It Wont Be Like This For Long...

In this story, a girl, Kendal, and her best friend, Molly, meet One Direction whist at their concert in London. Kendal has always lived there. In Cheshire. Molly lives in America, but only because her parents made her move over there. -We used to pick on people like Americans, but now, Molly is sort of aone now... so we try our best not to. She's lived there so long, her accent is starting to fade away, slowly, but surely. Soon enough, she'll be a regular old Jolly Englander. We call America 'Jolly Ol' England'. It's just something we do here.-
Enjoy this story. It's about us, meeting One Direction and Zayn really starts to take a liking to Molly... and there are some problems along the way, but we all stay on the right track, and we get them where their hearts are. So, enjoy:)


16. Perfect?

I was listening to the boys sing their songs, and I was just in peace and happiness. They were so great sounding, better without the voice-modulator. The voice modulator doesnt allow for people to show their true voice and flaws, perfectness doesnt catch my eyes, flaws catch my eyes. The only thing better than people having flaws, is when they admit it, and dont try to hide it. It's a part of your life, you cant hide it, but they try... and it doesnt work, the flaws come out in the end. I listened to Louis' solo in More Than This, and when he got to 'streets', his voice squeaked a little bit, he stopped and immediately the other boys started laughing. Then he tried again, and got it perfect. I smiled, his voice squeaking was one of his flaws, and I liked it. I walked over to one of the light-purple couches. They looked like they belonged in a movie scene, they were perfect. I smiled at Molly, as I sat down on the couch. I sunk right into the cushion, it was that soft. Wow. Maybe, to pass the time, I should work on my own music. Molly has always wanted to sing a song with me. And I want her too, also. I told her I'd write a song, and I did. I worked on it for a long time, a few weeks and maybe a month now...

"I wrote that song that you're going to sing with me, and we should work on it here. While we have time, right now. Want to?" I asked her. She smiled and nodded.

"Yeah! Let's do it, teach me the song! Please?" She was almost yelling at me, she was so excited. I put my hands out, telling her to calm down.

"Okay, okay, okay! Calm down, Molls... I cant teach someone who's yelling at me all the time!" I joked. She made a pretend pouty-face, making her brown hair fall all over her face and covering her eyes. I laughed at her. She moved her hair back to place and turned super-serious.

"Okay, let's sing it." She said, a serious expression still on her face, but she caved in and smiled when I tried to show her the song. She was always smiling. No matter what, she was like me, she sees the good things in life even when it's bad, and puts on a smile and bravely pushes through it. We worked on the song, and we finally got it perfect. We sang it almost 30 times through before Molly finally got the hang of it. When we finally perfected it, we recorded it, and we put it on a disc. All in a days' work. We then turned on the t.v. and watched some X Factor. Things in New York City were very different, as they were in London. I had to flip through many, many, many channels before I found the X Factor. I was always happy to see the new dream chasers, and how far they get. I always make a bet with Molly about who would win, and this time I bet on a cheeky boy who's smile could be seen from any corner of any room in any state or country. Molly bet that a different boy would win. A boy that was very cute, but didnt have that award winning smile. He had a great voice, and a good style, just as mine did. We were halfway through my guy's performance when the boys came back out. They were all smiling. It made me want to smile, but their smiles were cocky little grins, mischevious.

"We heard you guys out here." Said Liam, his grin wasnt as cocky as the rest. But it still had some mischief in it.

"Yeah, you did?" I asked.

"Yes, we heard your song. We loved it! It was great, loves!" Louis said, his grin was getting bigger.

"Yeah?" Molly said, questionably. Zayn smiled at her, and ran over to her, hugging her.

"It was amazing. It was, like, one of the greatest songs I've ever heard. People say you dont like writing songs by yourself." Harry said, looking at me.

"I've written all my songs... who said that?" I asked. They all went wide-eyed, except for Louis and Niall.

"We were fans of her before we even knew her, we knew she wrote all those songs by herself." Niall said, smiling at me. His blue eyes were shining with contentment. I winked at him, and he smiled. It was good to think my idols were my fans, also.

"Thats nice... so, you were obsessing over us like those two idiots were were obsessing over you?" Harry asked.

"Yes, I guess. They were obsessing over me?" I asked, smiling cheekily.

"Yes, yes, and yes! They bought all your albums and they even have some books about you. And a doll." Liam said.

Harry butted in, "Yeah, we all love your music too, just we're not overly-obsessed."  I smiled at him, I was glad that they were fans. It made me happy! Molly was silently hugging onto Zayn over in the corner, staying out of this conversation. Niall and Louis were on the opposite side of me, blushing a little.

"Well, what time's your concert? And, what time is it here?" I asked.

"It's about time we need to leave, actually." Liam said, looking at his watch with wide-eyes. I smiled at him, grabbed my purse, and we went. We were slowly walking by the fans, some of them even asked for my signature. I was surprised that they didnt hate me for dating Louis, or they didnt know yet, I wasnt sure.

"Hey, guys!" I heard Louis yell to his fans. They all smiled, and he grabbed my hand. There were a few gasps, as soon as some of them saw me and Louis' hands. There were many many people here, over a million, easily. Well, maybe... I wasnt sure. I couldnt see the whole crowd.

"Who's going to the concert tonight?" I heard Liam ask some fans, they all raised their hands like kids being asked 'who wants candy?' I saw a few make sad faces at Liam, and he made one back, "I'm sorry you couldnt go..." he said to the ones that made sad faces about them not going to their concert. I smiled and gave out high-fives and autographs, but really, I only want to spend time with Louis, not be surrounded on my year off. I'm supposed to write some new songs, that's why I have the year off, but this year, as I may write a few songs, I wont be writing as many. I squeezed Louis' hand, and he led us all into the limozine waiting by the road. There were red leather seats and plenty of wine bottles. Did they WANT us to be drunk? I joked inside my head. No, no they didnt, this is normal for limos. I smiled at Louis, as he held onto my sides and helped me inside the limo the rest of the way. I almost got my wedge heels stuck in the seat of the limo. I just shrugged it off, and continued in, hoping no-one saw me. I sat at the end side, by the window, and there were fans' faces pressed up against the glass, it creeped me out. Louis laughed at me, he knew that happened.

"They're so creepy when they do that, arent they?" Louis asked me, whispering in my ear. His warm breath on my ear sent a chill down my spine. I nodded at him, and put my arm around his neck. Over his wide, broad shoulders. They were definetly a real man's shoulders. I kissed his cheek, and he smiled at me. He put his arm around my shoulders too, we looked like best friends, I liked that. Maybe we wouldnt open up our relationship to the public so soon, but we will always know about it. I will always know, even if the fans deny it. I'll always see it. In Louis' eyes, and his smile, and the way his hands hold mine, and the way we fit together when we kiss. I saw him staring at me, and I felt him smile. I felt his lips press againt my forehead, I smiled. Then he kissed my cheeks, then his lips landed on mine. An instant burst of sparks seemed to float by my eyes. There was like an electrical current flowing from his mouth to mine. I felt him smile into the kiss, and when he finally pulled away, leaving us breathless, he smiled at me. I blushed a little, but smiled back. I looked over at the others in the car, they were staring wide-eyed at us. Niall was smiling, and Harry wasnt looking, but the rest were staring wide-eyed.

"You guys are like, perfect." I heard Molly say, the rest of them nodded.

"I agree, we could almost see the sparks fly by from your guys' lips. It was epic, like a kiss from the Disney Princess movies." Zayn said, a small smile tugging at the ends of his lips.

"Oh yeah? I knew she was something special as soon as I saw her. I knew she was perfect." Louis said, smiling.

I blushed. "Thanks Lou." I said, smile still on my face. Louis smiled at me, all teeth. His smile was perfect. Molly held her hand up for a high-five from me, but I didnt see it and she was left hanging.




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