It Wont Be Like This For Long...

In this story, a girl, Kendal, and her best friend, Molly, meet One Direction whist at their concert in London. Kendal has always lived there. In Cheshire. Molly lives in America, but only because her parents made her move over there. -We used to pick on people like Americans, but now, Molly is sort of aone now... so we try our best not to. She's lived there so long, her accent is starting to fade away, slowly, but surely. Soon enough, she'll be a regular old Jolly Englander. We call America 'Jolly Ol' England'. It's just something we do here.-
Enjoy this story. It's about us, meeting One Direction and Zayn really starts to take a liking to Molly... and there are some problems along the way, but we all stay on the right track, and we get them where their hearts are. So, enjoy:)


33. An Enemy Becomes A Friend?

I felt the shot go into my skin, deep, and a huge pain. I wanted to scream at the feeling of the shot. I felt like I should have, but I didnt want to scare anyone. As soon as the shot went in, I felt Louis' hand close around mine. And, then, there was nothing. Just pure black. Like I was dead, or falling again.

Louis' POV

I enjoyed holding her hand through the whole surgery, she was always warm, kindly warm. The doctors quickly went to work on her cut, peeling away the broken up stitches.

"This cut isnt as bad as we thought. Hand me the snips please, Ronnie." I heard the doctor say. Snips? Then a girl nurse dressed in an all pink robe type thing handed the doctor these scissor looking things. He used them to cut off the broken stitches. Which, seemed to be attached to her tighter than they should have been. The nurse who handed the snips to the doctor was the one middleschool-looking nurse that had screwed up, and couldnt tell me a single thing.

"Hey, uh, Louis?" I heard a tiny voice squeak from behind me. I turned my head, seeing what looked to be another intern. By this time, I'd had it up to my head with these interns. Worst week to come to a hospital, it must be interns week inc. God.

"Yes, love?" I said, faking a smile. She seemed happy with it, anyways.

"Hows it like to be in One Direction?" She asks me, and it feels like I've been punched in the gut. Do the boys know where we are, do they know we're even gone? Are they going to leave without me? 

"It's great. Like, living in with your brothers. But, we're almost like, closer than brothers." I say, faking another smile. But, I was happy that she was a fan.

"Oh, it seems like being famous is fun. I just want to be a doctor, or nurse. Give my future family a good life. My family's always been poor, I'm doing this for them." She says, cheerfully.

"Thats great! You should always help out your loved ones. And, you shouldnt ask to be famous, it kind of ruins your whole life... But, I'm still living my dream. I think I was just made to be here where I am." I say, cheerfully back at her. She smiles.

"Is this the one? Is she the one you're going to ask to marry you?" She asks me. I smile.

"I think so. I think I've finally found her. Shh, dont tell. I want it to be a secret." I say, and she places her pointer finger over her mouth, nodding. I smile at her, and she walks away, without another word. I lean back in my chair, happy with myself, I cant wait until she's Mrs. Tomlinson. I just cant wait! I shift around in my chair, fiddling with her fingers in my hand. I hadnt ever let go since the surgey started. I felt her fidgit in my hand, and I knew the anesthesia was wearing off, and soon she would wake up, and I would take her to the amusement park. 

Kendal's POV

I opened my eyes to see Louis sitting there, still holding my hand. The doctors had finished and gone off. Louis looked over, feeling me move, never letting my hand go. He turned in his chair, to face me, and smiled. 

"Wakey wakey, sleeping beauty." Louis says, smiling at me. His smile is so cheeky, and I love the way his eyes crinkle whenever he smiles. It just makes him look like that cheeky little boy, the mischeviuos one thats always getting in trouble. He stood up in front of me, waiting for me to get up also. I took ahold of his shoulders, which he didnt mind, and carefully got off the hospital bed. He grabbed my waist and pulled me into him, so we walked out literally side-by-side. There were a few glances our way, but we were soon out the door. Louis hadnt even checked if it was okay to leave. But, I wanted to leave, I was fine with this. Louis walked us both back out. We didnt have a car, we had gotten here by accident. I saw a car pull up right in front of us. The window rolled down slowly. It was one of the ghetto boys. I gasped. Louis pushed me behind him. He looked shocked. It was the nice one who had let us get out, and stopped them from killing us...

"I--I think you need a ride?" He somewhat asked us. I looked to Louis, who was already looking at me. 

"Your men already tried to kill us, so, I'm going to go with a no." Louis says, not sounding happy.

"I didnt. They're sick. They're crazy. I swear, I am not part of that group, or their plans. They was gonna do it before I stopped them there in the ghetto. I didnt know how to tell you. I tried to threaten you and say if you showed up here again that you would regret it, but I guess you guys took it the wrong way... I feel bad about all this. Please, let me help you. Dont you believe in second chances for friendships?" He asked.

"Look, this isnt rainbowland, nothing here is 'okay'. I dont know who you think you are, thinking you can change things for almost killing her, and almost shooting me, because that crap was way too extreme. There isnt a second chance for jail-birds." I heard Louis say behind me, I could tell he was getting annoyed.

"No, I swear. Guys, listen, come closer." He said, and we cautiously stepped forward. Quitely and slowly. Then the guy finished talking, "Okay, I'm Parker. I only lived in the ghetto because I couldnt afford anywhere else. I know those guys, they're waiting for you to be alone again, they're around here somewhere." He was talking in just above a whisper. I could barely hear him.

"Please, save it. We're not stupid." I heard myself say, and I quickly covered my mouth.

"Listen, you guys dont have to trust me like you trust each other. I aint looking for 'rainbowland' relationships with either of you guys. I just want to help. I dont want to see either of you guys hurt. And I wont see it. I just need to drive you back to that pretty red tour bus of yours, and we all move on. See? I just want to fix what I've wronged. And you guys are fresh and hot on the list. Look at you, you cant take another hit before your head makes your knees give out." He said, looking at me. He has a point, "You guys will be gone soon, and they cant follow. They cant. They'll be arrested the second they step out. But listen, they still have the gun. And you, you were almost shot. You could've been dead. All I want to do is make sure it doesnt happen. I really promise I have nothing to do with it. Please. I promise." Parker finished. I was smiling inside my head. I pulled Louis away, giving Parker a knowing look, and he nodded. 

"Louis, I trust him. I do." I say, and Louis looks shocked. So I explained further, "His story completely makes sense. And, what happens if he is in the group? We would die in each others arms. That is the way I already want to die. I think he means his apology." I say, and Louis smiles.

"If you can trust him, I can too. I trust you. And I want to die in your arms, too." Louis says, making me blush a bit. He grabs my hand. "I wont let go. Just in case." He says, and I nod. We both step towards the car. It could either lead to our death or our safety.

"So, you've decided?" Parker asked, as Louis whipped the car door open. 

"Yeah, we trust you, mate. I was just a little upset... thats all. Sorry. But, yeah, if you could take us to the tour bus on Madison Blvd. that would be great." Louis said, and Parker smiled. 

"Thank you, Parker." I say, and he nods at me. "I knew you werent a bad guy." I finish, and he gives a nervous glance from side to side, seeing if he can cross the road.

"I know they're around here. They see me, and I'm dead too." Parker says, looking more nervous than before. I put a hand on his strong shoulder, comforting him. He smiles and I smile back at him.

"I think it will be fine. I will sew them if they do anything. I promise mate. It's the least I could do for a good friend like you." I hear Louis say. I felt like I was punched in the gut. Friend? A nice warm feeling rose up inside me. I knew this feeling, it was peace. Louis had finally made up with these guys. I couldnt wait for all this to be over. When I can finally get back into Louis' arms, and everything will be okay. 

"Hey, uh, mate, could you drop us off at that Amusement Park instead? I think they'll wait for us. They dont know where we are. They'll wait for a few more hours." Louis says, and I feel a knot in my stomach as Parker nods. He pulled up into the parking lot of the Amusement Park. I was secretly hoping he wouldnt let us out, I didnt like rollercoasters. The uneasy feeling in my stomach was made worse when I saw the red tour bus driving, and pulling into the same lot. I didnt know what they were doing.

"Louis, I dont think they'll wait. What are they doing here?" I ask, hushed.

"They shouldnt be here. Do they know about us being here? Parker, dude, you know any of the other bandmates?" Louis asks, really uneasily.

"No, bro. I dont. I only know Paul. And rumours got it that he went missing." Parker says back. Louis puts on a brave act and steps out of the door. He helps me out before an excited Liam and Niall rushed over. I look back into the car, at Parker. The ghetto people know about him helping their target.
"Liam, I know who could be a perfect new driver." I say, and point at Parker, who is smiling, and waves his hand once. 

"I had to drive us here. That vans hard to control, mate, could you handle it?" Liam asks Parker, who nods.

"I used to be a truck driver. I could drive any car." He says, getting out of his car. I stop Parker just as everyone else walks away, leaving only me and him together.

"This is where we will really know how serious you were about your promise. I hope we can trust you." I say, and he nods tightly before responding.

"Trust me, I am serious. And, now the ghetto dudes cant kill me. Thank you, Kendal. You're a lifesaver. I owe you one, seriously." He says, and Louis rushes back out. 

"Good to have helped out a friend," I say, and Parker smiles.

" You coming? We're a bit behind schedule." Louis says, I nod, and he takes my hand. A swish of relief washes over me, see you later rollercoasters. 

"Hey, I promise we can stop at the next amusement park along the next stop, okay babe?" Louis says, he really wants to take me to one. I nod.

"Sounds amazing babe." I say, he smiles and all three of us walk to the bus. Liam and Niall show Parker the controls while Louis and I move to the bedroom, so we can have a rest. We havent slept in a long time. And, after all thats happened so far, I think a good sleep is really in need.

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