It Wont Be Like This For Long...

In this story, a girl, Kendal, and her best friend, Molly, meet One Direction whist at their concert in London. Kendal has always lived there. In Cheshire. Molly lives in America, but only because her parents made her move over there. -We used to pick on people like Americans, but now, Molly is sort of aone now... so we try our best not to. She's lived there so long, her accent is starting to fade away, slowly, but surely. Soon enough, she'll be a regular old Jolly Englander. We call America 'Jolly Ol' England'. It's just something we do here.-
Enjoy this story. It's about us, meeting One Direction and Zayn really starts to take a liking to Molly... and there are some problems along the way, but we all stay on the right track, and we get them where their hearts are. So, enjoy:)


25. Back To The DanceClub:):

Louis and I leave the theaure, only to be caught by Paul on the outside.

"Your movie isnt over yet, why are you leaving?" Paul asked, suspiciously. Louis turned bright red. He was going to try something, wasnt he?

"We were going to the dance club for the last New York City rush... but, I guess we cant." Louis said, covering it up.

"No, you still can. I just wanted to know, I wasnt letting you go back to the hotel room alone." He said, and he let me and Louis leave. He got out of the way, and Louis winked at me.

"Dance club?" Louis asked me, smirking. I smiled back.

"Yeah, sure, but, no beer this time." I say back. He just rolls his eyes.

"Come on, just one beer? For me?" Louis asked me. He was giving me a pouty face. his mood completely changed from lust to love an d pure child natures. I smiled. I didnt want to rush anything with Louis tonight. I was still a virgin, and yes, I imagine Louis will be the one to change that, but not tonight. Not yet, anyways.

"Louis, I'll have to sit on your lap again if another fat dude tries to touch me. Just be ready." I said, jokingly. Louis ran up to me, and picked me up, bridal style, and carried me out to the car. He was smiling like a little kid the whole way out. He set me down in the passanger's seat, and went to get in the other side. I laughed as he almost fell over in the process of getting in the car. It was only a short drive to MOVE!, the dance club where we got totally drunk. But, today, we wouldnt be getting drunk, we're coming to dance and have fun on our last day in this club. I smiled at the farmiliar smell of beer, and the farmiliar strobe lights and loud, pulsing music. Louis helped me out of the car, and we both walked over to the usher again. It was the same guy... every night? I wasnt sure, but he allowed me and Louis into the club, the people outside the rope complaining. They were upset, and once you get put behind that rope, there is no coming away from it. You were stuck there all night, waiting for the chance to get in, which was never coming, but people didnt know that, so they kept on waiting. They probably waited there every night, silently killing themselves from lack of sleep. No one dared to challenge the usher, they knew better than to. Once me and Louis were inside, he led me onto the dance floor, and he started dancing really close to me. I hope he wasnt going to still try anything. Not that I dont want to, it's because I'm not quite ready yet to. Louis was dancing to the beat, every once in a while, he ground into me. He smirked a mischevious smirk, it drove me crazy, it was so cute. He tried to look evil and mischevious, but he only looked like an upset puppy to me. I noticed something I hadnt noticed in a long time, Zayn, he was over there, at the bar making out with a girl that wasnt Molly. I grabbed Louis' shoulders, and pointed to Zayn. He realised what I was talking about, and he got upset. He put his head down.

"Louis, are you okay?" I asked him over the blaring music.

"I didnt think Zayn would do this. Now Molly will want to go home, and then you'll have to go with her... and then I wont see you again for a long time. My world would collapse and my heart would shatter into a million tiny pieces." Louis said, and I let tears sting my eyes. Louis saw me about to cry, and he hugged me. It made me feel better to know that he was right there, and that he wasnt leaving. He grabbed my hand, and we walked over to Zayn. Zayn saw us coming, and he went wide-eyed. Louis was getting really angry, and the girl looked up and it definetly was not Molly, definetly not. Zayn smirked a little and shrugged his shoulders because he knew what we'd come over here for. He only shrugged? He had just made the biggest mistake of his life, and now Molly would want to leave and go home, and I would have to go with her. She wouldnt let me stay with them by myself, because she couldnt watch me and make sure I dont screw up with Louis. I know she would hate me if I dont tell her this.

"Zayn, what the heck mate?! Why are you doing this?" I heard Louis yelled. I rubbed one of his shoulders so he wasnt as tense. Then Zayn looked up at us, and I saw it in his eyes, alcohol, and I smelled it on him. He got drunk and ended up kissing the 14 year old girl that had hit on Louis the other night. How could he? How COULD he?! I was way to mad to stick around. I knew this was going to hurt Molly. She wont be the same again, she'll think it was my fault for telling her to ask why they werent as serious as me and Louis. I stormed out of the club, and went back to the car. I was standing out there for atleast 10 minutes before Louis came out. I didnt even know he was by me, he was so quiet. I felt warm hands wrap around me, and I instantly knew it was Louis. I looked up, it was. But he had a black eye. I gasped. His lip was bleeding.

"Louis! What happened babe?" I asked. He looked at me with sad eyes.

"I got in a fight with Zayn. He made you upset. I couldnt take it. But, Zayn's way worse than I am. He got it handed to him." I jumped up and hugged Louis so hard. I could feel his heartbeat racing. I would've kissed him, but he had a bloody lip, and I didnt want to hurt him more. But then, he grabbed my chin so lightly, so delicately, and he brought his lips to mine. I tasted his blood, but I didnt pull back. True love can withstand anything. He went wide-eyed when he saw that I didnt pull away from him. Then he closed his eyes and settled back into the kiss. He bit my bottom lip lightly when we started to pull apart, which I loved. I love when boys do that. I licked his blood off of my lips, and I didnt mind. I wiped the blood off of his lips, and I wiped it on my shorts. I dont care that it would stain my yellow shorts, I did it anyways. I touched his eye lighlty, he winced a little, but didnt pull away. His eye was throbbing. It wasnt completely noticeable that he had a black eye, but it would be tomorrow. I hugged him lightly after I took my hand away from his eye. I heard someone come out of the dance club, they didnt sound so well, they sounded like they would fall over any second. I looked over Louis' shoulder, at Zayn. He looked awful, and he was heading straight for Louis and I. I pulled away from Louis and pointed at Zayn for the second time tonight. Louis stared at him wide-eyed, but then he narrowed his eyes to slits. He was being protective over me again. I smiled to myself. Zayn was almost over here, and Louis was bracing for another fight, but I cant let Louis get anymore hurt than he his. I jumped in front of Louis. Louis gasped because he didnt know what was going on at the moment. I put my arms out, blocking Louis from Zayn.

"Dont. Touch. Louis." I said, my teeth gritted. Zayn kept coming. Faster with a pace now. I didnt want Louis to get hurt, so I stayed in front of him. Louis pushed me behind him part of the way, and Zayn lifted his fist, ready to hit Louis. I gulped for air, I couldnt let Louis get hurt. But in a striking movement, Zayn's fist landed purposely on me. I felt the ground beneath me crumble and I fell to the ground.

"Kendal! No!! Zayn, I hate you! You arent a real man! You cant hit her, hit me!" Louis exclaimed. I was holding my eye, where Zayn hit, crying. I looked up just long enough to see Louis and Zayn fist-fighting each other. I pounced back up, my head whirring. I hit Zayn back, which gave Louis time to get back up. We both hopped in the car, Zayn trying to get back up, but he couldnt, seeing how drunk he was. Louis pulled out and drove back to the hotel. It was a silent ride, me just crying out the window to myself. I felt the car stop, and I felt a hand on my kneecap.

"Ar--are you okay? I hate myself for letting you take that hit... I'm sorry." I heard Louis say. I felt his pain now, seeing how it was to get hit in the eye by Zayn. It was freezing out here, and all I could do was shudder. I looked at Louis, he was almost in tears. He took his hand and wiped away my tears, being careful of the eye that Zayn had hit. He moved into the middle seat, and buried his head in my neck, I dont blame him at all. Zayn is a violent drunk. And, it's not Louis' fault that he needed to defend himself against Zayn's crudeness. This could get a hatred started in One Direction. And I dont want to be the cause of the group splitting up...Louis was silently crying on my shoulder, I wouldnt have noticed if he wasnt by my shoulder. His tears are soaking my jacket. I wish there was something I could do... I pulled him closer to me, and he just pulled away, and pulled me into him, I rested my head on the crook in his neck. I only looked up once to wipe Louis' tears away. I put my head back in the crook of his neck, and we actually fell asleep there almost the whole night. On the side of the road. Paul would be so curious...






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