safe. And, I know he does. He pulls away, and walks back over to the hobo, who was now lying unconcious on the ground.

"We're locking him in the closet for now. Tomorrow we'll take him out." Louis says. I nod, wishing he would just take the hobo out and put him out of his misery. This guy is going to starve himself, he might as well be killed while he's unconcious. It's mean, and risky, but people would find him, see his appearance, and they wouldnt question why he'd died. Louis came back to me after he finally secured the lock and made sure it was locked tightly, and we both layed down. I felt Louis warm, strong arms around me. A feeling I love so much. In less than a few minutes, I fell asleep in Louis' arms.

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